underground palace—coffin chamber of an emperor’s tomb

A supervisor-like guy with a long whip and barbs in his hand waved it from time to time and dug his head in a deep pit. Digging in a deep pit is not an ordinary person, but an unusually large person with very hard muscles but a little dull.
These are cannon fodder, biochemical people, inferno, and many models of biochemical people have a very good market. Nearly one-fifth of the missing people are refined into biochemical people by inferno every year. They say that ordinary people are also very lucky to become strong biochemical people!
On the other hand, compared with ordinary people, they are very powerful, but they are vulnerable to real experts.
Looking at the deep pit, people are constantly digging, and the supervisor is always reminiscent somehow …
Chapter 30 Underground War
Boom A loud noise interrupted the leader’s paranoia. He dug into the deepest part of the place nearly five meters and suddenly collapsed. At the top, a dozen people slipped into the deep pit without dodging, and then they lost their interest. Suddenly, the black hole was exposed like a monster with a big mouth.
"Afraid of what! Give me a rush! " The guy with the whip growled at the mound. It may be that he was too arrogant or that his place was too obvious. Suddenly, several crossbows were shot out from the deep pit. More than a dozen people recently fell to the ground with arrows, and this guy with the whip won the lottery. At most, one person fully inserted the five or six straight crossbows and was shot immediately without sound and rolled the slope.
Although the biochemical people are slow-moving and mentally retarded, the basic reaction is still critical. These biochemical people have retreated and hid behind the mound.
However, when everyone was hiding, the hideous man strode to the high slope and looked at the dark hole with contempt.
Snoop …
Once again, a few bolts were shot, and the target was as fast as a gust of wind. The leader sneered at the two big hands and shot them in front of him with a wave of his hand. The bolt department was brushed aside as if the dust in the air, and then the man jumped up and swooped into the pit, followed by a violent metal attack and then silence …
A few seconds later, a figure jumped out of the hole where the leader was still unhurt except for some damage to his clothes.
I swept away the dust and proudly looked around at the people around me. "The inside machine has been destroyed by our department and there is no danger. Now the first team is attacking."
"Yes!" A more advanced-looking cyborg responded immediately and then rushed in with dozens of various types of cyborgs with the most advanced weapons. The leader smiled coldly and his eyes were full of resentment …
The underground palace is very large, with tens of thousands of square meters and nearly a hundred rooms. The passage is winding, not to mention there is an ambush inside. Even if there is no ambush, the general passage is just a huge maze.
Face, of course, will not just send a group of biochemical people in, in addition to leaving a group of biochemical people outside the alert, even the leaders, a total of five brigades, more than 200 people rushed into the underground palace, but compared with tens of thousands of square meters, these 200 people are somewhat less like a handful of rice scattered into the rice jar, and almost nothing can be seen.
The five brigades are divided into five directions, and the leaders walk in one direction alone with a few hands because of their daring. If they see something valuable, they will grab it, but if they can’t go, they will smash it. It is quite a bit of a three-light policy. Looking at the daily furnishings and more valuable things that have not been removed at all, they all rest assured that they did not realize that they would attack here.
How could they think of these things? Just let them put them here on purpose when they let their guard down!
"They have come in and there are some people outside." Qingya looked at the big screen and said.
There is a large screen on the wall of the chamber of secrets, which almost enters the underground palace and can be clearly displayed by everyone.
Ruer ordered without hesitation, "Let them have a taste of the first opportunity."
Qingya presses a button at hand. Every time someone passes through the long and narrow passage on both sides of the screen and on the ceiling, several small holes appear, and several bolts are shot from the holes with the intention of shooting all the people in the passage into a screen.
Of course, the result is very ideal. Almost one-third of the people were shot into a sieve and lost their lives without even screaming. However, after all, many biochemical people are physically strong enough to exceed half of the scope. Nearly two-thirds of them actually resisted these steel plates and shot through the crossbow. More exaggeratedly, there are more than a dozen senior biochemical people who have not even been injured.
"Asshole! These cowards, "scolded the leader," if I catch these * * I must * * them! "
The roar of the leader was so high that it reverberated in the palace that almost all the rooms could hear it. Of course, all the women’s faces changed greatly in the secret room. They had never heard anyone dare to insult them so much since they followed Duan Muming. At that time, they wanted to rush out and dismantle the National People’s Congress to vent their hatred.
Especially Sasha and Dodo, when their shoulders flash, the horse will rush to the door. At this time, Qingya even stopped them, and Qingya’s mood fluctuated the least. Although there was an uncontrollable anger in her heart, she was still able to stay awake and stop quickly.
"Sisters, wait a minute. These people outside are just bait. If we go out, it will be true for each other. Don’t worry, these people will never leave here."
A lot and Sasha rushed to Qingya’s side and one person held her arm. "Sister, really? Be sure to let them die! "
"Okay, no problem." Qingya’s heart is a little funny. Sasha is not young. Why is she always like a child like Duoduo? Is it naive because of too little contact with the outside world?
Thinking back to thinking, Qingya Gong didn’t delay the finger waving at all. The second wave of attack has been launched.
After the first wave of attacks, people were careful. Although they were very strong, they couldn’t help but attack several times. So they tried to avoid the formation and fell into the trap together, but they didn’t suffer because it was an "away" after all, and the complex terrain of the underground decided that they were at an absolute disadvantage.
"Hit the detector and destroy all the machines and lines!" The leader shouted hysterically through the walkie-talkie. Just now, when he passed through a passage, a huge stone ball rolled over to him. If there was not a fork next to it, he would hide quickly. I’m afraid he would have turned into a meat pie with several unlucky people, and hanging a semi-transparent silk thread just now almost cut his head off, which made him extremely angry.
Anyway, there’s no need here. Just destroy it violently!
To his surprise, five brigades came to talk to him, but only three captains replied, which means that two captains have been "glorious" in just a few minutes. Thought of this, he felt a chill from the bottom of his heart. Although he is very tough, he is not enough to make fun of his life.
After thinking about it, he immediately called the intercom again, but this time it was connected to the outside.
"Boss, we can’t hold it here. Send more people here."
The other side of the walkie-talkie was silent for a moment and then said, "I’ll send you five more brigades and a special engineering team and a special combat team."
"Thank you, boss. This time I will definitely break through this mouse hole!"
"Don’t be too careless. The other side is not inferior to us."
"Don’t worry, boss."
The leader put the walkie-talkie in his eyes and flashed a cold look. Hum, the special engineering team, that’s not ordinary engineers destroying a building without blowing dust. It’s also possible to destroy a city. This small underground palace is not easy to do for the special combat team. Hum, everyone is not inferior to their own strength, but also has special abilities. Little girls are waiting for the uncle to favor you. Haha!
At first, they were full of anger and wanted to open their eyes to see these sisters who dared to insult themselves, but after seeing the endless ambush and appalling scenes in the underground palace, they all looked at each other.
I didn’t expect that there were so many ambushes in places where I was used to walking. I was really lucky! Imagine if one step is wrong … psst, they gasped and couldn’t even imagine it.
They were a little uneasy when the plane suddenly exploded several times in a row, and the big screen suddenly shook, and then a large number of snowflake images disappeared.
Qingya said seriously, "These people have attacked destructively!"

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