Ma ke si fa

Until Tony couldn’t watch it, he coughed and called it back. He had fantasized that he was sitting around and enjoying the happiness of others.
Mark felt a little guilty during the recovery, touched his nose and said directly to Tony, "Do you remember when I told you that there are three necessities for making holy garments?"
Tony nodded.
Silver star sand
Since Mark said it, Tony has been looking for these three mysterious things that Mark boasted about all over the world.
But it is a pity
This year-long search was finally a success, and Tony even wondered if these three things were made up by Mark casually.
Mark said, "Well, if nothing happens, there will be a war machine made of the same material as the holy garments here. If you want to forge your own personal holy garments, now is a good time."
Anyway, it was supposed to be the destroyer, and Odin took it to see the warehouse, so it would be better to throw it directly to Tony.
At that time, the cosmic timeline destroyer field in 199999 was not so good either.
What about S.H.I.E.L.D.
By the way, the hammer god is here. Where’s SHIELD?
Just then.
Outside, the thunder exploded again.
Mark and others went outside to look, but they saw Wan Li’s colorful light flashing.
One second
A mushroom cloud rises directly outside the town.
Mark looked at the yellow robe and added himself to the ancient mage. His expression was a little strange and he said, "The venerable mage Nordic Shenting regards the earth as his back garden and destroys it at will. Is this enough to treat you with contempt?"
There is no doubt that mark’s words are naked provocation.
But Guyi waved and opened the door to reveal the big snow-capped mountains across the street and said simply, "Sol came to understand the true meaning of the king. Odin informed me two months ago."
Say that finish
The ancient look at mephistopheles.
all right
The latter is like licking a dog at the sight of Gu Yi.
Gu Yi said without change, "What’s the matter with that child named Danny?"

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