Qiu Qianchi sat in a soft sedan chair and stared at Huang Rong’s yoshimitsu big cold way "Huang Rong? How dare you come to my unfeeling valley? Yang Guo, you kill Huang Rong now and I’ll give you the antidote. "

Yang Guo took Lu Shuang and shook his head. "I’m sorry, I’m not her opponent. I can’t kill her, otherwise we wouldn’t have brought the child to change the antidote."
Qiu Qianchi cold hum a spit out a jujube stone to attack Huang Rong.
Wang Yue’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. This jujube stone is extremely powerful. It is the first-class fighters who can’t stop hidden weapons and Huang Rong.
The red energy of Wang Yue’s hand passed away and blocked the jujube pit.
"Qiu Qianchi, if you have an antidote, take it out. If I didn’t guess wrong, you shouldn’t have an antidote to love flower poison, right?" Wang Yue smiled coldly. "You’re really clever. Tell me where the grass is. Otherwise, don’t blame me. "
Qiu Qianchi looked at Wang Yue sent a cold smile "Gaga what are you? Even Guo Jing and Huang Rong dare not talk to me like that. How dare you be presumptuous in front of me? How dare you? "
Although Wang Yue’s martial arts are high, there is no name in the Jianghu. I have been in Qiu Qianchi Jueqing Valley for more than ten years and I don’t know that Wang Yue is normal.
Li Mochou sneered, "Qiu Qianchi Wang Yue is my husband. I advise you to tell me if you have broken the grass or you will suffer."
Li Mochou Desperate Valley also asked Qiu Qianchi what Herba Lysimachiae was like and where it was, but she just didn’t say anything.
Wang Yue saw Master Yi Deng and others and said, "You have to use extreme measure if you save people."
Wang Yueduan took a cup of tea for the first two steps and laughed. "Qiu Qianchi, I know that you are determined. The general method is not for you. If you can resist the life and death, just pretend that I didn’t say anything today. We don’t want my horse to leave the Valley of Desperate Love with the East and Little Dragon Girl."
"Oriental try to reverse the true qi according to the method I told you!" Wang Yue handed the teacup to Li Mochou.
Li Mochou’s cultivation is a small martial arts and family boxing.
It is not a problem to simulate the six yang palms in Tianshan Mountain.
Li Mochou sneer at a palm qi suddenly become cold biting palm tea suddenly turned into ice crystals.
Li Mochou flew to Qiu Qianchi with an ice crystal streamer.
Qiu Qianchi came into the body without defending the ice.
"Huh?" Qiu Qianchi felt itchy and then itched more and more.
"Ah, straight Niang thief, what did you give me?" Qiu Qianchi shouted that the veins stood out suddenly and violently, just like the evil spirits, and their faces were even more ferocious.
When Gongsun Lve saw Qiu Qianchi, she cried and shouted, "I beg you to leave my mother alone. She is now a cripple and poses no threat to you."
Wang Yue said, "I want to have a broken grass, Qiu Qianchi. If you don’t want to talk about it, we can wait until you want to talk about it. We have waited for half a year."
Qiu Qianchi’s scream made master Yi Deng and Huang Rong shudder. This is too sad.
Life and death symbol? How could Wang Yue be so vicious?
Qiu Qianren always drinks Wang Yuegong at this time.
Qiu Qianren’s palm became livid and fleshy, as if it had become fine steel.
Wang Yue smiled "iron palm? If I didn’t guess wrong, you should be Qiu Qianren, the iron palm gang leader. "
Wang Yue’s hand, qi, blood and energy surged, and he punched Qiu Qianren’s palm.
Two energy explosions directly destroyed the seats in the hall.
Huang Rong hurried to protect Guo Xiang from the true qi wave.
Although Qiu Qianren is also a master fighter, he is even worse than Guo Jing and even worse than Wang Yue.
Wang Yue repelled him with one blow.
Qiu Qianren vomited an one mouthful blood and turned pale.
Master Yi Deng stopped Qiu Qianren and said, "Wang Yue, young Xia, please show your mercy because of his high martial arts."
Wang Yue laughed. "I don’t want to kill anyone either, but I can’t blame anyone for dying."
Qiu Qianchi said at this time, "I said that I said that I would break the heartbroken cliff."
Qiu Qianchi is really can’t stand it. She didn’t expect this life and death operator to be so tortured.
Wang Yue smiled. "Thank you, Dongfang, for giving her an explanation of life and death."
Yang Guo and Lu Shuang are both excited, and the poison of love affair can finally be lifted.
"Where’s the little dragon girl?" Wang Yue asked Gongsun Lve.
Gongsun Lve said, "I’ll take you to Sister Xiaolong’s room."
Gongsun Lve took Wang Yue and Li Mochou to the little dragon girl’s room, but they were alone.
Wang Yue eyebrows a wrinkly asked, "didn’t you say she was in the room? What not? "
Gongsun Lve panicked and said, "I don’t know what’s going on. She even returned my lunch to her."
Li Mochou said, "Wang Yue, don’t worry yet. Maybe your sister is just going out for a stroll. I believe she will be back soon."
"Find him."
The little dragon girl’s half-year horse will arrive at the edge of the heartbroken cliff. Her love affair poison is getting more and more fierce and she will die at any time.
The little dragon girl misses Wang Yue, but she is afraid to see him. She doesn’t want to die in front of Wang Yue.
The little dragon girl, Shibi, lettered that we would meet in sixteen years.
When Wang Yue, Li Mochou, Huang Rong, Guo Fu, Yang Guo, Lu Shuang, Yi Deng and others arrived at the heartbroken cliff, the little dragon girl had disappeared and left the handwriting on the stone wall
Wang Yue was surprised that the little dragon girl left again?
This time, it will be dangerous for the little dragon girl to leave even if it is true. She is still in love with poison.
Wang Yue smiled coldly at the handwriting on the stone wall. "See you in sixteen years?"
Before seeing Wang Yue’s abnormal mood, Huang Rong comforted, "Wang Yue, don’t worry. I think the little dragon girl must have been taken away by the South China Sea Shenni. I heard my father say that the South China Sea Shenni is a generation of high-ranking people who appear once every 16 years. There is absolutely no danger for the little dragon girl to follow her."
Wang Yue stared as Huang Rong shouted, "Shut up! Huang Rong, you can still cheat others with this trick. If you want to cheat me, you’re not afraid to say it. What nonsense? If there is such a superior person, what don’t I know? Who else in this world can excel me in martial arts and medical skills? "
Huang Rong was speechless. She didn’t expect Wang Yue to see at a glance that she was lying to him.
Wang Yue looked up and saw several grasses in the stone wall.
"heartbroken grass?"
Wang Yue guessed that it should be broken grass.

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