Beiqi’s move was beyond my expectation, because their remaining troops were more than ours. It was unreasonable to retreat at this time. I was puzzled. I didn’t order the troops to pursue the remnants of Beiqi and retreat a hundred miles away. I was convinced that the other party’s retreat was not a decoy, but because the people in our door and the yellow animals were still retained. Once the war broke out in Beiqi, these ranks could not be left.

"Lu people bury the bodies together and clean up all the materials left by the enemy." I rushed to Zheng and ordered the two sides to leave a mountain of bodies on the battlefield, which must be buried, otherwise it will easily lead to plague when spring comes.
"Yes" solemnly led the life away.
The border war came to an end. I left all the people in the door and the yellow beast. Then Xu Shuangyi returned to Chang’ an. After returning to Chang’ an, Yang Zhong immediately called everyone to call a meeting.
Members of the meeting include Lin Yicheng, King Kong Gun, Xu Shuangyi, Wu Qingzhu, two intimate immortals and Yang Zhongshou, and several generals. Everyone looks ugly except for the King Kong Gun, which has been training modern troops but has not received any news.
"What’s the matter? This is a sad face." King Kong cannon sat next to me and wondered.
They smell speech and shake their heads with a wry smile, and there is no mouth to answer his questions.
"I spelled out 900,000 military forces in Beiqi at a cost of 600,000 yuan." I primly said.
"Spell it out? What do you mean? " King Kong cannon failed to react at the moment.
"Is dead" I shook my head.
"I rely on you to be more cruel than Lin Biao." King Kong cannon was shocked. Although Lin Biao is a traitor, no one can deny that he was able to attack Jinzhou Tashan militarily. He once said, "I don’t want casualties, I want Tashan." This shows that this person is ruthless and cold-blooded and marshal has a heart of stone.
"The real thing is important. You should wait for me to discuss it before making a decision. Now, if the enemy attacks us, we will wait for it?" Yang Zhong’s fidgety look made him feel flustered.
"If Chen Gang dares to take advantage of the virtual attack, he will immediately take his head. The casualties of Beiqi military forces are even heavier than our army. Besides, our army still has 200,000 marshals to worry about homeland security." I waved my hand and said that when I stood by and watched the lives of 300,000 soldiers in exchange for my 30% aura, I knew that I would be singled out when I came back. Even so, I was not in the mood for trial. I naturally had my reasons for doing things. I didn’t understand, but I couldn’t talk nonsense. Yang Zhong’s words were blamed,
"Since what’s done is done, Marshal, don’t worry about the reality. There must be a security guard waiting for me." Lin Yicheng saw that I was sullen and quickly spoke to reconcile.
"The Prime Minister has a point. Our army will still win completely. After that, everything will still depend on the real person to decide." Yang Zhong nodded and said that his previous words had the meaning of blaming me. He was afraid that my heart would be unhappy, so he would say this. In fact, this is not a complete victory. This is a real tragic victory
"200,000 heavy soldiers changed their crossbows, and Gong Bing stayed behind in the imperial city of crossbowmen and rushed to the border to consolidate the border defense." I seriously said that it was impossible for Beiqi to organize a big invasion of crossbowmen to deal with emergencies
"Pull in March" Yang Zhong nodded and said that at this time, he looked good. Many of them looked good because I left him hundreds of archers.
I don’t like the imperial court very much, and I don’t like directing large-scale battles, because I’m not a civilian or a military commander. I’m a fairy. I’ve never been an official before, and I haven’t taken a soldier to do those things for me. I don’t like it. Yang Zhong knows that no matter what I do, there is no qualitative misunderstanding or estrangement between the two sides.
"Pull it out one after another before the Spring Festival, and you need to bring the food and grass you need to station in the future." I said that the Spring Festival is not called the Spring Festival at this time
Yang Zhongwen nodded should be
Then everyone discussed it as protection. After getting down to business, Yang Zhong held out his son. Compared with Emperor Wen of Sui, ordinary children seem quieter. To cry is to eat and urinate. Yang Zhong loves his son very much, and we also like this future day very much. Yang Zhong wants to hold out his son for everyone to watch. There are two motives: one is to unite everyone’s centripetal force, and the other is to tell us that it will be their Yang family in the future.
The fact is that he secretly woke up that I would leave here if the two dragons fought for the position. I am a passer-by here and helping Jinlong is a means for me to return to the modern age.
After the dinner, I called everyone to hold a small meeting in Wuqing Bamboo House to analyze the current situation and arrange a further action. No mortal attended the meeting except Lin Yicheng and Xu Shuangyi.
Lin Yicheng believes that Beiqi will not take action for a short time after being defeated, and at least will not take aboveboard military action. What we have to do at this time is to prevent the other side from secretly playing tricks.
Lin Yicheng’s analysis is correct, but passive defense is not my style. King Kong Gun is even more dismissive of this. His idea is to go to the capital of Northern Qi and kill the baby who protects Tianlong.
