Meng Qi nodded and said, "I’m sure I’ll be immortal." After listening to Meng Qi’s promise, Hu Xianer rushed to Du Sheng with tears in her eyes, and Du Sheng saw Hu Xianer, although she was a woman, but her repair was not weaker than her own, and she didn’t dare to be careless and rushed to meet her.

And Meng Qi is Lin Tian confrontation for Hu Xianer Du Sheng to pull the battlefield away. Lin Tiancai suddenly laughed. "I remembered that it turned out to be the little snake. I didn’t expect that you were promoted from the orifices to the later stage of then in less than a hundred years. This kind of cultivation speed is really sighing."
Meng Qi didn’t smile at all, but said coldly, "You can’t think of many things, for example, you will fall here today."
Lin Tianwen seems to have heard the funniest joke in the world and said, "I will fall here? Ha ha ha ha this is the funniest joke I have ever heard! " At the same time, Lin Tian’s face was exposed to anger and then rushed towards Meng Qichong!
Chapter DiErJiuLiu Haoran sword song war really dragon
Chapter DiErJiuLiu Haoran sword song war really dragon
This day Lin is also a master of art, daring to know that Meng Qi is good at hand-to-hand combat, and the demon race still dares to rush forward like this. Meng Qi saw that he rushed to the corner of his mouth and gave me a sneer, and then shipped Jin Lin tactic to meet him.
But Lin Tian is waiting for people. How can they make such a low-level mistake? When he saw that he was not flustered and raised his hand, he was generally shot at Meng Qifei with firm but gentle waves all over the sky.
For this recruit Meng Qi doesn’t already want to know that Meng Qi almost died in this recruit, but in those days, compared with Lin Tian, the power of this recruit was already great and I don’t know how many times.
However, although this awe-inspiring shock wave is severe, Meng Qi’s golden scale tactic is even more important. The second stage of the golden scale tactic is used. Meng Qi has become a humanoid lizard monster. Those awe-inspiring shock waves can leave a small light spot in Meng Qi’s scales when they hit Meng Qi.
Although it hurts, it can’t cause much substantial damage to Meng Qi. Meng Qi almost rushed all the way through the sky and came to Lin Tian, and then swung a hook in Lin Tian’s surprised look.
Just when Meng Qi’s fist was less than a centimeter away from Lin Tianba, a golden shield suddenly appeared in front of Lin Tian. Meng Qi punched the golden shield, but Meng Qi himself was bounced out by the counterattack of the golden shield.
After Meng Qi was ejected, Lin Tianli Ma Meng Qi pulled the distance and looked at Meng Qi and smiled. "I didn’t expect your body to be strong enough to pick me up. In this case, try this trick." Then Meng Qi felt a strong Geng Jin gas.
Meng Qi looked intently at Lin Tianshou, and it turned out that there was a simple sword with a strong Geng Jin spirit. Lin Tian threw the sword in the middle and said, "Urgent!" The flying sword turned out to be moving like a living thing.
Meng Qi was surprised in his heart! Just when Meng Qi was surprised, the sword suddenly crossed a virtual shadow in the middle, that is, it was cut at Meng Qi. In a blink of an eye, Meng Qi’s arm was covered with a wound, and dark red blood was flowing out of Meng Qi’s arm. Jin Lin tactic turned out to be a way to resist the flying sword.
However, Lin Tian was also taken aback after seeing Meng Qi’s wound. Of course, he was not surprised by Meng Qi’s wound that was only a few centimeters long. He was surprised that Meng Qi’s defense was so amazing. His sword was originally intended to unload Meng Qi’s arm, but he did not expect to cause such a small wound.
It was not until then that Lin Tian’s look was serious. He once again commanded the flying sword to attack Meng Qi, and Meng Qi’s fencing in Lin Tianyu turned out to be without any counterattack. Soon it was already scarred.
See Meng Qi in his own hands turned out to be no strike back. Lin Tian was a little surprised. Is this guy just very capable of being beaten? Lin Tian, who was cautious, did not relax.
Sure enough, at this time, Meng Qi suddenly had a white and black light in his hand, and then he hit Lin Tian when Lin Tian attacked again.
Fortunately, Lin Tianzao was ready to see the situation, that is, he immediately took back his sword. At the same time, the golden shield appeared beside Lin Tianzao again and said so much. In fact, it just happened in an instant when Lin Tianzao was ready for Meng Qi’s silence, and it was already in front of him.
But Lin Tian was really fierce. Before the silence was about to hit him, he took his own flying sword and pointed it at the place where the silence would appear. He was stung by this sword for three points, but Lin Tianjian’s Geng Jin Qi also disappeared.
Then silence is to hit the shield of Lin Tianna, the original block of Meng Qili, and the shield is already restored. The fist seal left by the original Meng Qi turned out to be so short that it disappeared.
But at the moment when the silence hit the shield, the defense was quite good. The shield was cracked in an instant, but it did have some extraordinary features. It actually resisted the silence in front of the shield. The black and white light kept flashing, and finally it failed to break the shield defense. However, after the silence was resisted, the shield lost its luster and fell like a stubborn iron. Meng Qi’s silence did not hurt Lin Tian, but it abolished Lin Tian’s shield.
Lin couldn’t help looking at the falling shield for a while, but then he reacted. Meng Qi must not be allowed to display this silence again, otherwise he wouldn’t have a second shield.
