In fact, he is not a sensitive person, but in front of him, Guo Xiang will clumsily hide that he is not as smart and dexterous as she shows.

Guo Xiang came here tonight to test Qin Ge. Even his favorite drink on weekdays is ready. The mellow smell of wine is faintly floating in the air, which is a great temptation for people who like to drink.
But now, Qin Ge is sitting still and won’t even look at the jar for a second. It’s only these days that he really doesn’t drink, but his perseverance is so amazing that he seems to be tempted in front of him.
Qin Ge was a man of perseverance from the beginning. If he made up his mind to do something, he would do it, just as when he was struggling with so many knives, he wouldn’t give up easily even if he gasped.
Guo Xiang lamented that there was some loss in Yu’s heart, and just then Qin Ge picked up the jar and poured a glass of wine in her prepared bowl to detain the scattered wine smell and dispersed it in the air.
It was Qin Ge who didn’t drink this bowl of wine, but just put it in front of himself. Guo Xiang didn’t understand the meaning of his move for a while
"Let’s talk. I can see through the past because you have helped me so much. From the bottom of my heart, you can tell me that maybe I can’t help you, but at least I can help you share some, even if I thank you for your help."
Qin Ge’s sexuality is a bit free and easy. At that time, he was able to reveal his true self frankly in front of Guo Xiang, who he knew not long ago. Moreover, it would be better for him to talk directly to a wise man, otherwise he would always fall into some inevitable circles, which would be bad.
Guo Xiang didn’t expect Qin Ge to say this. In her impression, Qin Ge has something to hang up after people. He feels that his chivalrous heart is often indifferent, but at the moment he asks …
"I didn’t help you anything, and I didn’t want to say anything. I just wanted to ask you to drink."
"Is drinking rather than testing? Tell me, Xianger, do you want the battlefield or leave Xiangyang? "
Guo Xiang pretended to smile and froze in his face. Qin Ge was too straightforward, and he was so aggressive that he didn’t leave her any room. It was not like alienating him gently.
"In fact, I haven’t changed. It’s just that you look at me differently."
She was silent, maybe it was true, but she couldn’t tell what was in her heart, and she didn’t know what decision she should make now.
"Stay. If there is another war in Xiangyang in the future, let’s fight together!"
Guo Xiang was moved by Qin Ge’s proposal, but she said, "My parents won’t let me fight."
The words are plain but vaguely reveal some resentment, as if I were still a child who needed protection and could do nothing.
"You can talk to them if you want."
"But they won’t agree!"
"They always think I’m good, so they decide to let me do something, but they haven’t considered whether I want to do it or not." Qin Ge looked at that bag of eyes as if he were looking at a child who was not sensible and would be very angry in the future. Guo Xiang exploded.
"Don’t look at me like that. I’m not young. I know what I’m doing. I don’t want to be protected all the time. I can also kill the enemy on the battlefield and protect others."
"I know that you have grown up and don’t need protection, but parents and relatives love, worry and care, and they still hope that you will be well when you grow up to be gray in seven old.
I was an orphan, with no parents and no one caring for me until I met my little sister, but she also accompanied me for a short time.
Xiang son, you should tell them that things will not be as you think. "
Qin Ge did not hesitate to expose his own scars in order to comfort Guo Xiang. His words were plain but real, like a trickle. Guo Xiang slowly calmed down and remembered what he had just done. It was really a little tearful.
But I have to say, it feels good to say everything. It’s really a sense of relief.
I have something to say.
Go, go!
Chapter 518 Chapter 518
Qin Ge sincerely encouraged Guo Xiang, but she still had some feelings that she was afraid to tell her relatives what she wanted to say, fearing that she would be disappointed to get an answer.
In fact, all that comes from the love of parents and relatives for Guo Xiang. Sometimes, too much love becomes a sweet and heavy bond for that person.
They didn’t talk about other topics, but sat in the garden together and watched the sky enjoying the silence at the moment. Qin Ge didn’t continue to persuade Guo Xiang. He knew that there was no hurdle to cross over.
However, at the moment, neither of them knows that a person not far away has heard all their conversations, so his heart is mixed.
That man is Guo Xiang’s mother Huang Rong.
What news will the hostess not know in this mansion? The answer is, no.
So Guo Xiang asked Qin Ge to enjoy the moon in the garden together, and she knew it early.
After going through a war together, everyone’s views on Qin Ge have changed. For example, Guo Jing appreciates him more and Yang Guo thinks appreciate each other more. He is so much like him.
Guo Fu let go of her bad feelings because they all said it was good, but not just because she was given a little help by Qin Ge in the battlefield, but because she felt that she had a slightly biased understanding of this person. Qin Ge is indeed a good person, and only Guo Xiang knows if she is suitable for being a husband.
Huang Rong saw Qin Ge’s every move and had to say that Guo Jing was equally optimistic that this young man was a qualified warrior and sometimes not a qualified husband.
Huang Rong was suspicious, but he still had some hesitation in his heart, so after knowing that they had an appointment at night, he thought about passing by and seeing what they were doing.
Is to let Huang Rong didn’t think that her so-called test root failed, but she heard another thing that shocked and lost her.
People’s hearts are always biased. Even though Huang Rong thinks she is the best for her eldest daughter Guo Fu among the three children, she is not bad for the other two, but she tries her best to be good to them. But she didn’t expect that one day her love for children’s hearts would become a heavy burden.
Parents’ love is always devoted, but they never think about whether one day their children will not need it.
In other words, Guo Xiang has never had a good day since she was born. She has never had any storms in her life, and everything is beautiful outside, but her parents are bound by her.
Huang Rong is very sad, but her mentality can always be adjusted as quickly as possible. She has made a decision and that is to let go.
Let her daughter be a soaring skyhawk instead of a kite that she will hold in her hand.
Huang Rong came quietly and walked quietly, but Qin Ge and Guo Xiang didn’t find her coming and leaving, perhaps because they were all immersed in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere at that moment.
As the night deepened, they all went back to their rooms.
Lying alone in bed, Guo Xiang seems to be able to think in such a quiet environment. She has been thinking about Qin Ge dialect.
In fact, she knew that it was wrong and wrong for her to think like this, but she just couldn’t help herself, especially when Qin Ge advised her like that, she kept telling her truth.
In front of him, she has nothing to hide.
Guo Xiang thought for a long time and a lot, and finally made up her mind before going to bed. She wanted to talk to her parents.
The next day, after breakfast, Guo Xiang found Huang Rong. Unexpectedly, it was almost as busy as Guo Jing in the past, and Huang Rong was still in the house.
Guo Xiang is Huang Rong. She has been busy recently, but she doesn’t know that she is waiting for her.
Huang Rong has never taken the initiative to speak, waiting for her daughter who hesitated for a long time to tell her true thoughts.
Guo Xiang is uneasy. She is afraid that she won’t get the answer she wants, and she is also afraid that Root won’t get the answer. But after she imagined the difference, Huang Rong agreed to her idea at once.

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