In the castle of Mundus, the solitary man is born with five hearts, and when the magic flag is used to protect his mind every day, he gradually falls into meditation, and slowly the solitary man is born with a stronger mind and escapes into the virtual …

"There you are!" The original monty in Wan Jian purple thunder large array cross legs and sit way
I was born alone, looking around, and I saw the monty who was high in the original. I couldn’t help wondering, "Why am I here again?"
"Ha ha … you ask ridiculous!" The original monty laughed and shook himself. He was born with a desire to vomit blood and listened to the original monty. "Of course I got you!" "
Lonely born to listen to laughter and stop, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I have made great progress in my mana, but I never thought that the gap between the original monty is so huge. The gap between the refined heart and the refined body is like heaven and earth! However, I was born alone with a little mind. The original monty brought him here to help him. He wouldn’t have anything to do with the original monty. I thought of it here and asked, "Didn’t you say that your monty skill is the most stable practice method?"
"nonsense!" The original monty shouted coldly, "I haven’t heard that this method can go wrong in the trillions of universes. Are you the first one to say whether you are a genius or an idiot?"
Lonely born also don’t worry reckon with "I also write in accordance with your family monty flag practice step by step how can go wrong? It’s not … your family wrote it wrong? "
"Hum!" The original monty cold hum a ignore solitary born this chat guess said to himself, "I said once you listen up! You’ve never been in the heart-refining stage before, but the result is predictable. Without the body-refining, the strong body roots can’t control the heart … Now that you have reached this point, there is a way to see through worldly desires in a short time! Otherwise … you will die! "
"So serious?" Lonely born surprised way "I’m the most back to prototype from the practice! Isn’t that what the old gentleman is like? "
"Shit!" The original monty scold a way "I said can you spirit point? Tailaojun, what is it? Can you compare with my magic? "
Lonely born suddenly proudly said, "even if there is a little chance, I can’t die!" Tell me, how long is this short time? "
The original monty leng one immediately laughed "good indeed as expected is to fix the magic day longitudinal wizards! But there is no talent. If you can’t make great achievements in the Millennium, then die! "
"Wow ha ha ….." Lonely born hearing this satisfiedly laugh out of breath, "you … you are really humorous! Millennium? This is called short time? Wahaha … "
The original monty if it weren’t for Wan Jian purple thunder large array really want to … Really want to … Phase monty …
"Laugh a fart!" The original monty drank a lot of shock and was born with qi and blood churning. Wow, one mouthful blood gushed out!
"Depend! Murder you? " Lonely naturally knows that the original monty is not harmful to him, otherwise he is already past his wits, but at least he is also a protagonist. It will be a big drop if he is shocked to vomit blood by a dead walk-on!
The original monty gave a solitary natural look and said, "Are you a long time in one thousand? You have to know that since my master Xiang Monty reached the highest level of Monty Kung Fu 100 million years ago, no one can refine Monty Kung Fu into a great level! "
Lonely natural heart in a surprised immediately laughed "I am a genius! Natural people are different! "
"Ha ha ….." The original monty seems to have heard the most ridiculous thing in the world. Half of his body is thicker than a solitary waist. The original monty laughs loudly!
"What are you laughing at?" Lonely born this time, I am ready to make a virtual problem without being harassed by the old abnormal sound waves of the original monty!
The original monty heard the words and said with a smile, "I know that you are outstanding in the theory of talent in today’s three realms, but have you ever thought about it?" How many years are hundreds of millions of universes? I’m afraid this is like a character like you, and no one will reach the high level of my magic system if you calculate by trillion? " Looking at the lonely and natural meditation, the original monty added, "If I don’t boast that I’m not talented, you’ve been stuck in the magic road for more than a billion years!"
