Lu Rufeng saw Li Shaoqing’s swordsmanship, and his eyes lit up and he said, "This swordsmanship is a bit interesting, but I still don’t see it enough in front of me."

No matter how mysterious fencing is, it also needs to have corresponding skill and martial arts realm to play.
Li Shaoqing’s swordsmanship was great, but he didn’t pose much threat to Lu Rufeng. There was a big difference in their skills, which doomed Li Shaoqing to lose.
"The first knife!"
Lu Rufeng’s tone of voice is still indifferent as if nothing in the world can cause his mood to fluctuate.
Lu Rufeng’s single-handed stroke is faster than Li Shaoqing’s sword.
Single-pole sharp ratio with Yin cold knife gas to Li Shaoqing attack.
Lu Rufeng’s cultivation skill is a lot higher than Li Shaoqing’s skill in "Cold Day Robbery"
It’s a little similar to the sacred heart tactic. They both belong to the Yin cold family, but the breath of the cold day robbery seems to come from nine secluded places, while the breath of the sacred heart tactic is like a vast, holy and cold one.
Lu Rufeng’s knife gas made Li Shaoqing’s pupil shrink in horror. "What? This knife is so strong? I can’t avoid it! "
Li Shaoqing changed his sword to attack and defend, which blocked the knife.
A loud noise and powerful knife gas shocked Li Shaoqing’s arm to blood.
Li Shaoqing flew backwards, and the breath was chaotic. Obviously, the blow made him seriously injured.
"Eldest brother" Niu Ben saw Shao-qing li was seriously injured and shouted, and at the same time, he turned into a streamer and flew to Shao-qing li.
Niu Ben is Li Shaoqing’s younger brother. Li Shaoqing is injured. He can’t go to from ruin.
"Li Shaoqing, you really let me down. You can’t even pick up my first knife." Lu Rufeng said lightly, "There are still two knives. If you don’t die, I will let you go."
Lu Rufeng’s knife skill is better than one knife. The second knife and the third knife must be more powerful than the first knife.
Lu Rufeng doesn’t believe that Shao-qing Li can take these two knives after himself.
Shao-qing li fell to the ground and looked at Lu Rufeng with fear in his eyes. Niu Ben held him and worried, "Boss, how did this happen? Why can’t you catch a knife? "
Shao-qing li is one of the few masters in Tianmen, except for the supernatural being, the strongest one is Shao-qing li, but I didn’t expect that it was a joke for Shao-qing li to build a road like a front.
Li Shaoqing wiped a corner of his mouth with blood. The novel said, "The road is too strong. Let’s go when we have the chance, or we will all die here."
Niu Ben shook his head and said, "No, even if we have to go, we have to go together. I won’t lose my boss in Niu Ben."
Lu Rufeng came with a knife. "Li Shaoqing took my second knife!"
Niu Ben took a black iron bar to block Li Shaoqing’s front and roared, "Boss, you go first and my old cow will block the road. I want to see if he is really that bad."
"King Kong destroys the magic!"
Niu Ben’s black iron bars roared at Rufeng.
Lu Rufeng smiled faintly. "I don’t know what I can do. Do you want to fight with me?"
Sharp knife gas cut off the black iron bar still split to Niu Ben.
Niu Ben was frightened to disgrace and roared, "Boss, let’s go."
I didn’t know his real horror until I fought with Lu Rufeng. His knife can kill ghosts and gods, and the law enforcers in Tianmen. His knife seems to be the lamb to be slaughtered, and he has no resistance.
Shao-qing li a grind into a time to fly in the direction of Tianmen.
Niu Ben’s chest was pierced by knife gas, but he was still in the way, and he was not allowed to go after Li Shaoqing in front of him.
Lu Ru took a surprised look at Niu Ben. "You are really loyal to Li Shaoqing. In this case, I will let him go this time and return it to Li Shaoqing when I meet him again."
Niu Ben fell to the ground and lost his life.
Li Shaoqing returned to Tianmen seriously injured and told Indra about the gold mine.
Indra snorted, "Li Shaoqing, the first law enforcer, can’t even kill Lu Rufeng. It’s a waste. You are more than 100 years older than Lu Rufeng."
Li Shaoqing’s eyes were filled with resentment. "Master, I’m no match for Lu Rufeng. His swordsmanship is too strong, and it’s going to be a great success in cold weather. Now, there is no one who is his opponent except the strong in the realm of ghosts and gods. Please ask the master to decide what to do."
Indra day cold hum a "Shao-Qing Li, you this capable person to meet the master, you said to the ghost in the strong hand ghost in the strong is easy to sell? Well, if you know about this, someone will take care of it. Now get out of here. "
When Li Shaoqing saw that Indra had not punished himself, he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s the owner who excused himself."
Luo Xian’s figure appeared outside the ice crystal house of Indra after Li Shaoqing left.
"Master just let Li Shaoqing go? This time, we and a law enforcer died. "Luoxian said to Indra.
It’s a pity that Niu Ben is dead.
Indra said, "Luo Xian, go and get Wang Yue back."
Luo Xian said in a surprised, "Master, you don’t want Wang Yue to deal with Lu Rufeng, do you? Lu Rufeng is so strong that even Li Shaoqing is no match. Wang Yue is now the peak of heaven’s realm. He will die just like Niu Ben. Master, please think twice."
Indra said, "Wang Yue’s fighting capacity is not as simple as it seems. Maybe he can defeat Lu Rufeng, and it is not necessarily Luo Xian. In addition to Li Shaoqing, I am afraid that Wang Yue is the strongest, and whoever won’t let Wang Yue go, you also know that the blue moon Lord will not make moves. The strong in Tianmen ghost territory will not make moves."
"If Wang Yue can be forced out of all his potential, maybe his martial arts will be even higher."
There are only three strong Tianmen in the supernatural realm. If you fight with the blue moon Lord, it will hurt if you die in Indra. He is thinking about killing dragons and making more Tianmen fighters become supernatural beings. Indra will never let the supernatural beings fight.
Luoxian nods, "It’s the master Luoxian who will go to Shuangcheng to invite Wang Yue back."
After Luo Xian left Indra, the novel said, "Wang Yue, if you don’t die this time, you will definitely become a ghost. If the strong want you to become a ghost, the dragon slaying plan will go further."
In addition to eating, Wang Yue spent these days in the secret room, helping Wang Yuexiu get stronger and stronger, and he was a little short of becoming a half-step ghost fighter.
"Just a little bit short, just a little bit short. Maybe in a few days, I will be able to reach the same height as Xiong."
Wang Yuegang walked out of the Chamber of Secrets and saw a streamer enter his mansion.
"hmm? It’s Luo Xian’s breath. She’s only been away for a few days. Why are you here again? "
Luoxian flew directly into the mansion this time. You know, before Luoxian came to Wang Yue, he always walked through the gate, and he had to be informed. This is the most basic courtesy.
"What happened to Luo Xian in such a hurry?" Wang Yue heart andao
"Wang Yue" saw Wang Yue Luoxian’s face anxious and "hurry back to Tianmen with me"
Wang Yue one leng asked "back to heaven? Luo Xian, I still need to find the hero. Isn’t it not a month yet? Why let me go back now? "
Luoxian shook his head and said, "Don’t worry about dominating Tianmen this time, but something really happened. The first law enforcer Li Shaoqing was seriously injured and fled back to Niu Ben. You should come back with me quickly."
Wang Yue frightened, "What did you say that Shao-qing li was seriously injured and Niu Ben died? Shao-qing li is a half-step ghost fighters even he is no match for you to let me go back. "

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