Charles stared at Kush and said, "I’ll give you a chance to answer truthfully whether you are the assassin’s accomplice or not?"

Kush has been so frightened that the Six Gods shouted in horror, "I’m not! I’m really not!"
At this time, he heard the sound of a bullet, and a bodyguard gun pressed against the back of his head. "Then tell the truth, where did these sheep come from?"
Coos: "Someone gave me these sheep and told me to drive them here to make trouble. These sheep are all mine!" "
Charles "Who is it?"
Coos: "I don’t know three people, but I’m too greedy … Mr. Charles, please give me a break."
The onlookers showed an epiphany, and some people shouted, "He is the assassin’s accomplice, deliberately creating chaos and giving the assassin a chance to shoot Mr. Charles."
Kush’s legs have gone soft and he slipped on his knees. "I really don’t know. I don’t know anything!" "
Charles waved his hand smartly. "He’s a fool who wants to get something for nothing. Those who encourage him to make trouble are the real accomplices of assassins. Don’t let me find out!"
Shire didn’t kill Kush, and he didn’t take him away. In public, Chakus was instructed to make trouble. The person who instructed him to do this was to create an assassination opportunity for the assassin. Kush also had to pay for his mistakes. According to the local clan system, all the sheep should be compensated to Shire.
No one dares to say that Mr. Charles did something wrong. Everyone praised him for his justice and kindness, especially the first group of people who followed Kush to watch and boo.
They were also encouraged, so they were also the most guilty, fearing that they would not stand firm and were accused of assassins’ accomplices, but they never expected this to happen before they came.
Mr. Shire, who is respected by thousands of people, came to mediate the dispute, but he was almost assassinated by an assassin in the ambush crowd. The nature of the conflict immediately changed. Shire bodyguards are not the guards on the farm. In this case, they are really good at guns
Hua Zhen has been mixed in the crowd, watching him, and he has long felt that something is wrong with these people. Of course, he also found that the assassin could stop him when he raised his gun, but there was no motivation. He found that the assassin was even more wrong.
Wang Fengshou is just behind the assassin named Bailly. If it is not arranged, how can Bailly have a chance to raise his gun? Bailly was shaking when he raised his gun, but the gun was steady as if someone were holding it for him. The gun was shot in the air, and then Bailly was rushed over and the bodyguard pressed him to the ground. Wang Fengshou also took the opportunity to flash into the crowd.
Whose idea was it to arrange the assassin? Even Hua Zhenxing was a little confused, and it took a long time to get back to the taste. This turned out to be the best solution!
If we simply tell the truth, calm the conflict and disperse the crowd, it will not completely solve the hidden danger. If there are people behind the scenes, it is likely that similar incidents will happen again.
Every time a different person makes trouble, does Charles have to come and give a speech every time? Since some people want to make trouble, they might as well make it worse and turn it into someone who wants to assassinate Charles, the general manager of the new alliance.
Those behind-the-scenes agitators became assassins’ accomplices, whether they admit it or not, anyway, the matter has been characterized
Although Kush doesn’t know sheep to buy off others, if someone does this again, the new alliance will definitely not let go. At that time, it will not be that Huanxiang Industry wants to take care of the grange, but that the new alliance will pursue the murderer behind the assassination of the general manager.
Now, not only the truth has been made clear, but also the troublemaker has paid the price in public. On this opportunity, the new alliance has also announced the policy of raising workers in the agricultural reclamation area, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone, and it is particularly impressive to announce that the effect should be better through such an episode.
Hua Zhenxing is curious about who is so quick-witted. Because this is an emergency, I was prepared to get to the scene before coming, and everything was arranged in a short time.
Is this a bumper harvest or Locke’s idea? Wang Fengshou prides himself on his strategy, and Locke has been the boss behind the gold gang for so many years. Of course, it is not for nothing to give Hua Zhenxing great doubts. Even that Kush was arranged in advance to put an end to similar incidents.
When the crowd dispersed, everyone came to the gate, and the warehouse in Hua Zhen had a chance to ask Charles, and Charles replied with a serious face, "Kush, it’s really not that we arranged today. It was an accident, and I don’t know who did it."
The shot was fake, but the assassin was real. What a coincidence. Locke found out yesterday that the assassin left one alive, that is, Bailly. I gave him a chance to live and let him perform in public. As a result, the opportunity came today. "
Ke Mengchao gave Wang Fengshou one thing, that is, to get rid of the North Port freight, trade and escape. Three months later, Locke helped Wang Fengshou to "clear out" many people.
The remnants of the two largest criminal gangs in Somalia have been in danger. They are not only on high alert on weekdays, but also struggling to save themselves. They don’t know Wang Fengshou and Locke, but they know that their enemy is the new alliance. The way to save themselves is to kill Charles, the leader of the new alliance
But it’s too hard to kill Charles. He usually stays in Kelin District with a group of bodyguards. When Wang Fengshou and Locke go out, one of them will be with him. Yesterday Locke killed a group of assassins, and Bailey was left alive for those assassins.
