Although the angel lightened the weight for Ling Feiyang, the balance remained motionless!

"Hey!" Ling Feiyang’s right arm flew away from the body again! The balance has not changed!
"Have I broken both my arms?" Ling Feiyang’s heart is almost desperate, but a left leg flies out again!
Ling Feiyang immediately collapsed on the tray and the last right leg was broken!
"Your sins are really inexhaustible, even if you cut off your limbs, it will still be difficult to offset this atonement weight." The angel sighed and continued, "In that case, I have the last resort to cut off your head!"
Seeing that this angel’s finger will point to his head, Ling Feiyang is still thinking in his mind.
"Don’t push younger sister is really a sin? My sisters are all independent, and few of them are dependent on men’s vases. For each of them, I have lived and died together. They are willing to commit themselves to me because they love me. For a woman, it’s not a pleasure for her lover to try it for the first time. Even though I have made them cry before, I want to be kind to them for the rest of my life and build them a warm family after the war. If I can do this, I must never say that pushing my sister is a sin! "
Ling Feiyang thought of here seems to reduce the weight of the silver balance beam suddenly moved slightly.
"Don’t’ kill’ is really a sin? Those Mongolian and Fusang soldiers who died at my hands have wives, children and young children in their homes, but if we don’t kill them, more people will die in Dasong! Zhongducheng, Zhongxing Mansion, Samarkand, Moscow … Those once prosperous cities are now people’s hell, leaving those wandering ghosts and ghosts. The war is so cruel. If you want to stop the killing, the only way is to kill the killers! "
"What is evil? Sin actually lies in one thought! On what to do, you must be loving and kind, and you must never call it’ sin’! " Ling Feiyang’s heart suddenly moved, and the balance beam suddenly moved. Ling Feiyang’s foot tray tilted upward while the golden weight tray fell!
Seeing this scene, the beautiful female angel suddenly flew lightly with wings like veils and landed in front of Ling Feiyang. The weight on the left side of the balance increased, Ling Feiyang and the foot tray fell again!
"Don’t save yourself by your thoughts. People who can save you have a heavenly father! Now that the heavenly father is unwilling to redeem you, you will be sent to hell! " The angel spoke and pointed his finger at Ling Feiyang’s head!
"This balance is leaning to the left again because of your weight, not mine!" Ling Feiyang suddenly shouted
"I am an angel from heaven. How can I have weight without sin in my heart?" The angel said with a smile
"You are not an angel, you are a devil!" Ling Feiyang has lost his legs, but I don’t know but he is coming from the tray!
This balance has not changed since Ling Feiyang left the tray, which means that this "angel" does have weight and must have sin!
The beautiful female "angel" suddenly showed a frightened look in her eyes, and her body was white and black, and slowly twisted and deformed, which really turned into a ferocious devil!
"Ah–"The devil screamed and flew into the chaos and gradually dispersed into a piece of smoke!
Ling Feiyang’s eyes suddenly disappeared and returned to the Louvre conference room!
Ling Feiyang immediately found that his limbs were intact and his roots were damaged, so he didn’t leave his body!
"Just the balance trial proved to be tommaso created illusion! Fortunately, the love and kindness in my heart solved the sin and didn’t win his mind control magic! " Ling Feiyang immediately turned white.
At this time, Archbishop Camilo of Virgo and King Louis IX of Frank have also got rid of the illusion of tommaso. Louis IX immediately ordered the palace guards to stop attacking, but tommaso had already escaped and disappeared!
"I was controlled by the tommaso mind almost signed an agreement with the Pope! Fortunately, it was thrilling when you arrived at this matter! " Louis IX was in shock, patting his chest and panting.
"But why do I still have a bad feeling?" Camilo suddenly said
Chapter 42 The King Hijacking Case
Tommaso, the cardinal archbishop of Libra, manipulated the brain of King Louis IX of Frank, and almost turned the Frankish kingdom into an accomplice to the Mongolian Western Expedition. Fortunately, Ling Feiyang and Camilo, the archbishop of Virgo, rushed to the Louvre to resist the magical "Libra Contract" of tommaso and foiled the plot of Pope Gregory IX.
Camelot, however, is still a presentiment of danger coming immediately and ling flying back to the villa by the Seine!
As soon as they got back to the villa, they saw three archbishops Grioni, Gonzá lez, giuliano and Princess Natalia sitting in the living room with a frown, but they didn’t see Frederick II, the king of the Holy Roman Empire!
"Where’s the king?" Camilo immediately asked the four men.
"The king has disappeared!" Gonzalez said
"The four of you are here in broad daylight. How can the king be missing?" Camilo obviously can’t believe it.
"We don’t know what’s going on!" Princess Natalya said, "The king returned to his room after breakfast and didn’t come out for several hours. I wanted to ask him for some advice on governing the country, so I knocked on his door for a long time and didn’t respond. I pushed the door and went in, only to find that there was already one person in the room!"
"Someone must have kidnapped the king!" Grioni said
"But the four of us have been in this living room all the time. If we leave the room, we must pass through this living room. Even if someone hijacks the king, how can we leave this villa under our noses?" Giuliano said.
"Is this kidnapper’ invisibility’?" Ling Feiyang suddenly said
Ling Feiyang has been learning Latin from Princess Natalia during this period, and now she can communicate with you in a simple language. Camilo immediately moved when she heard this sentence!