"We practice magic, and they practice Buddhism and monasticism, not to mention the theory of light, holiness and Taoism. In the final stage, magic works are all about cultivating the mind, but do you know that it is easy to cut off everything by natural invitation but difficult to see through it! Especially life, death and love are the most sad. I haven’t seen the doorway yet! "
"Your master didn’t practice magic skills, but he found another way. It’s not magic, Taoism or Buddhism, but after all, it’s a side door!" This is "people are more popular than people!" I’m afraid bodhi old zu is just a little baby in the eyes of the original monty!
Lonely natural meditation for a moment, his eyes suddenly fell off and bowed down and said, "Please also ask your grandmaster to point the way!"
"Let it be!" The original monty sighed, "I’ll show you a way, but it depends on your luck!" Remember that man is the root of all souls! "
"Thank you grandmaster!" Lonely born busy befriend way
The original monty doesn’t seem to eat that set of slightly closed eyes and low red tone. "A word’ body test method breaks and then stands’!" Say that finish eye closure silent fingers gently flick solitary naturally feel a huge force to push yourself suddenly got a fright!
Lonely born with a tingle, I opened my eyes from my sleep and saw that I was still pinching my fingers in Fort Mundus. This time, I didn’t spend much time thinking about the last word of the original monty, "Try to break and stand!"
"Shit!" Lonely born up to scold a way "old things all his mama play this one clear point can die! Fortunately, my understanding ability is strong enough! " Then positive color way "people? Anyway, it’s better to go for a walk if you have nothing to do! But before that … we have to watch the monkey joke! " Thinking of being born alone outside Fort Mundus!
Out of the door, pack up Mundus Castle, and naturally see Sun Wu and Xiangu and other women waiting outside the door with a face of worry. Suddenly, my heart warms up and I think of the word "original monty" and I can’t help laughing. "What are you doing? Second brother, are you tired? It’s important to have a quick rest! "
"Shit!" Sun Wu scared a dozen people in a row and scolded them, "What the fuck are you up to?"
Lonely born also don’t get angry before holding the fairy hand and saying, "Xianer, you are so beautiful!" " Then he took the waist and said, "You have suffered!"
"Brother Sheng … whoops …" The nun 1 suddenly cried, "Brother Sheng is our fault, but we serve him. You are not good, so don’t be angry …" Praise was even more scared and kneeling on the ground. "Don’t … Don’t …"
Lonely born looking around in the heart that call a depressed very not easy to be a good man, but no one believes it reminds him of a story about the Wolf finally break scold a way "shut the fuck up! What’s the matter with a woman’s house? Get your ass back! And you, you dead monkey. Are you free? There are so many things in the mountains that I’m the boss to do. Do what you have to do! "
Solitary born this phone scold all this just rest assured to nun 1 a few girls around solitary born a few words provoked solitary born beast fire solitary born to Mundus fort again show pull nun 1 a few girls into one of the spring is really insufficient for humanity!
Chapter 35 Lonely born hidden weapons trounced Sun Wu!
In front of the beast Teng peak in Huaguoshan, the demon soldiers in Huaguoshan were training, but they saw the banners flying all over the sky and shaking the sky! On the left, the sword army array dances with a heavy shadow, and on the right, the pike camp shakes its guns and flowers bloom! Ten kinds of weapons are flying in the field, wolves, insects, tigers and leopards, ghosts and shadows, and they are murderous. If there are people who know how to fight, they will be surprised that there is such a master. It is really unimaginable!
At the peak of the Beast Tengyun, a man saw this man wearing a dragon’s tendon and a phoenix’s bone swallowing clouds, sticking his head in two hundred birds, his golden rooster’s feather feet, his lion’s beast’s stepping boots on the moon, lining them tightly and tying them lightly, and a red cloak embroidered on the back with the word "Fighting Great Sage" in the Dragon Tengyun, and a golden hoop with a length of more than ten feet in his right hand! It’s a golden awn and a fragrant cloud on the edge of ShaQi! Isn’t that Monkey King Sun Wu a human being?

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