Chapter 19 Will you come or not?
Last night, I checked the data of fairyland merging. Although there are not many, it also made me clearly realize that playing this game is not an ordinary game.
It has almost become my daily habit to wear a helmet to enter the game after breakfast.
On the first line, I received a message saying that he couldn’t come until noon today because he had something to do. Then our super upgrade plan would be forced to be interrupted for one afternoon. I thought that I didn’t seem to have any place to go, and I didn’t know many people in the game. A private chat message was sent.
Long time no see, elegant remember me? Have come to my castle and sit in the middle of the north gate of the capital.’ Those who are fighting against the soldiers are all arrayed in front.
You can tell at a glance that you are coming. Are you coming or not? But think about it, even if I die, it will be level one, and my horse will return to the record point. If he must tell the world that I am elegant, it will be no good for everyone. But just to be on the safe side, I will go to a remote place to record it, such as Dream Rock! You have to come back to life. The horse was beaten by a gang, just like the monster attacked the city.
After recording, I came to the north gate. Speaking of it, the guild has the power to occupy the small towns attached to four big cities, including * * * * city-Prondra, mountain capital-payon, magic capital-Ji Fen. Bell Tower-El Palan Each of these four cities has about five affiliated small towns, all of which have the function of automatically producing RO coins and special products. Therefore, if powerful guilds occupy these affiliated small towns, this is a proof of strength, and the first guild that is stationed in the army is the best, and it has occupied five affiliated small towns in the capital, and it is as strong as a stone stack in the siege once a week, which makes other guilds feel frightened, while the other four affiliated small towns are divided by many guilds, so it is considered as a fairyland that cities change owners every week.
With butterfly wings and fly wings, I came to the affiliated town outside the north gate of the capital, where five huge castles stood in the open, but they were far apart. I walked from the north gate of the capital to the middle castle for ten minutes, saying that it was unrealistic and close, but I didn’t know it was so far until I got closer. I didn’t know that the castle was so big when I looked far away, but my mistake was that it was close.
Outside the castle, there are 100 banners of the guild, "All soldiers are in front", which is so powerful that I want to own such a city one day, which will be so cool.
As soon as I arrived at the NPC guards, I went in and informed them that the castle guards were still very friendly when it was not an siege. Once the siege was fought, I prayed not to meet these NPC guards, because every guard belonged to the castle guild. I bought money from the system to buy swordsmen NPC guards, LV7 archers NPC guards, and LV guards. Each castle can rent up to five such guards. Think about how five people of level 7 feel when they face you, and you will know that siege is very difficult.
Soon the soldiers came out to pick me up and went in to see him look exactly the same as last time, or the ordinary Crusader armor, but this time it was a little different. He was not wearing a knight helmet, but it was a strange thing. I didn’t even know what it was for memorizing the ordinary things in the game. It was something similar to the sphinx wearing a head, but it was definitely in Level 4.
When I came to the reception room of the castle, the soldiers poured me a cup of tea first and then sat opposite me. So they kept looking at him and I couldn’t get out, so everyone just waited.
Finally, he couldn’t help asking first, "Elegant, how are you still a beginner?" Did you change your job? Have you finished? "
"Oh, goodbye, now I can’t even change my job. What is the root of that? Otherwise, I wouldn’t be wanted."
"Is that really the problem? Then what will you do later? "
"I have a headache, too. Now I dare not say my name, but thank you for not telling anyone my name."
"What’s the matter? I took you as a friend from the first day. I just called you here this time to see if there is anything I can do to help you."
"Alas, I can’t change my job now, and I don’t know if it’s good. Why don’t we wait until the wanted order is revoked?"
