"What’s the matter? “

"It’s okay. I just want to ask you. Have you ever told anyone about your worries? "Phillips took a deep breath and asked.
"Well," Phillips tilted his head and kicked a few legs, as if there was something annoying in the road to kick
They don’t do all the way to Phillips’ door and wait for the moment.
"What I can’t?" Phillips said and went into the ladder. He turned his back on me and didn’t turn around. The ladder door slowly asked me to stretch out my hand and want to go to the file. After all, it was collected again.
The moment Phillips disappeared, I seemed to have the illusion of losing her.
Don’t tell you what’s on your mind just because you don’t want to worry? If there is any suffering, I will bear it alone.
4 Chapter 4 Looking Back
Looking back on the past fifteen years, there have been weeping, sadness and confusion, because a person needs mutual support when he walks, and then he has friends.
Although a group of friends lead most of the time, they have to pay more, but the rewards are also very rich. The first seven years were spent clinging to their parents and pulling Xiaolan Day. This year is a beautiful year for more than a dozen small partners. They are like pearls embedded in memories one by one.
However, this day suddenly ended, with sadness, confusion and despair, and the heart seems to be not simple
When I got home and looked at my hands in a daze, I wanted to kill the monkey. When I was in the sixth grade, the monkey seemed to hate him very much. He was like a naughty monkey, and he intervened in everything.
One day, he suddenly came running.
"Xiang, can I mix with you?"
"Then you should be obedient."
So we met, and he was not as obedient as his answer, but he slowly converged, and later he met Phillips like a princess.
Phillips, who just transferred to school, was very popular. Abiao and I had a fierce competition and wanted to pull her into our group. Later, the two groups came together because of Phillips.
It is not easy for a monkey to walk from a little troublemaker to a funny one step by step. Although he still does something annoying from time to time, it is also his conscious move. Although it is mostly a lame apology, at least he still knows that he is wrong and will admit his mistake.
But on the surface, he said he was an indispensable friend, but at the critical moment, he was so cold-blooded that he was going to push him over the cliff.
Xiang Xiang, you are such a hypocrite.
"What hair stay ah recently you abnormal hum! "Xiao LAN pushed the door and looked at me in a daze, dissatisfied and said.
"Nothing. What can I do for you? "I return to absolute being looked at xiaolan, she pouted a little angry, but her eyes were very worried. It seems that I am very abnormal recently.
"Have a meal you don’t know hungry? "Xiao LAN sharp tone is very blame.
This just came to my mind. This daze seems to have forgotten to cook. I quickly got up and patted my trouser legs.
"I’ll cook."
"I’m ready. Anyway, you can’t eat anything in a bad mood." Xiaolan turned away.
Sit at the dining table and look at Xiaolan. She has grown up so much. Maybe I can protect you. You can continue walking alone, but at least I will clear the obstacles in front of you before that, otherwise I will be a brother.
When I was a child, there was a rich family in Beiyuan. I was very curious, so I slipped in with Xiaolan. The owner of the hospital had a hobby of raising flowers. The hospital was particularly beautiful, but the owner might be stingy. He kept a vicious dog.
Of course, I was tempted by flowers, and I didn’t care about dogs at all. I wanted to step on a beautiful rose and give it to Phillips, so that Abiao would definitely give up.
But when I just picked a rose, there was a commotion, and then the big black dog appeared in front of me.
"woof-woof-"he yelled at me, and I was so scared that I almost ran away.
"Whoa, whoa, brother, help me."
At that time, Xiaolan was still young. As soon as I pulled her to run, she fell down and was too scared. As soon as I let go, I ran away.
When I heard Xiaolan crying, I was stunned. When I was a child, my mother often taught me to protect my sister. I wouldn’t be polite if anyone bullied Xiaolan at school, but this time it was a dog, and I was scared. It was so inferior.
When I ran back, Xiaolan cried even more. The dog bit Xiaolan’s leg and dragged it away. I didn’t care to pick up so many bricks and rushed away.
Of course, the result was not that the warrior defeated the vicious dog, and my hand was bitten by the dog. Later, when the adults came, I drove the dog away. Since then, Xiaolan has been afraid of dogs.
"See what I have so good-looking? Can I be full just by looking at my stomach? "Xiao LAN dissatisfaction put the bowl on the table some angry.
"I’m sorry." I bowed my head to eat. Maybe there won’t be too many opportunities to see Xiaolan like this.
"Mom told you what? “
"Nothing, nothing."
"You don’t lie to me? How come you haven’t been told? That’s it. That’s what mom meant, not what I meant. When we grow up, we’ll do whatever we want. Are you so depressed? “
Looking up at Xiaolan, I don’t know what she said, but I think I can’t be so decadent. Maybe it’s easier to be weak when I’m used to trying to be brave outside.
"Don’t be sad. I won’t marry a generation and follow your head office." Xiao Lan cried with a fist in one hand.
"Silly girl, how can you not marry?" I reached out and flicked her forehead. She touched her forehead and stared at me.
"I’m fine" I touched Xiaolan’s head and shook it to reassure her.
"It’s all white to tell you, but I really don’t know what’s on your mind." Xiaolan suddenly took a few mouthfuls of rice and then ran into his bedroom and slammed the door.
Xiaolan, I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you something because I didn’t want you to suffer the curse like me, because I can understand that feeling best.

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