Once again, Geng Jin gas was condensed to attach it to his flying sword, and then Lin Tianyun flew the sword, and then he also sang a sword song in his mouth with a mysterious step. "How drunk is a long sword when singing?" Yesterday, like the morning dew, it’s hard to go.
Haohao, I am complacent …
If you have a good time, you should go and muddy me. I also sing a sword! "
Maybe it’s the gesture like a sword, or maybe it’s the mysterious pace, or maybe it’s the majestic sword song, and the power of this flying sword just now is not complete at the same time, but Meng Qi’s left and right flying sword in Lin Tianyi is much more scarred than just now.
However, Meng Qishen’s scars are many, but there is no fatal place. Moreover, during this period, Meng Qi has already exerted his field. Now he has to wait for Lin Tianfei’s sword to approach himself again, and he will envelop the flying sword into his field in one fell swoop.
Sure enough, Lin Tianjian’s song is not over yet. The flying sword is once again coming towards Meng Qi. The flying sword is instantaneous, and Meng Qi instantly inspires the field. The sea blue mask is instantaneous, but the flying sword is shrouded in the mask, which is not very big but two meters square.
Meng Qi immediately rushed towards Lin Tianchong after casting out the field, and Lin Tian suddenly lost his flying sword after his flying sword fell into Meng Qi’s field.
Lin Tian was suddenly in a panic. You know, Lin Tian’s collar was almost in that one handle, Jin Xiao’s flying sword. He lost his flying sword, and his magical powers were different. He hurriedly induced his flying sword.
However, Meng Qi naturally won’t let his wishful force suppress the trembling flying sword in the field, but Lin Tian’s efforts are not less. He has recovered his flying sword, but it still can’t change anything.
Lin Tian saw that Meng Qi was close to himself, and then he bit his teeth and spit out a mouthful of JingXie, and then that JingXie turned into smoke in the wind, and Lin Tianze set foot on that mysterious pace again, and read another sword song in his mouth, "Phoenix leads my sword to break through a thousand clouds, and ten thousand people fall and bang and shake the battlefield, and all the souls come together to gather and collect my green front."
As soon as this sword song came out of Lin Tian’s mouth, the flying sword immediately emitted a radiant light, which shot through Meng Qi’s field, and then the flying sword turned out to be moving and stabbed Meng Qi fiercely, but this time it was aimed at Meng Qi’s heart.
However, in the field of Meng Qi, nature is not so easily stabbed. A surge of strength is to rush the flying sword. However, Meng Qi didn’t expect that the flying sword turned out to be a breakthrough in his own field through this strength. At this time, Meng Qi is still a mile away from Lin Tianshang.
And Lin Tianfei’s sword in his hand suddenly gave birth to great pride. The sword pointed to the sky and then he drank "Haoran sword swings the balance!" After the Jin Xiaojian was drunk in Lin Tian, it was a rush, and then Fang Geng’s gold spirit gathered towards it.
"Haoran Sword hides my heart!" Lin Tianjian’s song didn’t stop. With the appearance of the second sword song, it seems that the Geng Jin gas in the sky is wrapped in a huge flying sword, which seems to be able to split the mountains and break the sea and send out a breath that makes Meng Qi quite afraid.
However, Meng Qi didn’t stop himself. He was approaching Lin Tian quickly. He knew that he must kill this horrible sword tactic before Lin Tian cast it. However, the field display became Meng Qi’s burden. In this case, Meng Qi couldn’t cast shadow evasion, and the speed was limited. Although it was a mile away, it seemed that it was as difficult to cross as a natural barrier.
Lin Tian looked closer and closer to Meng Qi and read the third sword song, "Haoran sword hides all saints!" Tian-jian Lin’s song seems to be manipulating the giant sword. When the sword song comes out, the sword moves with the song to target Meng Qi. This locking Meng Qi is a big event one day and it can’t escape this golden blow.
Now is the time to compete, and then it doesn’t seem to be enough for Meng Qi, and Lin Tian seems to have a little sneer at his mouth and then sang the last sword song, "Haoran Sword is a surprise!"
The giant sword cut to Meng Qiran at an incredible speed, and Meng Qi was only three meters away from Lin Tian at this time, but Meng Qi knew that it was impossible for him to get out of this short three-meter distance in front of the giant sword. He forced the use of the golden scale tactic and then turned it into a dumpling, injecting all the strength in the whole field into his body. Then Meng Qishen’s scales suddenly radiant with a Lei Guang, a Lei Long built by lightning, and roared away at the giant sword.
That Lei Long got away from Meng Qi and immediately changed back to human form. At this time, Lei Long, the giant sword, had already met Lei Long. Although he was constantly roaring and fighting, the mighty power of the giant sword was still cut into two sections. Just as the giant sword solved Lei Long, he was about to cut to Meng Qishi. The sudden tremor of the giant sword department Jin Xiao turned out to be stopped.
Therefore, Jin Xiao’s master’s mouth was already overflowing with a wisp of blood, and there was a huge blood hole in his left chest at this time, and a little bit of blood dripped from the wound, and a large number of invisible spiritual forces escaped from here.
And not far from him, a humanoid African monk has a heart that is still beating. The man who lost his heart has too many things in his eyes looking at the blue sky, but after all, the last look is dim and finally dies.
Chapter DiErJiuQi End

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