This is commonly known as "dead-on-the-spot"

Chen Yan has long understood the realm of "the living dead", but that is not the real death, and there is still a big difference compared with the real death.
Jinjiao behemoth devoured Chen Yan and realized what real death is.
Chen Yanzhong sat cross-legged with his hands folded and closed his eyes. He gave up his struggle and faced death.
Chen Yan’s face is very peaceful, and his mouth is smiling. He has no anger, no fear, no likes and dislikes, and no worries.
When death comes, there’s really nothing you can’t let go of
Chen Yan’s thinking and consciousness are clearer than ever. He recalls his life. When his consciousness transcends time and limitation, Chen Yan reviews his life.
Chen Yan’s obsession is the pursuit of immortality or eternal life. When he gives up his obsession, the biggest shackles of body and mind will be gone
Chen Yan’s spiritual practice is enlightenment, but it has never been satisfactory.
It can be said that Chen Yancai was truly enlightened until now.
Chen Yan opened his eyes again and said, "There is no difference between eternity and reality in an instant. My pursuit should be’ Tao’ instead of pure eternal life. It is said that this is the reason why Jinjiao behemoth, although I still can’t stand you, you can’t afford to devour the avatar."
As soon as the words are finished, Chen Yanshen’s awe-inspiring righteousness seems to have dyed half the sky white and directly shocked the Jinjiao behemoth
Such a strong and powerful awe-inspiring spirit broke the Jinjiao beast and swallowed the avatar
Ulrich has lost the idea of killing Jinjiao behemoth.
University morality is close to the people and stops at goodness.
Chen yanxian’s mentality is to be close to goodness.
Hong, Raytheon, Luo Feng and others were stunned.
Return to absolute being, Hong said, "Sages came to the world! Strong and upright, Mr. Chen’s spiritual practice is no different from our ancient Chinese sages. "
Baba tower surprised sound Luo Feng mind rings "I depend … doing this guy what is the situation? Jinjiao behemoth life avatar was thus cracked by him? It’s incredible. My demon Babata has learned a lot today. "
Chapter 46 Opportunities in the Sun and Moon Essence Taiji Diagram
The sun’s brilliance converged on Chen Yanshen, which made Chen Yanshang look even more solemn.
High practitioners can absorb the essence of the sun and the moon to unite the Yuan gods and exercise their bodies.
Chen Yanfang obsessively realized that at that moment, Fu’s spiritual powers showed themselves, and he could finally absorb the essence of the sun and the moon.
The essence of the sun and the moon is a very magical energy, which is found all over the world.
Chen Yan can now go to one side of the world, even without the cosmic energy and the aura of heaven and earth, his skill can still continue to be enhanced, because of the essence of the sun and the moon, but he can absorb and practice
At this moment, the path of Chen Yan’s practice is truly smooth.
After doing this, he won’t be killed by the strong, and he won’t die. In the future, he will become a mighty man and gain immortality, but it is incidental.
Jinjiao behemoth roared.
It’s a pity that it has no chance to devour Chen Yan again.
Virtual median airflow and vitality converge to form a huge Tai Chi pattern. Chen Yan and Jinjiao behemoth are just the eyes of Yin and Yang to form Tai Chi pattern.
Taiji diagram rotates slowly.
Jinjiao behemoth is like being stuck in a swamp, and no matter how crazy it struggles, it can’t escape the bondage of Taiji diagram.
Babata was surprised. "The star-level fighter Elwyn actually broke through in the battle and became a star-level fighter. Luo Feng, to tell the truth, you earthlings are really magical. God Hong and Lei will not say anything, especially Elwyn. His body and brain are ordinary people, not peerless genius, but he has great wisdom. Elwyn has never obtained the knowledge of the earth from the strong in the universe, so it is theoretically impossible for him to become a star-level fighter."
Babata, it seems that Chen Yan is a native of the earth.
It’s already the nature and limit of the star fighters in the line of Chen Yan. If you don’t get the powerful figures in the universe like Luo Feng, it’s impossible to become a star fighter.
But Babata looked away again.
Ulrich can not only absorb the essence of the sun and the moon at the moment, but also have star-level fighters’ fighting power.
The strangest thing is that Chen Yan doesn’t have his star warrior star nucleus. It’s the first time he’s seen this kind of spiritual body Babata.
Luo Feng said with a smile, "Mr. Chen is not the kui is the most tough battle among our earth fighters … we humans won."
Yes, this battle is not won by Yan Chen, but by the whole earth. If you win the Jinjiao behemoth, the earth will be alive, otherwise it will be a genocide field.
Chen Yan sat cross-legged and Jinjiao behemoth was far opposite.

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