Recently, there are many "small things" that need Charles to deal with. Since someone wants to assassinate him secretly, Charles simply exposes this line to the public. This is what Charles arranged when he came up with an idea after receiving the news.
This surprised Hua Zhen’s trip. He once admitted that he had always looked down on Charles, and now he finds that I’m afraid I have to continue to raise the evaluation of Charles.
A shot in front of the gate of the agricultural reclamation area exposed the plot of Zhu Laoda and others to assassinate Charles in public, which also gave the new alliance a good excuse to make a real big move and completely solve the residual forces of cultural trade and freight transportation in Beigang
This happened two days ago. This evening, Shire went to the grocery store to look for Hua Zhen Bank, and expressed his concern that he would not be able to do a good job as the mayor of Kelin District. The simple thing is that he can rest assured that he will be the mayor of this district, including the future mayor of non-Somali port.
Before leaving, Charles asked, "Those two groups have got together recently, and they may want to make a big move by dying. What do you think?"
Hua Zhen line with the wave, "don’t worry, I will personally deal with it. It is a good thing that they get together. You are the new alliance leader, and the new alliance will definitely guarantee your safety first."
At present, Kelin District has become the best place in the whole port of Somalia, and the local residents’ sense of security has increased several times. Now the most insecure place is probably Shire, because someone really wants to assassinate him!
I’m afraid that the two gangs of Beigang Freight, Literature and Trade will not sleep well for a day unless Charles is removed. Even Li Jingzhi, Wang Fengshou and Locke will have a headache.
After Charles left, Hua Zhenxing got up and stretched his muscles, and his body seemed to be as soft as noodles. This is a set of ordinary course that Yang Lao taught him from an early age, and it is difficult for ordinary people to learn it. The most important thing is to make people wake up quickly and regain their vitality.
Of course, it’s not necessary to go to Hua Zhen at the moment, but it’s a habit, just like doing something big, a ceremony before, and then he called Locke and asked, "Is everything clear?"
Locke "has found out that the two regimental high-level officials will meet in the central area today, and the place is very safe. It is almost impossible for us to storm them, and many of them are armed with bodyguards."
Hua Zhen trip "Is there anyone else in the building?"
Locke "didn’t. Now they are very cautious. It’s not that their confidants can’t get close."
Hua Zhen trip "That’s great. It’s finally one-pot."
Chapter 15, cannon ball
According to Locke’s investigation, Li Jingzhi got a hand-drawn sketch. It has three floors on the east, north and west, and two floors on the south. There is a gate hole in the building, and the walls facing the street are reinforced with concrete.
It was a building left over from the war. Fifteen years ago, during the riot, it was really transformed into a battle fortress. The courtyard was like a big patio. There were no windows facing the external wall on the first floor, but the windows facing the external wall on the second and third floors were very small. The thickened concrete external wall could not even be penetrated by heavy machine guns.
It is located in the central area, and now its owner is the boss "Lieutenant" of the "peacekeeping gang" in the central area.
There are three places in the chaotic Somali port that have maintained relatively good public security, namely, the former gold gang trade zone, the central area of various municipal departments, and the southern coast where many overseas tourists often come to spend their holidays.
The so-called administrative division of the central area belongs to the state jurisdiction, which is the area directly managed by the government at the level of non-Somali port (state). Broadly speaking, the grasslands outside non-Somali port, including Huanxiang Industry and the Maibeisuo River Basin, all belong to the state jurisdiction.
However, the central area of the local population is that specific block, which is somewhat similar to the original Beiwan Central Trade Zone. Its buildings and streets are relatively neat and the environment is relatively clean, which can ensure water and daily police patrols.
All kinds of illegal transactions in the central area are still going on, which naturally requires some gang forces to control, just as gold used to help the trade zone
The largest gang in the central area is called the peacekeeping gang, which is a strange name because the boss used to be a grass-roots officer in the peacekeeping force organized by the United Nations.
His nickname is "Lieutenant" now, but not many people know his real name. It’s like what the name of Golden Head is, and Hua Zhen is still unclear.
Lieutenant is not a high rank, and the rank of the highest officer in the local garrison is already a school, but this boss just likes to be called by others, because lieutenant and lieutenant have different meanings, but the rank of United Nations peacekeeping force represents a glorious history in life.
Lieutenant, after the dissolution of the peacekeeping force, he also suffered for a while. Therefore, the deputy director of the police headquarters in Somalia was able to hold back the scene in this important boundary of the central area.
Beigang freight and cultural trade are both tourism businesses. They monopolize the source of goods, and gangs in each block are equivalent to tour distributors selling guns and D to people in need. Then the controlled distribution channel in the central area is peacekeeping gangs.
Lieutenant is one of the few "old people" in the local area. He has lived here since he was a child in his forties this year. Fortunately, he later occupied such a fortress-like building in the riots fifteen years ago. He has been a business partner of both sides for many years in terms of freight transportation and cultural trade in Beigang.
As soon as the "lieutenant" built a building in the safest block of the city of Somalia, it was too safe to meet in a safe house, which fully showed how cautious the top leaders of the two criminal gangs are now.

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