What did Locke escape in those years, and what did his teachers and companions suffer? It is said that he was "hacked" in this past, and he didn’t want to be questioned by others.

Of course, Locke won’t say the secret method he learned easily, but he is willing to share some unique coping techniques based on it, which may have involved some secrets, but he is not too concerned now
There is an idiom in Dongguo called childhood friend Locke. There should have been such a companion who taught these things at the earliest. It was not Locke who said it on his own initiative, but Hua Zhen Bank inferred from his words that it had also made up a lot of dog blood plots, and quietly gave Locke a nickname called "Lomio".
The paper plane was born out of a kind of magic called "after-eye surgery" or a certain simulation mode of after-eye surgery. Locke won’t really do it because he is not a formal magic teacher yet.
The foundation of paper plane or the bending of gods is something that every friar in the Three Realms can master, but Locke can attach his gods to paper plane, which is a unique skill.
This requires repeated practice and is dangerous.
When such a paper plane flies out, Locke himself is equivalent to temporarily giving up the sense of god, but at the same time, the paper plane is equivalent to extending his senses and observing the outside world
When Hua Zhen is traveling, he can explore the surrounding situation by moving his mind. However, the scanning type can also be directional and linear, and the fixed-point and linear exploration distance can reach the farthest.
Locke’s paper airplane technique is even more exaggerated. It can even exceed the limit of directional linear gods’ induction. The price is to temporarily give up its own gods’ induction energy but see the outside world through this paper airplane.
What do you want a paper airplane body? Because it is very light and can glide in the air, it is not too expensive, and it can be manipulated flexibly even in far places.
When the paper plane flies far away, if it can’t react as usual in an accident, and the paper plane has an accident, Yuan Shen will also be affected.
Locke first learned this in order to deliver messages. He and the person who taught him live not far away, but there are many obstacles in the way, which prevent direct gods from being connected with each other and not being able to feel them.
Some people may think it’s very easy to talk about writing a few lines on a piece of paper. It’s best for each other to understand the secret language, then fold it into a paper plane and fly it out to bypass many blocking buildings and fly to each other’s eyes … Why not just make a phone call or send a text message? Visa or email will do!
But monks have their own fun, different means and different tastes, so we can’t generalize.
The paper plane must be folded by yourself. Every crease must be paid attention to, so that it can be manipulated freely and skillfully without any mistakes.
It’s a bit like the creasing of the Fu-dong technique, which is equivalent to the fact that a stroke of Fu-dong is not well drawn, which means that it is useless and cannot be modified in the paper plane. His various "functions" were "developed" after Locke ran to the port of non-Suo.
Hua Zhenxing feels that Locke is a bit stubborn and paranoid. He has not recovered from his injuries and made no progress in these years, so he studies how to make origami planes.
Locke also knows the refining method, but he has never strengthened the quality of paper fibers in other occasions, such as refining pure gold or origami planes, making them lighter and tougher, and even temporarily waterproof to some extent.
He also folded several different paper planes, which are more conducive to gliding, firmer, and one is more conducive to short-distance flying to condense the power of god, like a weapon. When dealing with the gun god, those paper planes behind him were all of this type.
However, the paper plane weapon also has a defect. After the paper plane is destroyed by the opponent, others will be shocked. At first, Locke was not shot, but his old injury recurred. If Hua Zhen travels from time to time, he can’t hold on.
Hua Zhen and Mann also learned that the origami plane must first learn how to control it conveniently by injecting the power of God into every crease.
Hua Zhen’s paper plane can fly about a kilometer, which is twice the distance of his current maximum awareness. He can attach his senses to the paper plane or paper plane, which is equivalent to extending his eyes, ears and other senses, but he must ensure his concentration.
Maman, she can control the distance almost as well as Hua Zhenxing, but her paper plane is more dexterous and can play all kinds of animals and flowers, just like a bird in the sky is more flexible than a bird.
The Hua Zhen origami plane has better "quality", that is, it can strengthen the paper fiber as much as possible during folding and integrate the power of mind and knowledge to achieve the toughest and lightest effect, and it is also the most powerful if it is used as an attack weapon.
Paper airplane gives Hua Zhenxing a feeling that it is somewhat similar to Kefu’s plastic surgery in some respects. It is a unique skill. Only when you learn it can you know that it is so, but it is difficult to figure it out by yourself without teaching.
