At noon, everyone in the field had their magical powers, and the Hua Zhen trip was done. He nodded with satisfaction, "This is a good retreat in Yangyuan Valley."

Wang Fengshou "is also a place to build a group!"
About Gao Le, "Do you want to clear up the repairs or engage in group building?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "has true meaning in both movement and movement"
Mann Mann "in the future, we can rearrange the trapped array and let outsiders break into it."
In the afternoon, everyone set up a group to build or pick, or carry vegetables and make a fire, and also held a body-service BBQ reception, which felt like giving credit to this "abode of fairies and immortals" project.
Yogaole didn’t start with it, but he also had artifacts and brought a lot of wine with him. Some of them were produced in Luoba, which was very expensive, and they tasted good. There are also all kinds of delicious sauces, faint scents and strong scents from the East. Besides white and red, of course, there are also beers, including all kinds of fine wines.
Guang sighed with emotion, "It would be better if there were old spring yellow!" About Gao Le incredibly cold face pretended not to hear.
Tuanjian has been working until after midnight, when the three old people left first, but others didn’t leave. They all found a place to rest here … The next morning, but there was no movement from Shi Shuangcheng.
Many people have taken a week off to stay in the valley, and when they see it, it’s almost over. Shi Shuangcheng hasn’t broken out yet. They haven’t left since last night. They just want to stay here and wait for Shi Shuangcheng to come out, but this kind of thing can’t be urged to practice, so they pay attention to being natural.
At about eleven o’clock in the afternoon, suddenly there was a high calling on everyone to listen to Shi Shuangcheng and shouted, "Hua Zhen, where are you?" Come out, I want to fight you! "
Chapter 27, seize the slimming
In ancient and modern times, there has never been a shortage of watching the excitement. Adults Shi Shuangcheng should listen to the argument. She should have responded to the Little Square in the middle of the teaching area before Hua Zhenxing. When everyone shouted, they ran over and asked, "She wants to fight with you. Do you fight with her?"
For the trip to Hua Zhen, "Let’s go and have a look first. It’s okay to have a contest."
Hua Zhen-hang’s heart is pure intention. Everyone just didn’t hide his tracks. The pivot of her bridge should be able to see clearly the movement in the valley. There is no need to ask him where he knows that everyone is waiting for her to run to Little Square and shout that just to make movement.
When Hua Zhenxing arrived, even three old people were present, and someone moved chairs and benches. As soon as he saw him, Shi Shuangcheng strode closer and said, "Are you Hua Zhen?"
Guangbian urged, "Little Martial Uncle, we are visiting here this time. We must not make trouble unreasonably."
Shi Shuangcheng motioning with his hand, "you just make fun of it! I also admitted that I was punished for trespassing on the trapped array for five days, and I also helped them build a clean-up cave house. But isn’t it normal for monks to learn from each other and learn from each other? "
Guang "That’s only if the owner’s family is happy, otherwise it will become a provocation."
Shi Shuangcheng "Are you happy about the trip to Hua Zhen?"
Hua Zhen smiled. "Thank you for coming all the way to Yangyuan Valley with Guangdao Chang Wan Li. You should have a good reception and be punished. You don’t have to do it again. If you want to try your hand, we will be happy to accompany you. Did you say that you want to fight one-on-one with me or with us?"
Hua Zhen-xing never brags about throwing grenades when a man is brave enough to throw grenades, machine guns when he can, and artillery when he can’t. It’s best to move troops in the face of masters. This is a summary of life experience in a cruel environment
So if anyone comes to fight with him, he doesn’t mind putting everyone around him together and beating each other up
He has never heard of the so-called Jianghu rules. Three old people taught him the truth from childhood, and they all focused on whether to start work or how to start work, but they didn’t specifically say whether the gun was a gun or a cannon.
A listen to this, Mann Mann stood side by side in Hua Zhen in the previous step, and several of him also went to Hua Zhen’s side. Shi Shuangcheng was dazed and then smiled. "It’s just a fellow player who plays against the enemy!" I’ve heard from my elders that you’re just about to try your hand at the beginning of your five realms, so I’ll single you out! "
Hua Zhenxing nodded, "Since your distinguished guest has just broken his mind and tried to prove the means of repair, I am also willing to cooperate."
Shi Shuangcheng: "Well, we won’t fight with magic weapons and symbols, or we will bully you."
Yang Lao-tou has found a chair, sat on both legs, and shook his head with a teapot in one hand. "It’s not right!" "
Shi Shuangcheng "What’s wrong with the predecessors?"
