Wei Ji wanted to ask something else, only to find that they had reached halfway up the mountain, and there were pavilions everywhere. There were many styles that Wei Ji, the real king, had never seen, or were gorgeous or beautiful or mysterious.

When they first arrived here, several people greeted them. It’s not good to ask more questions, but he was not too disappointed. After all, he just came to the second peak to learn so much, which is very valuable. Anyway, there is still a long way to go!
"Yin bro (brother) don’t you want to do mountain? Why did you come back so soon? Did something important happen? " Welcome to all the people, there are two people should draw mouth way
Their speed is not slow, Yin is broken, and it is just around the corner before the mouth. Of the two people, the age is slightly longer and the repair is slightly higher. The one who built the foundation has added, "It should be because of this classmate!" I don’t know which brother? "
Hearing this, Wei Ji knew that this man was a sophisticated and sophisticated monk, because the word "brother" and "younger brother" included both brothers and sisters. Under the condition of no specific background, he would neither offend anyone nor fall into his own situation, and neither brother nor younger brother would have a bad impression on him when he heard this speech.
The same is true for Wei Ji, but although he is a new brother-in-law, after all, he is new here, so he doesn’t have a direct mouth, but he chose to let Yin run down and introduce himself, because he wants to take a bite of himself, which will easily give people a sense of arrogance and self-assertion, which will make people feel alienated and greatly disadvantage them in the future.
Yin Ruin can be at ease with your brothers-in-law. Naturally, he is an exquisite and extraordinary person. Naturally, he answered, "This is the second Feng Wei brother who joined us in Geng Jin!"
"Who brother? !”
The presence of all the people can repair to the degree of preconditions. Naturally, no one’s brain will be poor and broken, so there is not much explanation at once, and everyone will understand the identity of Wei Ji as a brother-in-law.
They are all convinced that Wei Ji has not been seen in the second peak of Gengjin, so the only explanation is that Wei Ji was directly included by the master in the deacon’s hall of Wuxing Peak. This situation means that they are all white. Although most of them have their own attachment objects, they are particularly willing to make friends with such a brother-in-law when there is no contradiction.
When the name will be reported out one by one.
After a greeting, they identified one person to greet other disciples, while the rest directly surrounded Wei Ji and hurried to the top of the mountain.
Because there are many people, it is inconvenient to communicate, and everyone’s speed is unexpectedly accelerated. Soon they came to the top of the mountain. Here is a huge lake. Looking up at the center, there is an island with all kinds of buildings. Obviously, that island is the core of the second peak of Gengjin.
Everyone’s feet didn’t stop, and they all blessed themselves with wind protection, so they stepped on the waves and rode towards the central island.
After the island, everyone rushed to the left side with Weiji, which was a piece of green bamboo. Lin Weiji didn’t ask and knew that it must be the residence of Master Wutong Shanmendi’s own big brother Pang Yu.
After entering the courtyard, however, I saw an especially elegant courtyard built of pure bamboo. There was another person besides two brothers who were responsible for gas refining.
This man is not tall and slightly fat. At the age of 40, Xu Zhongren is not ordinary, but his slightly leaked fake Dan breath makes him have a profound Yueshi master’s bearing.
Fake Dan refers to one or more attempts to knot Dan after attaining the dzogchen on the 12th floor of Tsukiji. Although the repair failed, it was much higher than the ordinary dzogchen on the 12th floor of Tsukiji, and it was possible to own a small part of Godsworn Jin Dan Wei Neng. This kind of fake Dan Godsworn Wei Ji has seen a lot when hanging out in Fangshi, so he is particularly sensitive to this smell.
Seeing this situation, Wei Ji didn’t know that this was his big brother Pang Yu.
Wei Ji was just about to say, "Big Brother!" Even just now its goodwill than Yin dilapidated is no exception.
This guard bogey saw Pang Yu’s prestige and position in the second peak of Gengjin, but he didn’t know whether this big brother was warmly welcomed or deliberately demonstrated outside. If it’s welcome, it’s fine. If it’s a demonstration, it’s better to guard against it.
Although he learned from Luc’s mouth that the competition among the five elements was very benign, he didn’t care much about losing some noodles and goods after the competition failed or was calculated, but he paid special attention to them.
Although Wei Ji doesn’t deliberately pursue Wei Xuan’s fame and shock, he must never suffer losses.
Who avoid didn’t think too much because those people suddenly moved forward and left him behind, which was very abrupt and uncoordinated.
Seeing this, Wei Ji also strode forward and bowed slightly to Pang Yu and shouted, "Wei Ji has seen the master elder brother!"
The PangYu casually toward the people with the wave and then toward the who avoid came along, "you are the new brother-in-law! Show me the jade charm! "
Wei Ji didn’t feel strange about Pang Yu’s understanding of the situation. After all, did the other monk not find out why he didn’t say much when he heard this, so he took his own jade symbol out of the bag and handed it to Pang Yu.
Pang Yu took it and gave it back to Wei Ji with a slight sweep of his mind. "Make sure that the mistake was made by the master himself. You will follow me to the Chengdian for a three-kneeling and nine-knocking gift, and then I will be the thirteenth brother-in-law of the second peak of Gengjin."