Previously, I was not sure whether the dharma keeper Tianlong was in the near world or possessed. It was not until I found Ssangyong Ying Xing a few days ago that I was sure that it was born in the near world, which means it is also a baby now.
"You can’t kill it. It’s against heaven." I shook my head and said.
"What heaven is there after all?" King kong cannon pie mouth said
"If you can kill Ye Aofeng, you will come and kill Emperor Wen of Sui long ago. Will you wait until now?" I shook my head to explain.
"If you can’t kill him, kill all their officials and let them take the lead."
"You are afraid that the sky will not be chaotic." I frown that the idea of a king kong cannon will definitely not work, because if we do this, the other side will do the same thing. Without officials, the two countries will be in a mess, and people will have bad habits. At that time, there will be bandits everywhere.
"Then don’t kill an official and kill a monk. I’ve prepared a guy for you. Let’s go and kill him." King Kong Gun hey hey smiled.
"We’ll talk about it later." I shook my head and said.
"It’s not illegal to kill a monk after waiting, is it?" The stupidity of King Kong Cannon and my attitude towards King Kong Cannon made Xu Shuangyi and Wu Qingzhu smile and wonder why they were so confused and why I was so indulgent with King Kong Cannon.
"I once promised Master Hui to show mercy to their Buddhist hands." I told the truth.
"Just now, I heard S say that you gave Gong Bing, who killed the monk, a thousand letters. Don’t shed crocodile tears. In my opinion, just leave a kind of meaning. Let’s go. I’ll show you the guy." King Kong Bao pulled me up from his chair.
"I’m sure I won’t spare you when I meet you on the battlefield. Don’t pull me. I’ll talk about it later." I waved my hand and broke away from the king kong cannon.
"I think the old cow method is very good." Lin Yicheng supported King Kong Gun for the first time.
"Look, look, Zhuge Liang said that I have a good plan. What are you waiting for?" King Kong cannon pointed to Lin Yicheng.
"Don’t tease me, old cow." Lin Yicheng was ashamed. Lin Yicheng has been blaming himself since he lost hundreds of ranks in the south.
"S tell me about your opinion" I turned to look at Lin Yicheng.
"In the section chief, I feel that the old cow method is feasible," said Lin Yicheng thoughtfully for a moment.
"oh? Say, "I nodded and said.
"Beiqi’s military strength is not as good as ours. After the battle report in front of you came, I roughly counted that we can still deploy nearly 300,000 troops, while Beiqi has 100,000 left, and we have 200,000 more than them. In this case, we can send troops to attack them and win. Now the only thing I am not sure is that they can spell monks and nuns. How many of these people can turn around the situation that is beneficial to us?" Lin Yicheng said that Lin Yicheng is not a monk, but a monk is not white.
"A monk with lavender aura will kill 200 ranks at most if he obtains the reiki supplement. Now there should be 500 Buddhist monks in Beiqi, and there are also some of them. If the two sides of the array are in a close situation," I frown and analyze.
"If you and Lao Niu go to Beiqi to kill those monks, the situation will be reversed and we can quickly occupy the territory of Beiqi," Lin said.
"Old Yu and I are both special forces. If we go with guns, we can sweep him early and then we can go back." King Kong Gun eagerly inserted his mouth.
"Are you in such a hurry to go back? I’m bored for more than 20 years, and I’m not in a hurry to become like you. "I glanced at the king kong cannon with dissatisfaction.
"You hug me all day long and give me a whole group of dumb people. You are so interesting." King Kong cannon looked at Xu Shuang’s clothes and Wu Qingzhu yelling.
"Who did I hug?" I can only sigh
"Yu Kechang, I think the old cow has a good way. Just go to the capital of Beiqi. If you don’t have the heart to kill them, you will waste their martial arts." Lin Yicheng said that he couldn’t tell the difference between mysterious martial arts and Taoism.
"There are some things you don’t know. Even if we capture the protector of Beiqi, Tianlong’s luck will not be cut off unless we kill Ye Aofeng. What if we really destroy Beiqi and Ye Aofeng runs away?" I shook my head and said that Ye Aofeng was connected with the dharma dragon, just as I was connected with the golden dragon with five claws. It is a truth that Ye Aofeng is still alive, and the dharma dragon will not be extinct. Even if Beiqi is destroyed, I will be promoted to pick Jin Xian. What I am most worried about now is not the occupation of Beiqi’s territory. What I am most worried about is how Ye Aofeng will cheat at the end? Where can I find him if he wants to fly away with that baby?
Chapter 719 Fear each other
"It’s an advantage to think long-term about the chief’s affairs, but if you think too long-term, it’s alarmist." Lin Yicheng laughed. "Ye Aofeng is an ambitious man. Do you think he will be willing to flee?"
"That makes sense." I nodded and said that Ye Aofeng had lost thirty percent of his aura, but he still had the help of Buddhist monks and nuns. Among them, at least one Jin Xian-like bridled old monk was not inferior to me in his comprehensive strength.
"Well, that’s settled. We’ll go to the capital of Beiqi to kill the monk one day." King Kong Gun eagerly came to pull me.

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