I was stunned at night and said, "Good!"

Looking at Shen Meng’s robe swinging back, he lost his mind slightly at night.
Although it is impossible for people to know that a country is in an unusual situation, it is not easy to handle things perfectly in such an emergency.
Said his dark forces must be very powerful.
She didn’t recover her thoughts until Shen Meng got into the carriage. She was about to turn around and take the door when she suddenly saw the figure of neon spirit beating the horse.
The night is bright from the eyes, and I am about to pick up the steps to welcome it, but I can’t help but feel tight when I see the neon spirit in a flash.
The bun is unkempt, the clothes are disheveled, and the face expression is hollow.
What happened?
Dress up, she quickly ascends the ranks.
The horses are also in line. The neon spirit turns over the horse in front of the house.
"What happened to Saner?"
"Elder sister things completed? The mountain didn’t see the big class. "
Two sisters hurry out at the same time.
I was dazed at night. "You’re not worried when it’s done." I reached out and grabbed the neon wrist. I shivered at night and asked, "What happened?"
Shen Meng said that she had given the neon spirit a fan fragrance and let her sleep for a while.
What happened to a girl who fell asleep in the middle of nowhere?
This is what she has been worry about just now.
Now, looking at the neon spirit, it is obvious that she is most worried about what happened.
"I’m fine" neon spirit led the lip angle and smiled slightly. "It would be nice if things were completed. If there is nothing else, I’ll go back to the coffin shop first."
Say that finish neon spirit is ready to go.
The more like this, the more anxious I am to leave her at night. How can I just let her leave and hold her?
When I was pulling my eyes, I saw a horse and a person not far away.
People come and go in the street, but he is very eye-catching because he rides on a high horse.
A shock at night
It’s Zhang Shuo
Look at him. He’s no better than Neon Ling.
Dressed in rags and in a mess
Night away from the eyes a folding of the light immediately white.
"It was him, wasn’t it?" Night from staring at Zhang Shuo asked neon spirit in front.
Neon spirit face a slight white followed her eyes side first look at the past and saw the man parked not far across the street looking at this side.
Looking back, she gently pursed her lips without saying anything.
Night away and waved to Zhang Shuo.
Zhang Shuo dazed did not directly hit the horse, but turned over and led the horse across the road to their side.
"Elder sister …"
Neon spirit panicked and tried to escape.
Wrist is caught by the night away now.
"Third son, everyone is equal before love. You don’t owe him anything."
When I said this, I felt a heartache at night.
She didn’t say anything about the latter.
She wants to say that since there is nothing to be afraid of?
Being injured in the emotional world is destined to be the one with a humble posture.
Once she was like this to Mo Qianyu.
Her third son shouldn’t be like this
Her third son deserves better.
Lift your eyes at night and look at Zhang Shuo again.
At this time, there was a sudden burst of sa in the bustling crowd, and a horse-drawn carriage galloped in.
People exclaimed on both sides of the retreat.
Night away with neon spirit on the side of the road and Zhang Shuo has crossed the road to the side of the road, but night away suddenly found a familiar figure in the crowd.
Her pupils contracted.
It’s Qiao Dai.
Seems to be walking while hanging his eyes and thinking about his heart, but he didn’t notice the big reaction behind him and naturally didn’t realize the danger
Seeing that runaway carriage will force …
I was just about to wake up when I left my breath at night, only to find that someone had swept past like a gust of wind and wrapped her by the side of the road at a very fast speed.
The carriage roared past.
At night, I looked at the two people who had narrowly escaped death.
It should be said that the road was in shock, and all pedestrians looked at those two people.
Including neon
Yes, it’s Zhang Shuo.
The most important thing is that Zhang Shuo wrapped Qiaodai out of the horseshoe before flying.
In the crowd watching Zhang Shuo let go of Qiaodai.
"Are you all right?"
"No thanks"
Qiaodai took two steps back.
Zhang Shuo gave her a look and turned towards the night away and neon spirit.

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