A listen to this sound XiFangPing knew it was Jin Guangding’s so-called big elder Chen Linxin coming.

He replied lazily, "It was during Chen Daoyou’s visit that he was ordered to buy herbs or return Lingshi? Please also ask Chen Daoyou to know that he won’t sell the goods to Jin Guangding and Tianlingpai until he returns 20 million pieces of Lingshi. "
Words just say that finish Chen Linxin had already flew to the front, he carefully looked at a one-horned bull’s face rode by Xi Fangping, and it took a long time for him to bow his hand toward Xi Fangping and say, "Xi Daoyou is here because of this."
This elder even claimed to be in Xi Fangping’s heart. It’s definitely not a good thing to be courted. It’s because Xi Fangping’s roots don’t care if the soldiers come to block the way. With so many celestial beasts in hand, he is not afraid of Xi Fangping unless the celestial spirits send horns to send masters. "So Chen Daoyou is a guest who walks in the door. Our firm hopes that all monks will make friends."
Chen Linxin’s eyes couldn’t help turning when he entered the net. He felt a kind of gloomy breath, which made him quite uncomfortable, but he didn’t see it at the back of the house for the time being. He knew from the gods that there was a strange magic weapon in the back of the house. Chen Linxin’s head turned a few times. He saw that there were lingqi and bags piled up everywhere around the house. Chen Linxin’s face was a little unnatural. These bags and lingqi were naturally sent to the store by their golden roofs. It was really good to capture this battle.
Accompanied by Xi Fangping, Chen Linxin walked into the house. As soon as he was fascinated by all kinds of exotic flowers and herbs on the shelves, he learned a lot. His horse realized that the quality of Lingcao here was much better than that of golden light. Especially, the two dew and red essence were far from golden light. The same Lingcao was enough to make the Godsworn take a big step forward. The containers were also filled with Jiedan Godsworn, making the magic weapon surface marked with the price. These magic weapons were obviously left by the Godsworn last night. The big boss really knew how to do business.
Slip away Dan medicine bottle attracted Chen Linxin’s attention. Chen Linxin hit a bottle filled with Jin Jingdan and put it in his nose. He smelled a strong medicinal gas and rushed to his nose. Chen Linxin’s face suddenly changed.
It took Chen Linxin a long time to refill the bottle and said with a wry smile, "Feixianmen suddenly appeared more than 100 Yuan infant monks in one year, and we have been trying to figure out what they are doing. Now I understand that this is all due to Xi Daoyou."
Xi Fangping ha ha smiled. "The efficacy of Dan medicine is really reasonable. Feixianmen also ordered a large number of Dan medicine and some spiritual devices. Are there any monks who suddenly increased in their infancy? I don’t know if Chen Daoyou likes these drugs, but he can sell them to Chen Daoyou now. He is a businessman and doesn’t care who buys them."
Chen Linxin looked up with joy and asked softly, "How many lingshi does Xi Daoyou have?"
Xi Fangping bragged wildly, "It’s only 50,000 pieces of Lingshi if it’s not expensive. Chen Daoyou, think about it. It’s at least 40% more likely that a monk at the end of Dan will live in the advanced period of Yuanshi after Jin Jingdan. That is to say, two Dan medicine bases can be exchanged for a Yuanshi monk. This is a good deal. You don’t suffer at all. I’m sure that all sects will be crying and shouting to place an order. Because there is quite a discount in Xiji Business, one Lingshi is only 50,000 pieces.
"A hundred thousand lingshi?" Chen Linxin took a deep breath. This price is too expensive, but if you really want to count it up, 200,000 pieces of Lingshi will be replaced by a Yuan infant monk. You won’t suffer, will you
Chen Linxin’s footsteps across the room stopped before him, and there appeared a pole with a height of three zhangs and a heavy flag. It was the breath that he felt as soon as he entered the door, which made him very uncomfortable. Chen Linxin’s face changed and asked, "What is this?
Xi Fangping said haha, "This is a magic weapon specially designed to protect the Xi Ji firm. Your attack last night did not pose a substantial threat to us, and this magic weapon has not moved."
Chen Linxin’s face changed. Judging from the breath, this magic weapon must be quite powerful. It is estimated that it should be the most powerful magic weapon in Xi Fangping’s hands. But this magic weapon did not move. Last night, more than 200,000 troops attacked him, which actually threatened this guy’s real strength. How strong is it?
Xi Fangping politely invited Chen Linxin into the room to entertain guests. He took out a silver tip from the bag and handed it to a cup. He said, "Chen Daoyou is located in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing good to entertain a cup of green tea. Please forgive me."
Chen Linxin hesitated for a while before he took the tea and gulped it down. The entrance of the green tea smelled fragrant. Chen Linxin couldn’t help but call him up. Although he was a great elder, such good tea was really not drinkable at ordinary times.
Xi Fangping also took a sip of tea and said lazily, "Chen Daoyou said this trip was to solve the problem. What happened? Chen Daoyou brought 20 million pieces of lingshi?"
Chen Linxin nodded and said simply, "Yes, we have brought the Lingshi. Because of our recklessness, the Xiji firm suffered heavy losses, so both of us feel guilty and specially filled up the Lingshi to bring it here, and also asked the friends to accept it and forgive us for last night’s trip.
XiFangPing ha ha laughs "it’s just a misunderstanding. Now it’s a businessman who wants LingShi to discuss everything."