With that, he turned his body slightly and looked at a mouth in the crowd, saying, "Ring the Juxian Bell and let all the second peak brothers of Gengjin come to Chengdian as soon as possible."
"Yes!" The repair should immediately set up a golden sword light in one direction.
At this time, Pang Yu added, "Let’s rush to Chengdian!"
Naturally, no one objected when a group of people walked towards Chengdian.
There is a huge difference between a registered brother and a registered brother. If there is a registered brother of Pang Yu around him at ordinary times, but at this time, they can all be far behind and let Pang Yu and Wei Ji walk in front.
Wei avoid Pang Yu, but I first met Pang Yu, although he was very gentle, but because of the scene just now, Wei avoid how to talk to him like Yin is broken. Although the two are very warm when talking, both of them are white in their hearts. This is a kind of courtesy.
Not far away, a melodious bell rang.
And almost at the same time, Wei Ji felt that the jade symbol in the bag was shaking slightly. At that time, he took it out. He found that the jade symbol was emitting a faint golden luster.
At this time, Pang Yu, a master elder brother, explained, "This universal jade symbol is made with the help of the power of Juxian Bell. There is a sense of shape, no matter how far you are from Zongmen, you can feel it when the Juxian Bell rings."
Hearing this, Wei Ji couldn’t help but be careful about the meaning of Pang Yu’s words. He is very clear, which means that this kind of association can span the whole world. Is this equal to strength? If it’s just that the five elements have a bite, it’s just that Pang Yu just ordered to ring the bell, and every mountain has a bite, which is shocking
In his mind, he has overestimated the details of the five elements as much as possible. I didn’t expect it to be unexpected. This is why he couldn’t stop confirming that "the human world is vast. Can this connection really see the distance?"
"Ha-ha-"Pang Yu smiled at Wei Ji’s words. "Almost every novice brother has such a question. That’s what I asked the master in the past. I think my question is really unnecessary!"
"Oh?" Wei Ji couldn’t help being curious when he heard this. "Master, ask questions?"
Pang Yu felt that Wei Ji was eager to read it, but he didn’t delay it. "There are many big schools that can connect with the predecessors of the celestial world. Have you ever had any questions?"
Who avoid smell this also can’t help but leng with a laugh "yeah, cross-border joint its difficult but we have never doubted that shocked the bound this joint means shocked? Compared with the two, it is a world of difference! "
At this moment, Wei Ji’s mentality was immediately restored to calm, and all the words were taken for granted!
However, although Weiji is no longer shocked by this, he is still quite curious about it. He knows very well that this kind of fairy means must be more than just letting my classmates come to visit me and learn from my family. He immediately asked Pang Yu.
These things are that all the disciples of the Five Elements Sect should know common sense, and Pang Yu naturally won’t hesitate to say that when he said, "I guess it’s a good idea to gather fairy bells to pass jade symbols. This kind of association is just an incidental means. He really called his brother back to defend when the sect was invaded by foreign enemies."
At this time, it is common for jade symbols to emit faint golden light. If the distance is too far away, call my brother back to watch the ceremony. If the distance is too far away or you are busy, you don’t have to come back. If the emission is so strong that the golden light is harsh, the surface will dry up to the death of Zongprotege. No matter what you are doing in the ground, you must arrive at it. But if it is really at this point, the jade symbol that passes through the five elements will shine. "
After a pause, Pang Yuji continued, "This is a rough situation, and there are many detailed classifications, such as teacher younger brother, which means that the jade symbol that belongs to the Golden Jueshan Mountain shines and has not been interrupted for a long time, that is, the main pulse Golden Juefeng or the second peak of Gengjin has a younger brother’s entrance or other situations that need to be observed. If you can come back in one hour, you don’t have to come back. If you stop shining twice, you will be able to come back in the early morning of the next day, and so on.
If the younger brother has a pass, the jade symbol shines with a faint golden light, then there will be a major ceremony at the table door, except for the closed predecessors. However, this kind of thing is notified before the meeting. If it shines for a long time without interruption, it will be enough to come back in one month. If it is interrupted once, the table will be two months, and so on.
If all the younger brothers have jade charms and shining golden light, and we don’t respond at all, it means that we have been destroyed or occupied by others. Then when Huiyuan comes, we won’t go to the Golden Mountain this way and go directly to the main peak. "
Who bogey heard PangYu magnificently this phone and couldn’t help but sigh again that the big faction is what he thinks is some waves.
Pang Yu did live up to his elder brother’s name, and his eyesight was good. The slightest change in Wei Ji’s expression was peeped out by him. At that time, he smiled and said, "Do you think that it is too big for us to put a fairy bell on every mountain in the Five Elements Sect?"
Who avoid although some surprise in PangYu observant but also did not hide directly nodded, "there are some waves, I think in addition to the five elements peak that mouth is fairy home legacy is the rest should be false, it will consume much material! If he comes to increase the strength of his younger brother, it will definitely have an effect.
If you are strong, you can naturally see everything. Isn’t this much better than coming back to China? "Wrong novel network does not jump words.
"Brother Wei, you are wrong," Pang Yu said with a smile. "Putting a fairy clock on each mountain peak is to strengthen the strength of the sect!"
"oh? Also ask the big brother to show? " Weijidao

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