Huang Feibao waved his hand to signal Ji Hejing to retreat.

Chapter 644 Declined the invitation with a plan
I heard that Chen Yan was going to fight against the general from Chaoge City, which shocked many people, including Lord Za.
Turn is full of confidence in the skill of Chen Yan. I don’t know if Chen Yan is really powerful until I see him fighting with Yu.
Because it is a contest, it is not a life-and-death fight.
Just be direct.
"That’s offensive."
Doing his word, he took a step forward and the momentum broke out.
Lieutenant Huang Feibao is a dignified face.
Chen Yan’s imposing manner is stronger than he imagined.
Huang Feibao heart andao "capability even in the city of Asako has stepped into the first-class top level, and those who have just practiced mana and practice gas are so imposing."
Lieutenant drink one punch at Chen Yanchong.
Chen Yan saw his fist and shook his head secretly. It’s a great force, but it’s just a brute force. Even the strength of family boxing is not counted.
Strength is to twist all your strength into one.
Can lieutenant is barely waist and arm strength, his whole body strength can be said to be issued 67% strength.
Ulrich "casually" blasted off a punch and hit the lieutenant’s fist together.
The people around you retreated again and were injured by the aftermath.
The lieutenant was shocked by Chen Yan’s boxing strength, and his face became a little ugly. He didn’t expect Chen Yan’s strength to be so pure, although it was not big, but it was hard to parry the dark and double strength.
Chen Yan forced the Dongyi people to retreat and saved Zadi’s lieutenant. He is convinced at the moment.
The lieutenant shouted "come again"
It’s Huang Feihong’s signature gesture that Elham’s right hand slightly stretches forward behind his left hand.
"General, please"
Yan Yan said calmly
Peng, the deputy commander, pushed Chen Yanchong away with his feet. This time, he was faster and more powerful. Unfortunately, his momentum and speed were still much worse than those of Wu’s feather.
Lieutenant is developed a brute force combat skills can be said to be a mess.
Chen Yan found that this world has formed two extremes.
Those gods, demons, demons, immortals … all understand the law and understand heaven.
However, Terran fighters know the most superficial physical training method, and they don’t even know the strength and qi and blood, let alone the superb combat skills.
If it weren’t for the rich aura, the lieutenant could not have raised his strength to such an extent by relying on such superficial training methods.
Chen Yan blocked the lieutenant’s fist attack department with one hand. Chen Yan’s clean posture and elegant demeanor showed a generation of martial arts masters.
The lieutenant is outrageous and vulgar, not like a fighter but like a headstrong man
The strength gap between the real lieutenant and the Ulrich is not large. In terms of strength alone, Ulrich won the lieutenant’s half-raising, but Ulrich’s will, mind and fighting skills are one hundred times higher than that of the lieutenant.
The roots of the two are not at the same level.
Lieutenant hit the real fire with a face of pitfalls. At the moment, he will finish making a cruel move as an enemy.
Sun Yan Taiji Yunshou dialed the lieutenant’s fist and arm, and then the fist "Tieshan" slammed into the lieutenant’s chest.
The lieutenant was hit by a huge force and fell to the ground. He lay down and slid for more than ten meters before he stopped. Fortunately, it was Yan Yan’s hand. Otherwise, the blow Tieshan relied on his feet to hit the lieutenant’s bones and muscles, and he would be seriously injured.
Extreme boxing in martial arts is famous for its strength. Yan Yan was soft just now.
Chen Yanzhi straightened his body and fuels, saying, "General, let it pass."
Lieutenant latosolic red eyes feel lost face want to attack again.
Huang Feibao shouted, "Huang Zhe, that’s enough. You’ve already lost. If it weren’t for your mercy, you’d be dead or wounded. Your martial arts are ten times better than yours."
Huang Zhe is the lieutenant’s real name.
Chen Yan’s martial arts really shocked Huang Feibao, especially the understatement of natural and unrestrained wishful play, which made Huang Feibao feel that even his own Chen Yan’s hands could not take advantage.
Lieutenant Huang Zhe was reprimanded and calmed down. "You are superb in martial arts, and Huang Zhe Pei lost."
Chen Yan said, "I won a fluke."
Turn ha ha a smile feel face times "you are not lucky I don’t know your martial arts? You didn’t exert your power just now. If you learn fencing, General Huang Zhe may not be able to pick up a move. "
Looking at Chen Yan’s eyes is like looking at a son-in-law. Of course, I am happy that a real talent has finally been born in my own territory.
Chen Yan didn’t have the slightest pride, but said modestly, "The Lord is flattering me."
Chen Yan’s fist and martial arts have been strong to such an extent that fencing will certainly not be bad. Huang Feibao didn’t test Chen Yan’s fencing idea again. Chen Yan’s martial arts will get ahead even in Chaoge City. If he hadn’t developed mana and practiced martial arts, no one would dare to say that he would win Chen Yan.
Huang Feibao looked at Ulrich and said seriously, "You are a talented person. You can say that you are a genius. Your territory is a little small. Come back to Chaoge City with me. That’s where you should go."
Huang Feibao wants Chen Yan to join the Huang family.
Zha’s face turned big and said, "Huang Feibao, don’t go too far. Even if you are from Wangdu Chaoge City, you shouldn’t dig my corner at will. It is a hero in our territory who can resist the strong Dongyi. What should we do if you take him away?"
I’ve left Chen Yan, but the most beautiful daughter is going to marry Chen Yan. Now Huang Feibao wants to take Chen Yan away. Can he not be angry? Qi Huan directly called Huang Feibao’s name instead of calling him "General", which shows that Qi Huan was really angry.
Huang Feibao didn’t get angry in the face of Zha’s questioning and said, "Zha, we need talents in the Shang Dynasty. You know in your heart that leaving your territory will delay his future. There are no practitioners in your territory. There are many strong clouds and sects in the capital of Shang Dynasty, and even the master Wen Taishi in Wen Zhong has gone to Chaoge City officials to have a chance to become a real strong man."
Turn method refutes Huang Feibao’s words
Mother went to Chen Yan and took his hand and asked, "Do you really want to leave, my son?"
Chen Yan said, "I’ll go where my mother is. I’m not going anywhere."
Even if you want to leave, it will be later.

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