Chen Linxin’s face showed Nai Xiao and took out two thousand Lingshi from the bag and put them on the table in front of Chen Linxin. Xi Fangping actually checked the fineness of those Lingshi piece by piece and counted them several times until he was sure that the quantity was right. He laughed. "Chen Daoyou also asked me to forgive the store for selling as many as tens of millions of Lingshi pieces a month. It’s a bit big. Don’t blame it on being careful."
Chen Linxin nai nodded. It is natural to be careful. From then on, you and I will forget all our grievances.
Xi Fangping nodded and said, "Let’s write it off."
Chen Linxin’s face smiled. "Then can I return the seized goods to us?"
Surprisingly, Xi Fangping and his party shook their heads again and again. "This can’t be done. This is what we seized from robbers. According to the truth, we should sail. If you want, you can also take the Lingshi back to the tip. After careful calculation, it’s not expensive. It’s estimated that it’s about 450 million pieces of Lingshi. You should be able to get this little money with deep pockets."
Chen Linxin’s nose is almost out of breath. For a long time, Xi Fangping’s roots won’t go together. 450 million pieces of lingshi may be small money for him, but it’s definitely a lot of money for Jin Guangding. Although Jin Guangding is more than twice as big as Feixianmen, it’s not bad to have 300 million pieces of lingshi left in one year, which is equivalent to two months’ support for a million monks in Jin Guangding.
For a while, Chen Linxin’s face returned to normal, and he said in an extremely gentle tone, "Those things of Xi Daoyou have been accumulated by Jin Guangding for so many years. Even if they are broken at ordinary times, they have to be seriously repaired. Once again, Daoyou took away 100,000 pieces, which is too great for us. Please ask Daoyouen to return them to us." "100,000 pieces?" Xi Fangping opened his eyes wide. "No, I got 30,000 pieces. If it’s 100,000 pieces, don’t even think about changing it if you don’t bring 150 million pieces of lingshi."
Xi Fangping certainly knows that the real number is 100,000 pieces, but most of them stay in the jungle and have to wait until sometimes to find them slowly.
Chen Linxin facial expression, a change for a while, just said naively, "I really don’t want to return things to us?
Xifangping shook his head. "No, no, no,no. I want to exchange LingShi."
Chen Linxin’s network wanted to, but tried to hold back. Not only that, but his face even hung up with a smile. "That’s the case. Then we slowly went back to gather together Lingshi and got a friend. You just said that if you come here to buy things, you will receive them, no matter which sect. So we Jin Guangding need some detoxification herbs now. Can you sell them to us?
XiFangPing ha ha laugh "business door there is not selling truth? I wonder what kind of detoxification materials your school needs? "
Chen Linxin said slowly, almost gnashing his teeth, "Is that the poison that Xi Daoyou painted on the arrows?"
Xi Fangping has long been psychologically prepared for this. "Yes, no problem. I have a lot of this poison antidote."
As far as I know, I was directly hit by an arrow. If the antidote takes a few minutes from time to time, I will die immediately. Even if I was shot in the arm or leg and decided to cut off the poisoned part immediately, I can last for two hours. Now it’s been five or six hours. Even if you buy the antidote back, it’s okay. Do you want to attack our Xiji firm again with the antidote? "
Chen Linxin hurriedly waved his hand and explained, "Don’t bother to ask Xi Daoyou to send hundreds of monks to break their hands and feet and make their own Dan medicine. This barely saved a life temporarily, but judging from their situation, it is estimated that it won’t last for a few days. Please ask Xi Daoyou to sell us the antidote."
Xi Fangping suddenly realized, "So the dog is not so good. When the owner is injured, you have to run around looking for a prescription. Okay, I don’t want to make it difficult for you. I can sell you 500 copies of the antidote, but this thing is a bit expensive."
What a fart! This arrow was painted with poison from the production surface of Feijianmen, and it was produced by Baihushan to prevent accidental injury. This antidote will naturally be prepared. Only when the magic star was destroyed, it was quite cheap. When the white tiger sold it to itself, one of them was a big sale. I thought that this arrow might make it impossible on a large scale, and I could get some more lingshi. Therefore, Xi Fangping ordered 100,000 pieces to make the white tiger work, and people were so happy.
Chen Linxin said with a pair of ready-to-be-slaughtered samples, "How much do you want to pay for one?"
Xi Fangping’s face is like a weasel laughing when he sees a little hen. "Not too much, not too much, just a small number for the heavenly spirit pie, a 10 thousand stone."
"Ten thousand dollars?" Chen Linxin got up as soon as he got up. "Isn’t Daoyou a bit arrogant?"
"How is the lion’s mouth? Xi Fangping said unjustly, "Dan medicine is mixed with a lot of Millennium herbs. Only in this way can I solve the high toxicity. I asked for ten thousand pieces of Lingshi, which is quite worthy of Chen Daoyou."
That’s true. Xi Fangping thought about asking for 50,000 yuan, but then he thought about it. If the price is this, it’s certain that the Tianling Sect would rather watch those people die than give him the Lingshi. That’s 25 million Lingshi. Even if it’s as rich as Tianling Sect, it will hurt. Besides, Tianling Sect is less Lingshi than brother. It is estimated that the bid of 10,000 yuan should be within the psychological tolerance of Tianling Sect.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Army
Foam in the new a sullen for a while "ZhongCai sat down again to grind duh delete Beijing road" line ten thousand pieces is ten thousand pieces "
Say that finish took out five hundred pieces of lingshi from the bag and put it on the table. After several times, I took out twenty-five jade bottles from the bag and handed them to Chen Linxin Chen Linxin. I learned to order them carefully. After making sure that they did contain five hundred antidotes, I got up and left. When I left, Chen Linxin took a deep look at Xifangping as if to impress this profiteer deeply in my mind.

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