Liu Weiping said, "What if they don’t declare war?"

Vice President Rumby said, "There is no one in case."
Liu Weiping seems to have said something in vain, "Well, I have reservations. Besides, I want to bid for the Yanlong Corps, knowing that they bear a heavy burden and no one can stop the scene."
Vice President Rumby agreed.
Major-General won’t destroy the plan of China’s peers, but he will have to play with Europe if he wants to add more materials. Why don’t you go to the Yanlong Army to supervise the war? Count him smart!
The Soviet Union is equally determined to win Belan. This country has now become the main battlefield of the Warsaw Pact NATO confrontation. Can NATO be suppressed? Afghanistan has taken a back seat. Apart from political factors and economic considerations, Belan has a large oil field rich in oil, which has a great impact on international oil prices. If Taslan Oilfield is successfully developed, international oil prices will further slide, which is definitely not a good thing for the Soviet Union, which relies on energy exports. On the other hand, if it keeps fighting, oil prices will definitely rise steadily, and the Soviet Union will be lighter. It is simply the most wonderful thing to earn a lot of money easily. For the Soviet Union, it doesn’t matter how this war is fought. What is important is to make this war fight for a long time. This is in line with the interests of the Soviet Union. On the one hand, it weakens the hostile countries in Europe, on the other hand, it can gain considerable economic benefits. By the way, there are so many mountains in the warehouse that I don’t know how to deal with conventional weapons and equipment and save a lot of money. Of course, it’s a godsend to realize the dream of a major general galloping and winning a thousand miles.
Just as he is thinking about getting better, Mezzo will visit.
"The teaching brigade has been transferred to the east for a few days and can reach the front line." When the coffee arrives, it will come straight to the point and say, "This is our national defense service unit, and its combat effectiveness can be one and a half divisions."
Borrossi Love said less, "It’s very good, but it’s not much worse to teach the troops named after the word. I’m looking forward to the wonderful performance of this tiger and wolf division. I’m really looking forward to it!"
Jiang Shen said, "I’m here mainly to confirm that a Citigroup really won’t send an army to attack our western energy base?"
Major General Borrossi Love smiled. "Don’t worry, I will put those evil capitalists who don’t have the courage. The great Soviet Union is facing the strong pressure of our country. They will soon realize that attacking the west of Belan is tantamount to suicide. They won’t do such a stupid thing."
Metso tapped his finger on the desktop and said, "I hope so. To be honest, this country is really reassuring. No one knows what they want!"
Major General Borrossi Love said, "If you respect me, you can rest assured that I have an idea."
Metso will say "Go ahead"
Major General Borrossi Love said, "Let Belan join the Soviet nuclear umbrella. Imagine if there are several intercontinental missile trains flying by Belan, and there are several intercontinental missile silos hidden in the mountains in the southwest of Belan. Which country dares to reach out to you?"
Mezzo will be startled.
It is no joke to enter the Soviet nuclear umbrella, which means that the Soviet Union will dominate Belan’s military, diplomatic, political and other fields from now on, and Belan will become the battlefield of NATO’s Warsaw Pact. Yongning Day is a price that Belan can’t afford, but it is not unreasonable for this Soviet guy to say that once Soviet nuclear weapons are deployed to Belan’s Citigroup Africa Command, they will be held back by nuclear bombs and never dare to make a move again. Even the European legion will have to get out of here!
Nod or shake your head?
It will be difficult to choose. He remembers that more than 20 years ago, the Soviet Union made a similar request to Mr. Belan, but China decisively refused. Obviously, China has a thorough understanding of China’s interests. Should Belan also shake his head? It’s really hard.
