This little 10% chance is hard to meet when a person is fighting, but when a group of people are fighting, they never know at a moment or when, and this random attack on themselves will trigger a wonderful escape opportunity.

Zuo Tangtang will not give up this possibility, and the miracle will never be determined by 100%. Even if there is a possibility of repelling himself, Zuo Tangtang is willing to try in such a battle.
What’s more, skills are all about understanding their hidden meaning through careful deliberation, so that they can be brought into play more appropriately at a more suitable time.
For example, generally speaking, the meaning of these four words is not a certain protective function for everyone, especially a move of moving flowers palace martial arts can better represent the characteristics of moving flowers palace martial arts.
The trigger condition for repelling the Flower Palace is that the fight is successful, which means that the enemy is attacking in front of him. This situation is probably a very difficult situation for remote occupations, and repelling itself not only protects itself, but also lengthens the distance between the two sides to make the attacking position of the Flower Palace more "comfortable".
These are superficial meanings. Repelling oneself also means that it can interrupt the opponent’s skills!
When the frame move is triggered successfully, it can not only repel itself in the unified judgment, but also interrupt the skill after the opponent loses his goal! No matter how overbearing the skill is, it will become a useless trick when the target is lost. Similarly, even if the opponent casts a group trick, this far-away effect will greatly reduce the attack damage.
At this time, even though there are still two scattered teams, it is not Zuo Tangtang who has to beat her opponent. Even though she is determined to delay her opponent, it is worthwhile to give herself more opportunities to cheat her opponent.
With the plain hand tucked back in the sleeve, the butterfly disappears in the middle frame, and the buff has been added.
Without too much hesitation, Zuo Tangtang did not make Yan Hang, but jumped into the middle and appeared in front of the scattered team.
Seems to be shocked by Zuo Tangtang’s sudden behavior. The scattered team is a little sluggish. Looking at the red name of no gang in front of me, I wonder if it is just a passerby because of the Jianghu model.
I haven’t given them a clear idea whether to "continue to kill the koo" or "let the koo people live" regardless of the willy-nilly, so I took advantage of this moment when I was still some distance from the ground because of wearing clouds, and Zuo Tangtang took advantage of it to take a shot at my side.
Flying flowers and fallen leaves!
Flowers can be folded straight, but they must be folded.
Flowers are fleeting, and it is difficult for a group of fragrant flowers to gently hit the target, which can cause soft damage and wave around the target for five meters!
Instead of wearing a star Dai Yue, I chose a skill that was judged earlier than the charge. Although the damage was not so outstanding, and the wave range was indeed an embarrassing setting for the lack of group recruiting forces like the Flower Palace, Zuo Tangtang did not care whether he would lead a group of mobs like flying flowers at the beginning, and finally he had to carry the damage and clear his fate one by one, so he was generous.
Because an enemy has added the "flying flower" state and settled for three seconds!
What a luxury it is to delay for five seconds!
I didn’t want to take it, but I was caught off guard. Zuo Tangtang didn’t have much regret when he saw that a few people were fixed and most of them were not controlled because of their good fighting quality.
This is a gambling thing.
When you can live to come, you may let her take one more step, then she will be a step of victory.
When you have a certain strength or a strong reliance, it may be called killing chickens and monkeys to single out a group of people. However, when you go alone to teach a group, it is even more contemptuous than kicking the gym.
The situation suddenly changed, and people came straight to Zuo Tangtang without much thought. This single girl came here when they were all radishes or Chinese cabbage. How dare a person go straight ahead and fight so unrestrained? We must "teach" this kind of unknown person a lesson about the consequences of reckless behavior.
In situ slightly paused Zuo Tangtang looked at the front and pounced on the enemy without panic, and then actually smiled with some confidence to be continued.
[374. Three hundred and seventy-five Timing! Beautiful]
Fortunately, the timing is right.
This move can be said to be a typical example of letting the enemy "attack the enemy by 1000". For such a powerful and almost reversible war move, no one does not care whether it is the enemy of the moving palace brother or the moving palace brother, but even so, the moving palace brothers rarely use it.
Because one is not careful, the final tragic death will be oneself.
This is a yellow bully move that cannot be interrupted. It is the attribute it has. Imagine that it is like a wild map in which all kinds of tough boss enemy States generally cause the same amount of damage, and the method is interrupted. This is a kind of bully effect. For those who have such an effect, it is regarded as a powerful successor.
But Zuo Tangtang did not dare to make it easily.
Because it can’t be interrupted, it’s not just the enemy, but also the person who casts the moves
There is a very necessary requirement for this move, that is, the enemy within the range cannot trigger this effect, which means that it is not the move cast but the damage rebound.
If the enemy is watching from a distance of 10 meters at the same time when the skill is instantaneous (there is no move that can attack the distance of 10 meters in ranged damage) or they step into this 10-meter circle but don’t attack.
Then you can be sure that this move is finished.
Not only that! At the moment when the opponent sees through this move and makes a good response, it has already fallen into the biggest fatal point of the caster!
Because it was cancelled by the caster.
The caster can’t move, can’t press the button, can wait anxiously for the move of replacing flowers with jade, and hurry to the past. The original yellow bully body makes people wish for another 1.5 seconds, but at this time it becomes the countdown to the collection of life!
Zuo Tangtang still remembers one time playing the buff piano for everyone in Heifeng Village in Yanjing Tower, only to be discovered by an enemy security guard. At that time, Zuo Tangtang also realized that when he was dragged close by the other side’s iron chain, he would make a big move to harvest his blood. Without much thought, he made a substitute. Unexpectedly, there was no such scene as "The security guard killed himself", but it was very vomiting blood. The security guard was not far away. Quietly looking at her carefree appearance of "you jump first and take your time" made her really angry. Finally, she could watch herself walk in the future after a dance with sad eyes, and was taken away directly by the target Royal Guards who had already locked it.
The experience was disgusting, and since then, she has regarded replacing flowers with jade as a waste.
When the eagle goes hunting prey, it is also waiting for the best ambush in a hidden place. Sometimes, when it is released, the caster can look at the hunter in tears and wait for it. After five seconds, it enters various "dog cruelty" States.
give one’s enemy a wife and lose one’s soldiers as well—pay a double penalty
It’s probably good to say this situation.
Therefore, Zuo Tangtang fully realized that timing is the most important point of this move after experiencing so many "anti-profit" battlefields that make people feel uncomfortable.
Good words are the key to winning.
If it is not good, it is to send yourself into the enemy’s mouth!
And this time …

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