The image of several people behind him is not much better!

Chin looked at her with a closed expression and glared at her. White Queen and the magic woman smiled slightly. "I’m sorry!"
Just now!
When Qin left, she tried to lift the frozen volcano in the west because of her mind control.
When you add the piano, your mind will often run away inexplicably and directly adjust the temperature of the fire mountain not far from everyone …
The situation in Volcano generate is out of control …
"You should feel sorry!" The magic woman took a white look at Jean and then walked directly towards the aisle without curiosity!
She has the most mutant ability, that is, camouflage and long life.
At that moment, the magic woman suddenly felt that one sentence was very correct.
Tianwei is irresistible!
If it weren’t for the rapid evacuation, everyone would have taken a bath in the lava …
Jean turned to look at the delivery door, blinked and asked Mark, "Is this fixed here?"
Mark shrugged. "Don’t worry, no one can go in without your sign."
Chin nodded her head and looked at Wan Ciwang and his group who walked directly to the ground and said, "Aren’t you going to rescue the professor?"
White Queen Emma looked back at Chin and smiled slightly. "I took a fancy to that icy mountain in the west. I’ll pack my bags!"
Jean "…"
In half an hour!
The men’s fighter plane took off instantly and took off directly towards the border between New York and Canada …
Engine room!
Storm Aurora skillfully drove this sci-fi fighter to cut through the long distance.
Mark sat on a small bench with his arms around him and looked at Wolverine Logan sitting opposite him with a slight smile. "How’s your memory trip?"
Logan looked up and said, "Will you tell me?"
Mark shook his head and said, "believe me, if you knew your past, you wouldn’t be so free and easy now."
Logan "…"
Compared with Rogan now, Rogan was simply a sad hero before he joined the men or met naughty boys!
Vividly expounded one thing.
What do you mean, the greater the tragedy, the greater the ability!
And what about Stryker?
What’s more, he wants Logan’s loyalty, and he wants to do human experiments on him!
People don’t agree to design directly, which destroys Logan’s seclusion, destroys his room and kills his wife.
It’s like a terminal patient with severe mental illness!
Next to Jean, he gave Mark a dirty look directly.
This guy!
Don’t tell Logan!
And flirt with each other
Logan looked depressed for a few minutes, and then Mark lowered his head, leaving the sanding board to polish the tough steel claws that had just been stretched out …
A long time!
Mark opened his eyes and felt that the fighter plane that had just flown four times was shaking.
The pilot, Aurora, glanced at the radar and said, "We have a partner. Two planes are flying towards us very fast!"
Just the voice just fell behind!
Through the window, Mark saw the Viper missile fighters from Hanskam Military Base, and they were even!
Just then.
"The unidentified plane orders you to descend to 20,000 feet immediately, and we will escort you to the Hanskam military base for investigation. You have ten seconds to do it!"
When the sound reaches the channel, it does not show that the military has always been overbearing!
Aurora turned to look at the three people sitting behind him and asked, "What’s the situation?"
Mark said flatly, "You’re not invisible?"
Aurora glanced at it and shook his head. "I entered Canada."
Mark sighed and said, "Canada’s national defense is also contracted by us."
Mark sat directly in the co-pilot and picked up the intercom. He said to the two American fighters who were preparing to lock the fighter plane with missiles, "This is the FBI secret fighter plane number NYMK1!"
"Wait a minute!" The name sounded again and then it was calm!
In a short time!
"Is that you, Mark?" asked a slightly husky intercom with a playful smile.
Mark was stunned and immediately smiled and said, "Roddy, wow, how did you get to Hanskam base?"
"I took the boys here for training. Who knows that a fighter plane broke into here and I almost destroyed you directly just now!"

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