Borrossi rove sneer at "do you still want to count on China? Hum, don’t have any illusions about them. This country is greedy, selfish and likes to consume them. They have long betrayed socialism and the third world! You should know that their strategic laser alone can make the Europeans fly things-including fighters and satellites and even missiles-disappear, which greatly weakens their combat effectiveness, but how do they do it? They stood by and watched the enemy have fighter planes. Belan Tian spread death and slaughtered Belan soldiers and civilians! They have reached an agreement with the enemy to sell you! "
On the contrary, it has worsened to the point of threatening each other and tying each other! Finally, after the South China Sea went off, the new hatred and old hatred between the two countries broke out together. Three SS1s of the Soviet Union flew out, creating a precedent for one country to launch intercontinental missiles to another country. The world was shocked. Although the three SS1s could not explode, it was enough to trigger a terrible storm. dead mouse feels no cold of the Soviet Union insisted that the three intercontinental missiles, like the militia of Citigroup, were cut into the launch system by terrorists and launched through satellites. Anyway, it was just a matter of refusing to recognize China’s response to China. The vague strategic laser system started the lightsaber and shot down all three intercontinental missiles, which surprised the world and even made the Soviet Union, who wanted to blackmail China, fail to come to Taiwan once. Since then, the Soviet Union’s attitude towards China has eased, but it is impossible to shake hands and make peace. Now it is aggressive to Beran. At present, these two helpers are fighting first! The strength is weak, so it is better to ask the Soviet Union or China for help! As far as the present situation is concerned, China has adopted a tolerant attitude towards the Soviet Union, but no one can guarantee that Major General Hua, who built Belan Defence Force with one hand, will always endure it! Once he strikes back, it will be fatal! This is definitely not a good thing for Belan.
No matter which side gets hurt, Belan is the one who gets hurt the most! The battle between the two sides for the direction of the Belan Defence Force is a battle. After the start, there will definitely be more intense conflicts. Which one should Belan face? It’s really hard.
At the same time, Deng Lao from Zhongnanhai also gave a wry smile to the report submitted by the advisory group "Cheng En fights against each other! If you give too much, people will think that you owe him … North Korea is like this, Annan is like this, and Albania is like this … I hope so! " He turned to the general commander and said, "Cut aid to Belan by ten percent and increase arms response to Iran and Iraq! ! !”
Chapter VII Battle (1)
The subtle political changes are not when the soldiers can feel that there has been a small rift between the two countries. The soldiers of the two countries still fight side by side with this knowledge. Qi Xin has joined forces to launch a wave of fierce offensives against the European Legion
The 7th Armored Division in Saint-Tucson Valley has been divided into several sections, and the division and encirclement can’t echo each other. It is going well, but it is extremely difficult to eat the enemy in the encirclement. The 7th Armored Division quickly shrinks its troops and huddles up like a group of hedgehogs covered with thorns, which makes people feel that the Wehrmacht has hit them again and again in the rain, and the front line has been hit back by fierce fire. In the desperate situation, the British soldiers are fierce and tenacious. They bombard the machine guns with heavy artillery, sweep the sappers’ shovels and cut the rocket launchers. The ghost gate has been rolled several times, but now it is not afraid of the narrow terrain of the valley, and the troops can’t be used. They can take refueling tactics and throw themselves into a battle of annihilation, which will soon turn into a war of attrition. The British transport plane risked the crash and rushed into the dense fog area to throw the supplies that the 7 th armored division urgently needed. Although this way of throwing was expensive, at least four transport planes were shot down in recent days, but at least the supplies were sent to the armored division. It was with these materials that the 7 th armored division had to support it. Of course, many materials were thrown to the positions of the Belan Defence Force.
As for the 7th Armored Division Belan Defence Force, the Scottish Highland Division rushed to help. This Highland Division has a long history and has always been an elite British army. During the early World War I, the division was good at tackling key problems and gained a great reputation. You know, there was no armored force and no army spider web at that time, which was generally four-way trench, marginal minefield, Abatis, which was denser than reeds, and a huge artillery group. The terrible Shura Slaughterhouse built by barbed wire and a fortress without machine guns has killed all the strategists. It has become extremely difficult and bloody to attack. Sometimes it can advance hundreds of meters at the cost of tens of thousands of casualties a day. The cruelty of trench warfare makes people feel terrible. It is a surprise that there is still an army playing like a duck to water in such a cruel battle. The media reported that the Scottish Highland Division has become brave, tenacious and fierce. Loyalty and other virtues are the sharpest swords in King Arthur’s hands. However, if we put aside those flattering words, it is not difficult to see that the Scottish Highland Division, like other troops, has also smashed the whole battalion in the Western Shura Slaughterhouse. At the beginning of the war, some soldiers even wore grass skirts and played Scottish bagpipes. The big troops in front of the team marched in a neat queue and faced the German heavy machine guns at a constant speed. The consequences can be imagined-no one could walk out of the 400-meter same officer alive. The soldiers who beat the drums lined up neatly and marched forward with the drums, so did the Germans. The war on the western front was almost a killing contest between the allies and the allies
It’s not easy for the Scottish Highland Division to pry open one highland after another in such a killing field.
However, this heroic army that has gone through two world wars will face new challenges. They are a young but absolutely not contemptuous army-a rapid response division temporarily mixed by a battalion of digital infantry brigade, digital artillery brigade and rapid response brigade!