"How can you be so pessimistic? If you don’t join our guild, people in the guild will definitely help you. Whoever dares to give you trouble then will be with me. "
"Big Brother, it’s not worth it that I have offended the players in the game alone, and I heard that the girl league is trying to track me down. If I am found to be the most, I won’t play this game." (The word big brother has been said, which proves that my thinking and interpersonal skills have been greatly improved)
"Eldest brother you’re welcome, but if you really want to recognize me as your eldest brother, don’t refuse. Have you decided? "
Looking at the reaction of the soldiers, I finally felt something was wrong, but I couldn’t say what was wrong, but there seemed to be a voice in my head telling me, "No entry!" " It’s better to believe than to believe. Even your subconscious says you can’t enter. Then don’t enter.
"Big Brother, I can say I’m sorry. I’m used to being alone, and I really can’t. I wish I didn’t play this game."
"Are you really not going in ~ ~?" As soon as I heard it, I knew that the problem was coming.
I looked at Lin Bing but didn’t speak because there was no need to speak at this time. From his face and eyes, I saw the last thing I wanted to see. Hum!
I didn’t say hello, so the butterfly wings returned to Dream Rock directly, and it wasn’t long before I arrived at Dream Rock that the unified broadcast came.
"I found this player Yu Piaoyi today. It turned out that he was still a beginner. For some reason, he offended the princess. I have sent screenshots to the forum. We should strongly condemn this shameful person."
I’m worried when the radio is in chaos!
I will remember the enemy of the soldiers, but then again, I have to run now or I will be caught by a tough person like’ Tianwu’ and I will take my last name with the reader.
Chapter 20 Blowing Snow
Chapter 20 Blowing Snow
As soon as the broadcast came out, the players were divided into three opinions. One is that LV-level senior players are more enthusiastic about looking for me, because the beginners can kill the music as soon as they get started.
Secondly, low-level players have given up and continued to look for me, so it is enough for them to upgrade a few levels when they look for it. This is not necessary.
Thirdly, the fairyland girls’ alliance department led by’ Tianwu’ is also divided into two parts. Some people say that a beginner can’t offend the system and express the good nature of women, while the other part is more enthusiastic about looking for me because they are all curious about how a beginner can cause such a great wave.
Just when they were looking for me, they pitied me and stayed in a hidden place on the first floor of the underground waterway. Because of the city, I definitely didn’t dare to go, and there were too many people in other training places. Unlike the underground waterway, the first floor needed adventure lights to see things. The wall lights on the second and third floors couldn’t go. Now I hope that the disease can be cured quickly, otherwise I will probably be cut to level 1 by the time he comes.
I have already deleted the business card of the soldier, for fear that he will know my location from the business card, and one of the business cards will be deleted automatically.
While I was waiting hard, a sound scared me out of silence.
"Elegant?" A sweet and clear sound of wat flowing ov that reef came from behind me.
I immediately went back to see if it was not a disease, and I was ready for battle. I took out crazy fencing and took out a few bottles of red potion and ice cream from my backpack (plus a small amount of health and magic power)
After I finished everything, I realized that I didn’t move a step in front of me. I was curious to see that this person was a beginner, but it was too dark to see clearly, and I didn’t know how she could see me clearly at a glance.
"Are you elegant?"
I paid more attention to her movements and tone, and found that she really didn’t want to attack me. Anyway, everyone knows me in the game, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Besides, even if I kill her now, it’s impossible to escape from the horse club. A large number of people rushed to kill me. I think butterfly wings are going back to town, which is to die.
"I am. What can I do for you?"
The man took a step forward as soon as I admitted it. Her action caused me to jump nervously. Suddenly, an idea came out. If she is stalling for help, is it a joke to confront her now? I ran away as soon as I figured it out. Anyway, I don’t believe that the beginner opposite me can do anything to me as a super beginner.
"Elegant, don’t go. I’m not here to catch you. Hey ~ ~"
Her call made me run faster. Seeing that I was flying away from her, I stamped my feet and said to myself, "Idiot, I won’t eat it. Forget it. I want to see what the hero is like. It turns out that this bear is smaller than me. Hum! However, with his special personality, I like to be alone with the players in the game. Gege, I like things like’ Oriental Snow Blowing’ and I will definitely get them. Well, I have to ask Dad to bring in dozens of hands to see how you can run. "
Blowing snow and laughing away.

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