Li Xiaohai was behind the teenager. "I took him to try to sleep. Didn’t you see that he left you a note on the table before he left?"

Lu Ying looked at the boy, who was pale and weak and barely as tall as her.
Don’t talk about entering a haunted house. Just being here makes people think that the wind will blow him down.
Lu Ying was relieved. "I didn’t pay attention to the note. I wish it was okay. Manager Li, he is still so young. Don’t take him to a dangerous place."
"It may not be a lucky star," said Li Xiaohai. "I can’t get in touch with Boss Luo recently, and I just have a big bill at hand. I can’t hold back and I will see something dangerous. I didn’t expect to fall asleep in a haunted house because of this. It’s not scary at all."
"Let him take orders with me later. He can talk at home himself." Li Xiaohai drew five hundred-dollar bills and handed them to Lu Ying. "Here’s his salary."
Lu Ying "Give it to me?"
"Isn’t your family a woman in charge of money?" Li Xiaohai winks.
Lu Ying blushed. "We are not what you think."
She put the money into the teenager’s pocket. "Have you eaten? I’ll take you to breakfast. "
She took the teenager by the hand and walked to the street. The teenager suddenly stopped "I’m sorry."
Lu Ying turned back. "Huh?"
"I ran around and made you look for it for so long."
"It’s nothing," Lu Ying smiled. "I wish you were all right."
A girl’s smile is gentler than the spring breeze. If you want to be right, she can’t lift the slightest thought of hurting her.
Lu Ying walked and said, "I was naughty when I was a child, and I often hid from my father in the garden, which also made him hard to find. But why did you go to the haunted house with Manager Li? Is it because he can’t find someone to force you? "
"No," said Lu Ying-che, whose cheeks were slightly red when his eyes looked at each other. "He said that your birthday is coming soon and I have no money to give you a gift."
Lu Ying smiled sweetly at once. "My birthday is really in spring. My father named me Sakura because the cherry blossoms in the courtyard were very good on the day I was born. Mi, if your family hasn’t come to see you for my birthday by then, just the two of us."
The teenager nodded.
Lu Ying took him to the breakfast stall and asked for two bowls of noodles. She watched her mobile phone while eating.
Half a year has passed, and she has broadcast his photos as much as possible, but why hasn’t anyone come to him? Doesn’t he have a family?
There are many strange ideas in Lu Ying’s mind. "You shouldn’t be an illegitimate child, should you?"
Teenager "?"
"The boss was seriously ill and called him to go home and make a will, but the boss’s wife was very angry about it. She bribed the killer to stop the illegitimate children from killing them, but you escaped by luck …"
Teenager "…"
"Or you are the only boss" Lu Ying recalled that she had read the plot of the novel "Your gang was wiped out by the Ministry in the firefight with your opponent that night, and you escaped in a loyal and desperate escort, but you don’t remember anything because you got a sap in the back of your head"
"Or you’re an alien, and the earth ship runs out of energy, and you hit your head and lose your memory when you land …"
The boy was silent for a while and said "darkness" lightly.
"I can think of darkness and occasionally stars."
He will have a headache if he covers his head and reminds him of the past.
Lu Ying hurriedly said, "Don’t think about it, whether it’s illegitimate, lonely or alien, it’s enough for you to be Xiaomi now."
She stuffed a fried dough stick in his mouth. "I have to go to work after dinner."
She paddled her mobile phone and suddenly posted a post in a forum.
[The mysterious man in Shencheng is surprised to see that his true body is actually a handsome and beautiful girl]
Lu Ying clicked on the post and saw the photo "Peach?"
The teenager suddenly raised his head when he heard these two words.
He looked at Lu Ying’s mobile phone and saw the face on the screen.
Suddenly some scattered memento mori appeared in his mind.
That face is usually branded into his mind even after a glance.
He knocked over the bowl and hugged his head painfully.
Fallen city
Taotao stood in front of that gate for a long time.
She can’t perceive things behind the door without pictures, sounds and breath.
Nangong Dust went in to find out the situation, and he will come out soon.
Taotao told herself so, but no matter what, she couldn’t erase the strange feeling in her heart.
Someone patted her on the shoulder from behind, and she looked back at Bai Fei.
Bai Fei son look at her eyes like silly "lie here? Not afraid of what’s inside killing you? "
"What’s in it?" Taotaowen
"I don’t know," said Bai Feier. "I haven’t been here long. I heard the old man say that going in once every three days is equivalent to death. They don’t dare to come near me. If you are not my fan, they won’t bother to wake you up."
Taotao "I am your fan?"
"Isn’t it?" Bai Feier said, "You called me Sister Bai last night because you had fans."
Taotao "Ah, that, yeah, that’s right. I love watching you live."
"Which issue do you like?"
"Tanshan that period" Taotao freely nonsense.
"Mangshan? Although I have been to Mangshan, I didn’t do a special topic on Mangshan. "
"… maybe I remember wrong."
Taotao looked at the fan-shaped area in front of her and asked, "Where is this?"
Bai Feier "This is a prison for furious sinners."
Taotao nodded. "Why are you in Chucheng? I remember you are from Chongqing. "
Bai Feier: "Hey, goodbye, it’s not just the dog men and women. The man was my ex-boyfriend the night before yesterday. He talked to him for half a month. He not only owed me money, but also cheated on me. I came to collect debts and just got stuck here."
"I spread the news that he owed money everywhere. He had seen that I was not pleasing to the eye. His girlfriend was a small anchor, and she had some friction with me. She also saw that I was not pleasing to the eye. They partnered with me. I have to say that I am jealous of your white sister. Am I killing people? I immediately talked about two women and one lady. If they fuck me, I’ll get back to the crime of lust. Don’t even try to escape. "
"The man was put into the prison there this morning in the name of lust, and the woman was taken away in the name of jealousy."

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