Mia nodded and then shook her head and said, "It doesn’t necessarily mean that Mark just shook hands with Scampy!"
Lai Lisi "…"
In the ground!
I washed away a day’s fatigue and walked into the laboratory alone in a white coat piano!
Eyes stay on the operating platform, the instrument conduit is shining in the darkness like a tube of blood of stars!
Blood analysis instrument with lamp operating table
The instrument starts to make a self-test sound!
Jean didn’t tell anyone about Mark’s blood.
After all, it would be ridiculous to say it!
Take ten milliliters of blood from the desktop to your eyes and look at twinkling star’s blood in the glass tube.
Shake it!
At this moment, the morning light shines from the glass tube to every corner of the examination room …
The colored glass shining on the desktop suddenly made Jean feel dazzling!
Warmth is like the first sunshine in the morning!
"This …"
Jean couldn’t help but blink and put the blood tube aside and walked to the side to draw out a pair of rubber gloves!
Touching the pocket piano, I was a little confused and took out a strange pentagram coin from my pocket!
Glancing at the tube of blood that just flashed, I looked at the pentagram coin carefully!
This coin was found when Aurora mowed the lawn that day. Because she saw Mark take it out once, Aurora stuffed it into the piano door.
After all, there was a role-playing in it and it was not suitable for children.
It’s rude to knock at the door!
The third day later, when Qin knocked on the door, he directly stuffed this coin into his pocket.
I forgot to give it to mark, too!
A long time!
"Naive …"
Jean couldn’t help but give me a knowing smile and threw the coin directly to the console.
Bring a mask and disposable gloves to prepare for testing and analyzing Mark’s blood!
When Chin turned around, her beautiful eyes could not help but shrink!
The coin that was thrown to the operating table was the piano’s gaze that hit the blood at the edge of the tube.
Jean was just about to stop when she was slightly stunned!
But found
Whether it’s a glass tube or that strange coin, it seems that she is naturally manipulated by her mind!
"ding!" A pentagram coin gently hit the glass tube containing Mark’s blood!
And then …
The pentagram, coins and glass tubes fell straight from the operating table …
One second!
Chapter 149 pentagram large array
The glass tube containing Mark’s blood drew a beautiful arc and then landed on the silvery white metal floor!
Twinkling star’s blood was scattered from the center of the instantaneous point when the glass tube exploded …
Jean can’t help but frown, remove the mask and disposable gloves, but when looking for a mop, her eyes are attracted by the sudden release of white pentagram coins!
"What the hell?" Jean thought so in her heart!
But when I saw that the floor followed the glass tube and fell on the floor stained with a trace of Mark’s blood, the pentagram coin turned out to be a shape that the piano could not understand, and it seemed to circle again along the blood trace!

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