Scottish Highland Division can be described as turning a blind eye to frequent harassment by Belan militia, pounding all the way, breaking through five lines of defense of Belan Defence Force one after another, and heading straight for Valley Division Commander Major General Davis, Lieutenant General Dawn, patting his chest in front of him, indicating that he will take St. Tucson Valley for three days! With his assurance, Lieutenant General Dawn was finally relieved, but the reality was cruel. At last, they saw the general entrance of the Hell Gate in the valley, and at the same time, they also saw a barrage of artillery shells. The artillery radar calculated a trajectory, and these shells actually flew from 40 kilometers away! ~
The scout battalion of the Scottish Highland Division vanguard can escape in an instant. The shells are flying like a shower, and the roads are rolling like thunder. Both people and armored vehicles are instantly turned into a pile of debris, and a shell falls less than 10 meters near the command vehicle. The powerful explosion wave rudely overturns the command vehicle. Two staff officers are killed on the spot. The battalion commander is full of shrapnel. In a pool of blood, he twitches painfully. The reconnaissance battalion reacts quickly and releases a smoke screen to cover himself and leave at the same time. However, when they were in a mess, the Woods on both sides of the road fell down one after another. When they saw the car, they ran into people and ran over several helicopters. Red arrow anti-tank missiles also sprang up in the jungle, and people screamed and flew out, piercing the thick armor and violently overturning the tank turrets. The reconnaissance battalion was immediately in trouble.
Major-General Davis was not too surprised when he learned that the reconnaissance battalion was ambushed. He thought it would be an accident if the reconnaissance battalion was not attacked, but the enemy was not as high as he thought. If it was him, he would let the reconnaissance battalion go and wait until the main force entered the ambush circle, and then suddenly launched an attack. He told the Scottish Highland Division to send two battalions back and forth in an attempt to attack the enemy’s left and right heavy artillery regiments to give them enough fire support. Now the reconnaissance battalion has been mixed with the enemy and can’t support it. How much it can live depends on luck.
The bad news is that when the two battalions approached the reconnaissance battalion, they were ambushed respectively. Fierce gunfire blew up the bridge in Fiona Fang for several kilometers. The two battalions were unable to move. They could watch the enemy scouts guide them to form a community and tear them to pieces with their own heads. The enemy did not directly confront them this time, but it was killing life.
The main heavy artillery group of the power kept firing, which turned the two camps into a sea of fire. Every minute, a large number of soldiers were killed and wounded, and the smoke was filled with the desperate wailing of highland division soldiers.
Davis was a little surprised that the other side sent out a battalion and an artillery group to make himself so passive. Now he is a little unsure of the strength of the other side. Some staff members suggested that Ma put in the main force to rescue the trapped troops. Major General Davis disagreed. He clearly realized that he had stepped into an elaborate trap and destroyed the other side’s heavy artillery group. It was no use putting in more troops before he ordered the main force to hide on the spot and send a capable team to drive the enemy reconnaissance troops far away. At the same time, it was the best choice to apply for military support. Now the enemy situation should remain unchanged and change.
Davis, Major General, is sedate and cautious, which makes Liuzhe and Han Feng a little surprised. Han Feng sneer at "Improper? Then work harder to clean up the prey that has fallen into the trap and order the fire department of the 23 rd artillery group to make the gas explosion bomb blow these gentlemen to slag! "
Ten 23mm self-propelled guns slowly raised their thick and long barrels, aiming at the huge enemy gun body 40km away, and gave a severe shock. air billow swept across the launching position, causing dust flying, and fireballs with a diameter of two or three meters flashed, and shells with a length of one meter flew out. The 23mm heavy artillery shells weighed 133kg, and the power of charging 30kg was imaginable. This time, it was a gas explosion bomb, which could be "morally bankrupt". If we could see this scene, the reconnaissance battalion would definitely feel so happy.
23 mm heavy artillery shells destroyed mountains and destroyed Yuewei from the sky, and the ground blossomed. The soldiers and soldiers in the holy Bai Lianhua Highlands watched in horror. Ran Ran rose, followed by a flash of orange fire. The explosion waves spread like an avalanche. Every shell exploded, which means that all life in the area of tens of square meters belongs to the dust. Fortunately, nothing can be bombarded by gas, fuel and explosives. Fortunately, even the infantry was torn apart by the explosion waves, but it burned a little. One of the characteristics of pneumatic fuel explosives is that a large amount of oxygen should be absorbed and fully mixed before the explosion to form a large area of oxygen. Without oxygen, the oil will not burn naturally, and the explosive bombs will continue to fall in the killing range. Fortunately, the soldiers are either blown away or shattered, and their eyes are bleeding. Fortunately, there is no oxygen, and it feels like being thrown to the moon.
