But if that’s what she thinks, what’s with the smiling face of Master? Does he agree with it?

Shen Qiqi was angry with his own ideas and walked towards the front desk with an angry look.
She wanted to go straight back to her own hospital, but when she saw this, she changed her mind and decided to explore the bottom first.
Jun Yang looked up and saw a suit of anger. Shen Qiqi was coming towards himself.
He was wondering when he saw her coming to him. He must have made a gesture towards himself and looked at himself with a smile. "Master, do you have a guest? “
The eyes swished like a knife to the 139 th chapter of the 139 th party.
Jun Yang knew what she was thinking by looking at her expression.
Feel nai Yu and feel a little happy in my heart.
Nai is that this little apprentice is too sensitive, well, too clever; I’m glad that she finally got jealous herself.
Well, Junyang admits that he is a bit silly to be happy.
However, he still solemnly introduced Shen Qiqi to the Zhou family to see her eyes with a feeling that made her blush and beat.
After listening to Jun Yang’s introduction, Shen Qiqi realized that the young woman who had been peeking at Jun Yang was Zhou Guzhu’s beloved daughter named Zhou Jin.
That Zhou Jin saw Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi’s face turned white, and his flat mouth stopped talking.
Shen Qiqi has been observing Zhou Jin and seeing that although her face is not very good, her eyes are still clear and clear, and there is no resentment or unwillingness. I can’t help but pick my eyebrows slightly and make a difference to her.
Jun Yang and Shen Qiqi interacted with Zhou Guzhu, and naturally he saw his daughter and he could secretly sigh in his heart.
However, he won’t miss the opportunity to make friends with your family. He said politely, "You Shaozhu has been here for so long, and Zhou hasn’t done his best to host a boat banquet at Zhouyan Lake. I wonder if Shaozhu can join us?"
Before Jun Yang answered Shen Qiqi next to him, he was excited to say, "Boat banquet? Is the ship holding a banquet? "
"Exactly," Zhou Guzhu replied, but his eyes were still looking in the direction of Jun Yang, waiting for his answer.
Junyang doesn’t look at him. He looks forward to it. "Want to go?"
"Think about it." Shen Qiqi nodded hard and eagerly expressed his desire
"Then go." Jun Yang looks at Zhou Guzhu. "I will arrive on the day."
"Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good."
"Prepare what you need for a day’s travel." I told you four words and Jun Yang took Shen Qiqi’s hand and walked towards the dining room. "Hungry? Let’s go to eat first. "
"I’m not very hungry. Is there any interesting place for Master’s boat banquet? I’m curious if I haven’t been there … "
After a long walk, I still heard Shen Qiqi’s rambling sound.
Two people had a meal because Jun Yang said they had to get up early, so Shen Qiqi went to bed early.
One night talk …
The next day, Shen Qiqi got up early to freshen up and went to the lobby with Jun Yang for breakfast, then waited for the carriage outside the hospital early.
Zhou Guzhu invited Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang, but after the car, Shen Qiqi wanted to think and called Jersey.
It took the carriage a long way to finally reach the destination of today’s boat banquet-Yan Lake.
A load of Shen Qiqi was attracted by the magnificent ship in the lake.
The big ship is more than ten meters high, and its hull is made of good logs, and then it is covered with a layer of iron sheet, which is also golden in color, making the whole ship look like a huge gold ingot that can move.
The hull of more than ten meters is divided into five floors, but from the outside, we can see that each floor is very high and there are exquisite pavilions and various landscape paintings carved outside.
The appearance of Shen Qiqi alone has been overwhelmed by the grandeur of the ship. It is not difficult to imagine that it will definitely surprise her even more.
She sighed in her heart that the Zhou family was worthy of Huai’s first family, but it was really enviable to look at this ship’s financial resources.
This trip proved to be trip worthwhile, which really opened her eyes. Chapter 14 Dinner []
This week’s family is a Huai local strongman. Even before trying to curry favor with the master, they wanted to give the big lady in the mansion to the master. It seems that the strong dragon of the master has crushed the local strongman to death.
Shen Qiqi so don’t think waist straight a lot.
And Jersey has felt that his eyes are not enough since he got into the carriage, especially when he saw such a gorgeous ship for the first time, he was so surprised that he almost fell off.
The shore got the news that Zhou Guzhu and Zhou Jin had been waiting by. When they saw the arrival of Junyang carriage, they quickly led Junyang and his party to the boat.
Jersey has never seen the pedal of the boathouse, and has been staring at the water carefully for fear that something will come out of the water and that he will accidentally fall.
Zhou Jin couldn’t help secretly laughing when he saw his appearance behind him. I didn’t expect the smile to be a little big, so Jersey heard it not far from her.
As soon as he looked back, he saw a charming and lovely girl covering her mouth and watching him secretly laughing. She knew that she was nervous and looked embarrassed by others, and her face turned red and she quickly turned her head back.
Zhou Jin saw his shyness as if he had seen something strange, and his eyes kept staring at him.
Jersey five senses keen nature is felt her eyes, it is afraid to look at the honestly stay beside Shen Qiqi followed the boat all the way.
When we arrived at the ship, Shen Qiqi had to sigh again that Zhou’s family was rich in money.
All kinds of gold, silver and jade can be seen everywhere to entertain guests. They are all good suet jade bowls, chopsticks, wine and gold utensils, and silver-inlaid tables and chairs. When you look at them, you will know that this family has a profound heritage that is not comparable to ordinary outbreaks.
She secretly glanced at Junyang beside her and found that he was normal. She turned a blind eye to all these gold, silver and jade articles and spat out her tongue secretly and followed in his footsteps.

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