However, Ji Rong Xinyue did not directly answer her. She said something to make people’s understanding of her change from a girl who can beat an eleven-year-old girl to a federal mecha who can fight and talk to adults on an equal footing.

But even so, people can still answer the question she asked.
Everyone knows that she didn’t answer the question directly just now, and this is not only a question of life and death, but also a question of military law and special affairs
It also represents greater pressure than those responsibilities and righteousness that Ji Xinghe suffered.
Can an eleven-year-old girl bear this? She is really different from no one who dares to stop her from "fooling around" at this time, but someone can stop her, but that person has no mouth at all
General Ji Xinghe hasn’t made a statement yet?
People are anxious.
Ji Rong Xin Yue did not care that no one responded to her, but she was very satisfied with this kind of "vision". If this group of adults and this group of mecha are so easily persuaded by her,
That is to say, Ji Xinghe chose to become a federation. In this war, God failed. Tu Yuan, Su He, Andy and others chose to shape Ji Xinghe into a federation. In this war, God also failed.
This war may need a god, but people should not blindly believe in God, let alone their granddaughters.
"I, an independent group mecha, applied for the cooperative warfare of your department in the name of Rong Xinyue, a federal first-class soldier."
Ji Rong Xin Yue’s tone is cold, like moonlight on a cold night, which she once longed to see and has already seen.
"War target body count enemy troops!
Tactical Scheme Independent Regiment No.1 Non-standard Tactics
In the second battle, I will replace the Independent Regiment No.1 in non-standard tactics, and General Ji Xinghe in your department will replace the Independent Regiment No.1 in non-standard tactics.
Please answer whether your department is willing to participate in this cooperative war? "
Independent regiment one non-standard tactics?
When people heard this tactical plan, they immediately thought of another name for this tactical plan-giving priority to General Ji Xinghe!
In the process of this name flow, it has gradually evolved into a more concise name, but people will not be excited to shout in public-let the old man go!
The captain didn’t hear the voice from the headquarters. He knew that the headquarters was letting them make their own choices, but what?
Is it because Ji Rong Xinyue is the granddaughter of Ji Xinghe, and the life of 52 mecha in his squad is special or because of this tactical key point?
Or is it because Ji Xinghe didn’t stop the headquarters from choosing to trust Ji Xinghe as before?
He hesitated for some time when more than four hundred regular imperial mecha mecha corps have appeared their mecha sight range.
During the whole process, the captain didn’t hear the opposition of the team members or Ji Xinghe, so he took a deep breath and asked in the communication channel, "Is there any objection?"
People responded, but the 52 mecha that temporarily formed the federal mecha squad had given up clearing the battlefield, and the neat team was listed, including the captain himself, and their silent formation was assault formation.
There is no objection.
The captain laughed and said, "Ji Rongxin, Yueshi, our department confirmed to participate in the coordinated war."
His tone is calm and sincere, full of encouragement and expectation, like parents telling toddlers to walk slowly and don’t be afraid that I will protect you.
Ji Rongxinyue looked serious and said, "Our department has confirmed that the No.1 non-standard tactics of the second war tactical independent regiment please strictly abide by the corresponding tactical requirements."
Her tone is serious, like a 30-year-old child saying to her elderly parents, don’t be so tired, I will support you.
She and he don’t know each other, but the conversation gives people the feeling of being a father-daughter conversation.
People understand that this group of mecha is not only the granddaughter of Ji Xinghe, but also the daughter of everyone.
Judging from their age, most people can be parents of Ji Rong Xin Yue.
Now that her daughter has grown up to pursue her own life, she can have a bright future, and her parents have decided to help her, even if this help may mean sacrifice.
The captain responded in a tone of command.

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