And Locke was given the foundation and repaired for nearly ten years. Under limited circumstances, he played the children’s paper plane to a new height and developed many new functions, which can be regarded as a master of playing paper planes.
Although the art of paper airplane is wonderful, Hua Zhen also found several obvious defects, which are difficult to overcome. First, the paper material is a problem. How to strengthen it? After all, paper can’t be completely waterproof, let alone fireproof, unless it is replaced with special paper.
However, no matter what kind of paper is light and thin, it is very fragile and easy to be damaged, which will also impact the controller. Although the Yuanshen paper plane is light, after all, its strength is limited and its speed is not slow, but it is impossible to bear it quickly because of wind resistance and great speed, especially when the acceleration reaches a certain level.
If it takes a certain distance for Locke’s paper plane to attack Hua Zhenxing, it will be easier for Hua Zhenxing to smash one with one shot without the marksmanship of the gun god, so that it is easier to change it into a long stick with a hand.
At close range … Why don’t you just shoot the Lokers directly? It would be more convenient if you came closer and passed it with a stick or a punch.
The object bending method may be better than a stone in the control range of the enemy. The paper plane is far-reaching, flexible and strange
Of course, the paper plane is still very good in some occasions, such as exploring some places that are inconvenient to enter or inaccessible. If there is any danger or accident, the paper plane will be cut off before it is damaged
It’s a bit stubborn to insist on origami plane Locke for so many years.
One day, people who play paper airplanes in Hua Zhenxing Palm Manor feel like learning to fly in the third floor. For Hua Zhenxing, this is the most interesting place for paper airplanes. He can’t fly, but he can use paper airplanes to extend his senses to the sky and overlook the whole southern coastal area of Palm Manor from a height.
Uncle Mo saw it, then knocked at the door and came in with a knife and a piece of wood to cut a wooden bird for him on the spot.
The structure of this wooden bird is close to that of an airplane, but there is no vertical tail. There are four parts: the bird body, a pair of horizontal wings and a small horizontal tail, which are fastened together with the wooden elastic bayonet, and the angle of the two wings tail can be adjusted. The key parts have been specially strengthened by the refining method.
It can fly to the sky much faster than a paper plane, and its control is more complicated. It needs to be skilled and natural. When Hua Zhen takes it, it finds it more fun, but it can be used as a sensory intermediary when ordinary toys fly.
Uncle Mo woke up and said, "Locke’s paper flying needs an emissary to fold it personally, and you have to process it in the same way as the paper plane with divine power attached to it during the cutting process, and then it will have the function of paper plane."
Hua Zhen was curious. "You always do this. Does it feel like a toy?"
Mo Shang, who has always been very serious, laughed. "This thing is called Muque, and some people later called it Mukite. In those days, an old friend of mine could fly for three days. Can you do it with a paper plane?"
Hua Zhen thought it over carefully before he replied, "Neither can Locke’s origami plane."
This is not a question of whether the skill is profound or not. Even if the pilot can persist for three days and nights, the paper plane will not persist, and the gliding of the paper plane will be unstable. The complicated wind changes in the paper material are equivalent to being constantly rubbed by external forces, even if it is strengthened by creases. Once the deformation cannot be restored, it is equivalent to waste.
Uncle Mo’s cutting this wooden magpie is different. He cuts out the components at will. Every knife is in one step and never repeats. The wood has also been strengthened to the greatest extent. It is light and tough, flying for three days and three nights. Of course, it is no problem, and it is less affected by wind and has higher flight stability.
Hua Zhen took Uncle Mo to process the wooden magpie and showed it to Manman. I heard that Locke also came to study the news, but all three people were worried and found that they couldn’t do it. The reason was not that they didn’t repair enough ink. Shang Tong didn’t make it beyond the three means, but that their "technology" was not good enough and their kung fu was not practiced at home.
Every knife to cut the magpie is equivalent to a crease in the paper folding plane, and you can’t make mistakes or modify the attachment power at one time.
Find a carpenter enough time to process it slowly, and you can make the same wooden magpie, but then the wooden magpie can be put into the sky as a toy and attached to the senses like a paper plane
The wooden magpie with the function of paper plane must be cut by messengers. In the end, Locke first created a wooden magpie of his own. Although the shape is slightly different from that of the original ink, it was a success

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