Xuzhu didn’t expect Li Qiushui to be so weak now.

Li Qiushui lost his true spirit. Where is the virtual bamboo opponent? Even if the virtual bamboo is not true to the little qi, it is not something that Li Qiushui can resist.
"Uncle grandma, you are all like this now. I beg you not to fight. Let bygones be bygones." Xu Zhu was distressed.
Xu Zhu really can’t understand why they are so crazy when they are both hurt like this.
Li Qiushui fainted and Xu Zhu worried, "How are you, Uncle?"
Tian Shan Tong Lao said, "Xu Zhu, don’t worry about that bitch. She practiced family boxing and didn’t die so easily."
At this time, more than a dozen women arrived. They knelt in horror at Tianshan Tongmu and said, "Please ask your Lord to punish the handmaiden for coming late."
Tian Shan Tong Mu sneered with a murderous look on his face. "Do you know that you are late? Damn it, but seeing that you are travel-stained and want to find your Lord, you have suffered a lot these days, so I will spare you for the time being today. "
"This is Xu Zhu," said Tian Shan Tong Mu, pointing to Xu Zhu. "After him, I will be the Lord of Tianshan Lingjiu Palace. You have to listen to his orders. After Xu Zhu, you will be the Lord of Lingjiu Palace. You can kill or cut these handmaiden."
Virtual bamboo surprised way "? How can I be the Lord of Lingjiu Palace? No,no. "
Virtual bamboo hurriedly shook his head.
"Grandma, I’m dying. Do you want me to die unsatisfied?"
Xu Zhunai can promise "that … all right"
"Don’t you meet the new Lord yet?" asked the grandmother of Tianshan, waiting for her to kneel on the ground.
"Visit the Lord"
Xu Zhu hurriedly said, "Ah … You get up first."
Xu Zhu felt a pang in his heart. "How can I explain to the master and abbot after returning to Shaolin Temple? I am the younger brother of Shaolin and now I am the Lord of Lingjiu Palace. What can I do?"
Chapter 66 Hatred against blowing in the wind
"Xu Zhu" Tian Shan Tong Mu said, "Didn’t you say that my younger brother gave you a painting? Let grandma see. "
Xu Zhu nodded, "Well, give it to grandma."
Xuzhu took out the portrait.
Tian Shan Tong Mu made a portrait and saw the face of the person in the painting become crazy and said, "I didn’t think that your lover was really a bitch like Li Qiushui. I’m not reconciled!"
Tianshan’s grandmother is in tears. Compared with the persistence and persistence of a generation, it is a joke in the end. How can she stand it?
Xu Zhu hurriedly said, "Grandma, don’t get excited. You are seriously injured now."
"Huh?" Tian Shan Tong Mu suddenly became stupefied. She found a tiny mole on the female face in the painting and immediately knew who the person in the painting was.
"Ha-ha, I know. I know who the younger brother likes. Li Qiushui, you bitch didn’t get what she wanted." Tian Shan Tong Lao laughed. "Ha-ha, it’s not her, it’s not her!"
Tian Shan Tong Mu put a portrait and looked at lying in the distance. I don’t know life and death. Li Qiushui said lightly, "School sister, we didn’t even know who the younger brother likes, but we fought for a generation …"
At this time, there is no resentment in the heart of Tianshan Tongmu, and there is no love for the cliff. The heart seems to be a spirit.
Tian Shan Tong Mu slowly closed his eyes and stopped breathing.
Xu Zhu looked at Tian Shan Tong Mu with a calm face and knew that she had put all grievances behind her.
"Grandma" Xu Zhu was sad to see the death of Tian Shan’s grandmother.
"Dear Lord!" Those female brothers in Lingjiu Palace are crying.
"Ahem …"
At this time, Li Qiushui actually woke up
"Hey!" A female brother of Lingjiu Palace drew a sword and stabbed Li Qiushui.
"You old hag actually killed our Lord. I want you to pay for it!"
"ah!" Xu Zhu was shocked, and a finger shot broke the female brother’s sword.
This time, the virtual bamboo display is not the northern ghost magic, but Li Qiushui’s small phase work has absorbed the small phase work, and the virtual bamboo already knows the small phase work luck practice.
"Stop it" Xuzhu Avenue "Dear patroness, although Shi Shu and Grandma are enemies of life and death, Tong Mu’s old man’s house has put all grievances before her death, so don’t be difficult for Shi Shu"
Although the female brothers in Lingjiu Palace are unwilling, Xu Zhu is now their new Lord, and he can’t help but listen.
"Yes, Lord!"
Li Qiushui glanced at those female brothers lightly, and she didn’t look at them at all.
"Young monk, you bring me that picture scroll." Li Qiushui is also very curious about who the person in this picture is, which will make Tianshan Tongmu excited to death.
"Good Uncle" Xu Zhu took the picture scroll to Li Qiushui’s hand.
Li Qiushui’s black hair has turned into snow white now, but she still hasn’t changed. She hasn’t lost her true qi and become older than Tian Shan’s grandmother.
Li Qiushui looked at the portrait and tears rolled like broken beads.
"Haha, the person that Brother likes is actually my sister. I should have thought of it long ago." Li Qiushui now knows that the person that Brother likes is his own sister.
"Little monk" Li Qiushui said to Xuzhu, "Martial Uncle, I’m tired. Now I’m seriously injured. Please take me back to Wang Jiacun. I don’t want to go back to Xixia Palace."
Li Qiushui’s practicing boxing is full of vitality, and he didn’t die like Tian Shan’s child’s grandmother. He just lost his true qi energy and was seriously injured.
"Ah," Xu Zhu was surprised. "Well, I’ll listen to Uncle Shi, but now grandma’s old man has passed away. I want to take care of her affairs first and then send Uncle Shi to Jiangnan. What do you think?"
Li Qiushui nodded. "Well, that’s all right."
Xuzhu asked her younger brother to bring firewood to cremate Tianshan children’s grandmother.
Li Qiushui looked at Tianshan Tongmu slowly disappearing, and some of them were blocked in the center of the fire.
"The teacher elder sister …"
Xu Zhu, holding the ashes of Tian Shan’s children’s grandmother, took Li Qiushui and Lingjiu Palace’s female brothers to Tianshan Mountain.
Wang Yue of Shaolin Temple has been in Shaolin Temple for three months.

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