"Is it Sabatino?" Camilo said
Sabatino is the Cardinal Archbishop of Cancer in the Holy See. He is good at dark magic, and "invisibility" is a skill in dark magic!
In fact, invisibility is not a supernatural phenomenon, but it helps the energy field to absorb the light projected to the body and replace it with the background color. A hundred years later, many technologies are used in invisibility technology, which is actually based on this scientific principle.
However, Sabatino’s invisibility is not an ordinary invisibility. His high point is that it can not only make himself invisible, but also make others nearby invisible at the same time!
"Did I just hear a creak or was it the wind that turned out to be Sabatino knocking at the king’s door!" Gonzalez this just suddenly enlighted.
"It seems that Sabatino has also taken refuge in the Pope. We have another enemy …" Grioni said while sighing.
"Now that Frederick II has fallen into the hands of the Pope, he is likely to be executed immediately. Now our urgent task is to rush back to Rome to rescue the king!" Ling Feiyang suddenly said
Louis IX sent the Knights Templar of France to escort Ling Feiyang and other people to the border of the holy Roman Empire. Everyone saw that an army was stationed across the border. It was the Knights of St. John of West Rome!
More than a hundred years ago, Pope Paschal II, in order to guard against Islamic countries, formed three famous knights in European history, namely, the Knights of St. John, the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights. With the changes of the times, these three knights belonged to three countries: West Rome, Frank and Prussia. Now the Teutonic Knights have gone to Poland and Hungary to show guerrilla warfare in accordance with Huang Yaoshi’s strategy. The knights of St. John and the Temple are now on the border between West Rome and Frank!
The soldiers of the Order of St. John are all printed with a white cross on a black background, while the soldiers of the Order of the Templars are printed with a red cross badge. The confrontation between the two armies in the wilderness seems to be tense!
"geraint, the head of the Order of St. John, is dead, and even the king’s position has become a prisoner. The control of this Order will inevitably fall into the hands of Gregory IX," Gonzalez said
"The king has made a secret order to me. If Gregory IX wants to stop your rescue operation, our Knights Templar will fight at all costs, although its fighting capacity is far less than that of the Knights of St. John!" Pierre, head of the Knights Templar, rode forward and said to everyone
"This battle must not be fought!" Grioni, who is kind-hearted, immediately said, "I don’t know how many soldiers Frank and West Rome will die once they fight. These two knights should fight hard in the anti-Mongolian battlefield instead of killing each other!"
"But if we can’t even break through the western Roman border, how can we save the king!" Gonzalez said with a frown
Just when everyone was in trouble, a middle-aged general with a red robe and a strong figure came out from the Knights of St. John across the street
Isn’t that Quirino? Giuliano suddenly cried
Quirino is the cardinal archbishop of Taurus in the Vatican and the only one of the twelve cardinal archbishops who can lead troops to fight. After Gregory IX killed geraint, he handed over the command of the Order of St. John to Quirino.
"Camilo, Grioni, Gonzá lez and giuliano, you four traitors of the Holy See hiding in the army, what heroes are? Get out if you have the courage!" Quirino sounds like Hong Zhong Lu broadcasting in the wilderness, and the eardrums of all people are buzzing.
"This Quirino is generous and not calculating. He must have been blinded by the Pope to wake him up by our holy light purification. Maybe he will withdraw!" Camilo said, stepping towards the two armies. Ling Feiyang and other five people were worried about him, so they followed him.
Camilo walked across from Quirino, and suddenly a ball of light appeared on his head and quickly moved to the holy halo of Quirino to sprinkle Quirino!
Quirino body, however, suddenly rose a mass of black fog, the halo was immediately covered by black fog and then disappeared!
"Camelot can’t sneak attack me! The four of you will come together. If you can beat me, I will withdraw immediately! " Quirino shouted.
Chapter 421 Brilliant Sword
Sabatino, the Archbishop of Cancer, hijacked Frederick II, the king of the Holy Roman Empire, and brought him back to Rome with the help of dark magic invisibility. Ling Feiyang and others were escorted back to Rome by the French Knights Templar, but they were intercepted by the Knights of St. John at the border between the two countries, and the new head of the Knights of St. John was Quirino, the Archbishop of Taurus!
"This is black magic!" Gonzalez saw Quirino’s body rising in black fog and easily resisted Camelot’s holy light purification, but it was lost!
This dark magic is what Camelot’s light magic nemesis has always been forbidden by the Vatican. I didn’t expect Quirino to come out at this time!
"How can Quirino dark magic? It must have been bewitched by the Pope! " Grignon cried
"Cut the crap and let’s get you four together!" Quirino sneer at a way
"Now you have to knock him down to remove the dark magic for him!" Camilo said that two lights suddenly shot out of his eyes and conjured up several little angels holding bows and arrows and shot at Quirino!
Angel of light!
Quirino real suddenly flush a piece of cold light, these light arrows like melted together with these little angels in the sky disappear!
King Kong Shield!
At that time, Camilo once made the "Angel of Light" defeat Grioni, Gonzalez, Natalia and Frederick II at the same time in Venice, but now it is easily prevented by Quirino!
Ground fissure! Grignon mused a spell, and a crack suddenly appeared on the ground of Quirino’s feet, but Quirino’s iron-soled boots were also cold light, and the crack was actually closed again!

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