Zhang said, "Chen Gong is no ordinary person. I hope he can solve our Zhen family’s troubles. We will wait for Chen Gong’s news."

Chapter 56 This sword is presented to Mier
The yellow turban insurrectionary army was suppressed, but it doesn’t mean that the sky will be peaceful. Everyone with some knowledge and vision knows that the sky will be in chaos.
If you want to live in troubled times, you must master harmony and benefit.
And controlling the army is equivalent to controlling the profit.
Dong Zhuo is just a humble Beowulf, but he controls the West Cool Army and has not taken the position of the big fellow prime minister.
You can’t go to court. What about that?
Now every family is trying to strengthen their strength, and it is best to put the army in their hands.
Taiyuan Wang family is no exception.
The king magistrate asked Zhen’s family to prepare for the commissary. It’s selfish, and there is no national mind. This can’t be concealed from Yan Yan.
The king magistrate returned to the backyard of the county government and saw the center of Chen Yantang’s room at a glance
Ulrich actually went to the county government before himself.
King county magistrate facial expression, a harsh way "doing who let you into the yamen? How dare you come and arrest Chen Yan? The county wants to punish him severely! "
If you usually ask the king county magistrate to make an order, the county magistrate will rush in, but this time it is doomed to disappoint him.
Chen Yanxiao said, "Magistrate’s adult, you are a scholar, so don’t be so angry. You must learn to raise your spirits when reading sages. Your kung fu is not generally bad."
The king magistrate finally sensed something was wrong.
There is no other sound in the backyard of the county government except his breathing and heartbeat. It seems that he is isolated and it is horribly quiet around him.
King magistrate forehead braved the cold sweat and said "doing … what do you want? I’m a court official. If you dare to kill me, the court will not let you go. "
If the county magistrate of the present king still can’t guess that Chen Yan has a special collar, it will be a bit stupid. Ordinary people dare not talk to the county magistrate like this.
Chen Yan said, "I don’t kill people unless it is necessary. Chen Mou, the magistrate, came here to say a word to you. The Zhen family won’t take any more money to let you expand your army. Now the Zhen family is protected by Chen Mou. If you continue to oppress the Zhen family by Wang Jiahe’s government forces, I will come to you again, but I won’t talk to you calmly at that time. I hope the Wang family will be happy."
Ulrich walked out of the county government from the king magistrate.
King county magistrate suddenly heard his wife’s voice "Sir, what’s the matter with you? You don’t want to frighten my body. "
Wang county magistrate came to his senses and all the surrounding audio departments came back. He said, "Is Chen Yanzhen gone?"
Mrs. Wang’s eyes looked frightened as if she saw a ghost and said, "Who’s doing it? There is no one else in the backyard of the county government except you and me, sir. Just now, you were talking to yourself in the main room, which is really scary. Who else is going to kill you? "
King county magistrate a spine chills and drank several cups of tea soup in a row to relieve an emotion and said, "I just saw Mrs. Chen Yantang in the house, and you said no one?" How is it possible? "
Mrs. Wang said, "Master, can my concubine still cheat you?" I just had the floor cleaned in the main room. If someone really comes in, they will leave footprints, but there are no footprints in the main room. "
King magistrate carefully looked at the ground and there were no footprints.
The king magistrate muttered to himself, "Chen Yan will witchcraft. He is a demon like Zhang Jiao, the leader of the Yellow Scarf Army, and can’t get into trouble with Zhen’s family again."
Chen Yangen didn’t enter the county government. He interfered with the thinking of the king magistrate by his mind and talked directly with the king magistrate.
I don’t intend to show my "magical power" when I come to the Sun Yan, but now I have no status, no identity and no profit. It is impossible to say that the king county magistrate.
Then there is a way to shock and awe.
Shocked the king magistrate’s mind, and did not believe that he would oppress Zhen’s family again.
People are afraid of officials and the court, but officials are afraid of fugitives.
Now the avatar’s "magical power" means is much more powerful than the outlaw assassin. The king magistrate has regarded the avatar as a "demon" like the opening angle, and naturally he will be afraid.
It is wrong to say whether you are afraid or to make others fear after studying Chinese studies and Chinese wisdom, but Chen Yan can do so by borrowing food to save people and helping Zhen’s family solve their troubles by the way.
Took a look at the nearby county government fence and turned away from returning to Zhen’s house.
When Zhang saw Chen Yan coming back, he quickly asked, "Chen Gong … What’s the situation?"
Zhenyao also looked forward to doing.
Chen Yan said gently, "Chen Mou has settled with the king county magistrate. If he is clever, I believe that people will soon come to talk and no longer ask Zhen for food."
Zhang patted his chest and breathed a sigh of relief. "That’s good. That’s good. Yao Er, you take Chen Gong to the guest room to rest first."

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