Shen Menglu felt that her eyes were sour and her heart was deeply hurt. "Zhu Yinzhen came to you and Ji Wenhua intervened in the past, but you kept saying that you would be honest with me. Why should you hide your affection? Why cheat me? You didn’t love her? "

Shen Menglu’s emotions came too fast and suddenly, which made Zhu Yinzhen somewhat unprepared. "Dream, what’s wrong with you …?"
This is not the first time that Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu talked about Ji Wenhua, but it is the first time that Shen Menglu has such a big reaction.
What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What will the man say besides asking what’s wrong? Shen Menglu suddenly felt a little depressed by such a big reaction.
It’s just a pair of chess! Just a few love poems! Just an ex-wife! What is worth her making such a fuss about!
Before they got married, she didn’t know that Zhu Yinzhen had a wife and a son as big as Jing Xuan. Why should she be jealous of a dead man? It’s simply! It is estimated that going out can make people laugh their teeth off!
"Nothing. I’m probably tired from too many things these days." Shen Menglu calmed down. "Shiro, I have a headache and want to go back to my bedroom and rest for a while."
The gap between Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen is too big, but Zhu Yinzhen can be sure that Shen Menglu is still angry.
"Mother-in-law will accompany you to rest." Zhu Yinzhen did not consider that he quickly got up and fawned on Shen Menglu.
"Don’t you put away your beloved exquisite chess first?" Shen Menglu took a cold look at Zhu Yinzhen and dragged her palm almost into her palm. White shot into Zhu Yinzhen’s chest and then turned around and left.
Although I know that she eats this vinegar very unreasonably, Shen Menglu still can’t control her emotions.
"Dream …" Zhu Yinzhen reflexively caught the fall from his chest and looked at Shen Menglu angrily.
White fall to palm Zhu Yinzhen bowed their heads and cast a glance but let his face changed.
Zhu Yinzhen took a closer look at the white in his hand and then his face became worse and worse.
Zhu Yinzhen thumped the white in his hand onto the table and then poured all the exquisite chess on the table with a cold face, checking them carefully one by one.
Back to Yuemeng Palace, Shen Menglu was lying gloomily. huang, her Zhu Yinzhen should be coming soon, but I didn’t expect to wait for Zhu Yinzhen for half an hour.
Is it true that Zhu Yinzhen didn’t come for so long to clean up his precious chess? This speculation makes Shen Menglu depressed.
When I came to Shen Menglu, I still felt that she had suddenly lost her temper, but now Shen Menglu thinks that Zhu Yinzhen is really hateful, and it is not worth forgiving. The first snow is dead!
Just as Shen Menglu was sulking, she finally heard a slight footstep coming from the door.
Shen Menglu angrily turned his back to the wall to leave a figure for Zhu Yinzhen and decided that he would never forgive him if he didn’t apologize properly!
But … Shen Menglu wait until it’s not Zhu Yinzhen, but a somberly mo language.
"Miss had an accident." Mo’s voice was low and his face was very ugly
Shen Menglu turned and sat up from huang. "What’s the matter?"
Mo Yu swallowed saliva. "Someone just came to protect Hou Fu to report that Miss Chu Dai died."
"What?" Shen Menglu almost fell from huang. "What’s the matter? It’s the wedding day. She should prepare for the wedding today. How can it end to end … "Mo said that Miss Chu Dai was about to marry Xie Chengze’s first snow.
"The messenger didn’t make it clear that please go to thank the old lady … thank the old lady fainted" Mo language look very nervous.
"What?" Shen Menglu is a surprised straight up. "What are you dawdling about?"
Out of the two steps Shen Menglu stopped again. "Mo Yu, please send someone to ask Fu Bowen to take a trip to Anhu Houfu to inform Chu Daian to come with me."
"yes! Miss! " Mo Yu and Yan Ruyi did not dare to neglect their orders and left.
"Should the Empress ask the sovereign to go with the Empress?" With Shen Menglu behind frost carefully asked.
Shen Menglu double eyebrow sank "not for the carriage! Let’s go! "
"yes! Empress! " Seeing that Shen Menglu was really angry with Zhu Yinzhen, he dared not say anything more to send a letter to Zhu Yinzhen, but he quickly prepared a carriage for Shen Menglu.
When Zhu Yinzhen got the news, Shen Menglu and Chu Daian had already galloped away in a carriage and rushed to the door. Zhu Yinzhen saw a dusty and drifting carriage.
The death of the first snow and the fainting of the old lady Xie are not trivial matters. Zhu Yinzhen also dare not neglect to call Zhanyang to prepare the horse and hurried there.
At this time, Anhu Houfu has fallen into chaos.
The first snow suddenly died suddenly, and the happy event suddenly became a funeral. The body has just improved. Mrs. Xie suddenly fainted when she couldn’t bear the sudden blow.
At the moment, the security guard Hou Fu’s staff is divided into two groups, one of which lives in the wing of the first snow waiting to solve the puzzle of the first snow death, while the other is waiting nervously for the old lady Xie to wake up around the courtyard.
Xie Yuan and Xie Chengze, who were urgently recalled, also hurried back to protect Hou Fu, and both of them gathered in the first snow wing at the moment.

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