"Ha ha, now that you believe in Xin, that’s good." The Nangong Yunyue went on to say that she had stopped.

"Yeah, I believe that the devil will believe you! I told you you are a man! Always talking without talking about the key points, always talking around the circle and saying a lot of results are nothing. "Thinking Xin, a pair of hate iron does not produce, looking at the Nangong Yunyue is very nai said."
w w w
After listening to Si Xin’s remarks, a few drops of cold sweat could not help seeping from the forehead of the Nangong Cloud Moon, and she felt that Si Xin’s painting style had become a little express, which really caught her off guard!
I came to Nangong Yunyue and believed in my heart, but I was still a little complacent, but my happy head was just raised when I was poured cold water on my feelings.
This mood is absolutely ups and downs, which makes people feel a little lost. Even if the Nangong Yunyue has such a strong mind, people are thinking about words, and they can’t bear the defeat all the way!
"Oh, come on, come on, I’m not kidding you. I really have no sense of humor. You are really unlovable!" The nangongshan a face of frustration at thought Xin, some compromise said
See the nangongshan cloud month this kind of thinking xin, corners of the mouth can’t help but show a trick to succeed smile and then looked at the nangongshan cloud month made a gesture, please.
Is it difficult to say something when you see Si Xin, a train that moves the Nangong Cloud and Moon, and at the same time you can’t help sighing in your heart? It’s really nice to play dumb to yourself here.
See the nangongshan cloud month some shan shan expression, xin, is in a better mood at the same time, also by heart appear in the face.
"Well, I followed you today and saw you go to that hospitable place. It’s not easy for those big men inside, you know?" The nangongshan cloud month melodramatic for a while and then serious serious look at xin, told her the purpose of her visit.
Hearing the words of the Nangong Yunyue, I thought and smiled, and my eyes were not delayed. She didn’t expect that her actions were actually seen by the Nangong Yunyue today.
I don’t know when this Nangong Yunyue tracked herself and when she didn’t track herself. If she saw that she would be invisible, that would be good.
Thinking like this, I can’t help but be wary. I secretly cast a glance at the opposite Nangong Yunyue. I think it’s thoughtful to look at this Nangong Yunyue sample. I don’t know that I will be invisible.
"Cloud month you this follow me? Don’t believe me? Or for other reason? " Xin, looking at the nangongshan cloud month eyes some sharp tone is not very gentle questioned the nangongshan cloud month.
The nangongshan cloud month a listen to think xin, this change tone will know that you have committed a crime.
"Si Xin, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean anything by following you. I just happened to see you disguised as a man and went out today. What’s so interesting about me was that I followed you and saw the big guys." Seeing Si Xin’s face changed, Nangong Yunyue immediately explained to him.
Hearing the explanation of Nangong Yunyue, Xin did not immediately relax his look. Anyway, this Nangong Yunyue can’t change the fact of tracking himself.
Because the most important thing for Si Xin is to believe in this Nangong Yunyue. If you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t have to follow yourself. What is this?
If your every move is monitored by others, what privacy and freedom can you talk about? This feeling is really uncomfortable, and it is understandable to be angry.
"Even so, you can follow me for granted? It’s not what I want to do. I’m free. You can’t interfere. And have you considered my feelings when you do this? Everyone has secrets, everyone has secrets, and everyone doesn’t want to be exposed in front of people. It’s really hard for you to go back. "Si Xin looked at the Nangong Yunyue and her eyes were full of sharp colors, constantly questioning the Nangong Yunyue.
After hearing Si Xin’s heartfelt words, Nangong Yunyue couldn’t help but be stunned by the whole people. To tell the truth, she really didn’t consider that so many people just thought that chatting would track Si Xin.
But after hearing what Si Xin said, Nangong Yunyue really felt that he had done something wrong.
If it were her, she wouldn’t want to monitor her life in others, because that would make her feel that she is not free and has no privacy.
Thinking about Xin’s words is simply poking every sentence into the heart of Nangong Yunyue, which makes Nangong Yunyue force refute it.
Seeing the Nangong Yunyue lost in thought, I don’t bother to think about what I just said. I also feel that I may be a little heavy-hearted, but I don’t feel that I am wrong.
That’s the truth. If this Nangong Yunyue can’t accept his own opinion, then this agreement will be terminated. It’s not the kind of parasite that has to rely on others anyway.
In Si Xin’s view, if you can make friends, you will not let go. If you can’t make friends, you will let go decisively. Without this help, you will spend more time as a child. Besides, there is no loss to Si Xin.
The nangongshan cloud month meditation for a long time heart had a decision.
"Si Xin, I’m sorry that I was thoughtless this time. I apologize to you. Please forgive me. It will never happen again." Nangong Yunyue solemnly looked at Si Xin and promised him.
Hearing this, Nangong Yunyue’s face is a little loose, and it’s not unreasonable to think about it. Now that Nangong Yunyue has promised that he won’t follow himself again, it’s not necessary for him to continue haggling over every ounce. After all, it’s not good for each other.
"Uh-huh, I accept your apology. Yunyue won’t do it again, or we will really end up together." Si Xin said solemnly, looking at the Nangong Yunyue.
"It won’t happen again." See Si Xin, let go of Nangong Yunyue and immediately make up.
In fact, it is very difficult for Nangong Yunyue to bow their heads and admit their mistakes. Since childhood, Nangong Yunyue has always been a loser and never bowed to others, let alone admit his mistakes.
But today, for the first time, she made a mistake to Si Xin, so it can be seen that this Nangong Yunyue is indeed a person who can do great things, and he is brave enough to admit his mistake when he knows that he is wrong.
Of course, it’s not that Nangong Yunyue is afraid of thinking about Xin, but that Nangong Yunyue is interesting and develops into a friend, because Nangong Yunyue feels that she is the same kind of person to some extent, and she wants to be close to her and become a friend.
Thinking about Xin, seeing that the contradiction between the Nangong Cloud and the Moon has been solved, I think of the right thing. Didn’t the Nangong Cloud and the Moon just arrive at that group of big men? It seems that she should know something.
Now that the nangongshan Yunyue knows that Xin, there is no need to go further and wait for Xia Hong and them to find out.
"Yunyue just heard you talk about those big men. Don’t you know their identity?" Xin, packed my mood and looked at the nangongshan cloud month inquired.
Listen, Xin, remember that group of big fellow Nangong Yunyue immediately remembered his visit this time.
"Yes, I know something." The Nangong Yunyue looked at Xin and gave her a positive answer.
"Then would you mind telling me about their identity?" Xin, looking at the nangongshan cloud month continue to ask.

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