Yang Lao-tou: "Godsworn means a lot in magic weapons, just like a soldier’s sword."
Ke Mengchao "but it is too dangerous to let Xiaohua move his gun."
Mo Shang Tong "even if you don’t move the magic weapon and the ofuda, they can’t put it away freely."
Yang Tehong "What do you say?"
Ink Shang Tong "simply don’t avatar technique to compete with their own mana realm, each holding a weapon to fight."
Ke Mengchao "isn’t it a fight after talking for a long time?"
Shi Shuangcheng interjected, "How do you say how to fight?"
Yang Tehong "Give a stick to each person!" While talking, I waved and two long sticks roared with beer, each of which was more than four meters long and sharpened at the top, and the body of the stick was the thickness of a soil egg.
Ke Mengchao frowned and said, "Can ordinary wooden sticks withstand the strength of the five monks?"
Ink Shang Tong stretched out his hand and took the long stick in the past. "I’ll check it out." The right-hand man and the left-hand man each held one. After a long time, he finally nodded, "No problem is not overwhelming."
Wide some anxious to move forward two steps, "this stick can also hurt people and I’m afraid it can’t be controlled well."
Yang Tehong "even if there are us, we are not afraid of who will hurt who."
Shi Shuangcheng shook his head and said, "If you can’t do it, you have to put your hands on it. You can’t intervene, otherwise who will win or lose?"
Yang Tehong asked with a smile, "Do you have any better ideas?"
Shi Shuangcheng took out a handful of ofuda, saying, "This is Lu Wu’s Fure, which can last up to a quarter of an hour if it is endowed with divine power, and it can take effect for half an hour if it is protected."
Yang Lao tou went out cross-legged from the chair with a whoosh. Shi Shuangcheng spent the moment and found that Yang Lao tou had sat back and was holding the ofuda. I don’t know how he took it.
Yang Tehong eyes flashing way "Lu Wu rune this good thing you have so much? Girl, you are an inexperience. Don’t take it out like this. If the other party has a master, you won’t have a chance. "
About Gao Le also said, "The real enemy is not trying to kill you for the first time. No matter how powerful the operator is, there is no place for you. You must be careful not to have fear from the baby."
Hua Zhenxing saw that Yang Lao-tou was trying to scare her. Otherwise, would the usurper fly out himself? That’s it. Add some special effects to make Shi Shuangcheng more impressed.
Shi Shuangcheng came to his senses and said, "I didn’t take precautions because everyone is not an enemy but a fellow scholar. Those are either Lu Wu charms or Lu Wu charms, but they are enough for self-defense. The patriarch gave me ten pieces."
Yang Tehong: "I’ve heard that he is very generous in being happy all day!"
It is said that on the first day of learning, the teacher called him "Tiantianle". Later, everyone called him "Tiantianle", and even he himself recognized the name.
"Since it is to send you, you should be able to" Yang Laotou threw ten Lu Wu operators back to Shi Shuangcheng Ink Shang Tong and threw a stick by himself.
Shi Shuangcheng took a picture of his shoulder, and then she went to Hua Zhen for a trip. She also took a picture of Hua Zhen’s shoulder, feeling that form and spirit were wrapped in a protective force, but it didn’t hinder his action at all.
Lu Wu’s charm is divine power blessing and great power protection at the same time, which is like instantly turning into a powerful demon practice. It can last for up to a quarter of an hour, but there is another way that it can only protect itself for up to half an hour.
The two sides agreed not to move his unique magical power secret method, nor to move the magic weapon. Even if each party holds a stick to compete for repairs, it is not allowed to destroy the square stone floor tiles. Whoever is beaten out of Little Square will lose.
When the preparations were finished, everyone retreated to the stone-paved Little Square and Shi Shuangcheng asked, "Who will be the referee?"
Yang Tehong pointed to Guangdao. "If he comes with you, let him arbitrate, so that you suspect that we are partial."
Shi Shuangcheng "Guang, you can’t blow the black whistle"
I don’t know if Hua Zhenxing’s hand shook and blew the black whistle, but the three old men have been blowing the black whistle secretly. This stick is not a magic weapon, but after the sacrifice, it can withstand the monk’s magic power, which is that he usually feels the most comfortable and the length and toughness are just right.
"You’re the guest, you start first."
"Then I’m welcome!"
Shi Shuangcheng rushed forward with a stick, and when she walked in Hua Zhen with a stick, she knew that when she met this weapon at home, it was more like a long stick than a pike. It was not easy to grasp the center of gravity of such a pike, so it was necessary to avoid chopping and sweeping the enemy.

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