Several rounds of gas bombs hit the two battalions, causing heavy casualties. The two battalion commanders begged for reinforcements through the line, but how to reinforce them? Cannon can’t reach other people’s troops, but haven’t they arrived at the medium-range surface-to-surface missile? It doesn’t work because after these rounds of volley, the enemy began to interfere before the missile battalion of the division locked the target, which means
The signal screen of the artillery brigade is divided into one minute, two minutes, two minutes, four minutes, and then divided into sixteen artillery brigades in the blink of an eye to spread in the opposite direction. Don’t talk about them, even if the army is faced with a large number of fake targets, it is probably blindsided. Major General Davis cursed the Swedes! If the head information is correct, then these advanced artillery technologies in China should come from Sweden, the Nordic tiny country. The army has only a reinforcement division or so, but it has military artillery, radar and fighter planes that are envied by many big countries. Tanks and so on are in the leading position to develop fh-77b towed 155mm heavy artillery. It is a shame that China, the first country in the world, imported 30 fh-77bs from Sweden in 1973 and got a set of drawings-it is said that it was a set of Tang Dynasty porcelain. It is estimated that even Sweden did not expect that China had thoroughly understood FH-77B technology in just a few years, and shine on you developed a more advanced 77-type self-propelled artillery, which was bombed in Annan War. Monkeys flying bloody pieces in the 23 mm heavy artillery, that is, a group of Nazi artillery experts were sent, and Sweden also sent experts to participate in this project. After the successful development of the 23 mm heavy artillery, 60 self-propelled howitzers were definitely the most lethal in the world. In the final analysis, it was Sweden that caused trouble. If they didn’t export artillery technology to China, nothing would happen!
Good highland divisions don’t fight back-they have an artillery battalion equipped with fh-77b towed artillery. The range of the artillery is higher than that of the Huajun 77. Just now, they didn’t fire because the battalion was too slow to follow, but now they are following, but the enemy is gone! At the thought of this, the teacher’s adult was furious. Fortunately, the army killed a fierce bombing of the artillery position of the Chinese army. After paying the painful price of being shot down by a fighter plane, he finally threw the bomb into the artillery group and the bomber squadron was a little tired in the fire. He reported to him that "the enemy artillery group has been hit hard … Mom, there are so many cannons that can’t be blown up!"
The spirit of the teacher cheered loudly, "Let the artillery regiment fire and let them taste the shells!"
Long ago, the artillery corps quickly launched ten fh-77b long-range cannons without saying anything about the heavy artillery battalion. According to the coordinates of the enemy artillery group, they slammed expensive artillery shells for free. It felt great that their happy time lasted less than two minutes. When the artillery shells hit their positions, the gas, fuel and explosives flew away and turned into Bai Lianhua, everyone was stupid!
After the dazzling flash, the sky were to fall, and the general explosion weighed more than ten tons. The heavy artillery was blown to the east and west, and the ammunition was shredded and the shells were flying about 120,000.
Enthusiastic to join this chorus of death, the shooter and even the artillery battalion covered the infantry. When they screamed, they were completely submerged by this torrent of death mixed with steel and fire. When the bullet rain finally stopped, the whole artillery battalion could not stop. Davis’ anger line scolded the army with a dog’s blood. The bomber squadron was a little wronged. "We can guarantee that we have hit the enemy artillery hard …"
Davis hit the lungs and yelled, "Hit your sister hard! The old long-range heavy artillery battalion has been finished, and the remaining artillery roots can’t reach people’s divisions. You are responsible for this! "
The bomber squadron felt incredible. Just now, they blew up 20 or 30 self-propelled artillery pieces, and the enemy’s surplus artillery pieces were still able to instantly erase the highland division’s long-range artillery battalion. Where did they come up with so many artillery pieces? Can they really blow them up? They didn’t know that what they just blew up was just a bunch of realistic models. They inserted an iron bar into two wheels and disguised it. It looked absolutely the same as the real thing thousands of meters high. The camouflage troops of the Chinese army always pursued perfection. The fake artillery was loaded with a certain amount of oil and gunpowder to create a realistic fireworks effect, which deceived these Chinese eagles!

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