It didn’t take much time for several sister-in-law to be first folded by Li Qi’s beauty and then from ear to ear because of her good temper.

I was happy to find that they got along well with each other soon after I was able to get a word out of the sister-in-law circle.
Don’t you know that the sisters-in-law love him? Li Qi loves him all the time. How can we not get along?
Sister-in-law, several brothers have to pull over before the fight. The most important thing is that his father is full of flowers.
Master Hua loved his wife in his early years and left a few children behind. Seeing that all the children are married and established, only the youngest, who loves seven children the most, is alone. If seven children can see him, they may not be so worried.
Marriage with flowers all over the floor has gradually become a worry for master Hua. He thinks that if he goes in the future, he will be taken care of by his brother and sister-in-law, and seven children will be able to take care of themselves. But how can he be at ease as a father?
Li Qi’s appearance can be regarded as a worry for Master Hua.
"Good good!"
Master Hua quietly touched a handful of tears, madam. Seven children can be regarded as a caring person. They will be good for a generation. You should protect the children in heaven!
This flower master looks at the future daughter-in-law’s good appearance and personality. What makes him happy is that Li Qi is especially good at flowers, so that a good daughter-in-law can’t let seven children miss it.
Master Hua at the dining table smiled and asked the floor full of flowers. "Did you discuss the floor?"
Discuss what? Nature is marriage.
The eyes of the public are full of flowers and Li Qi’s face is not ashamed of being red, but she is also afraid of being red, but she has not escaped this repeated questioning.
However, since the two people are happy with each other and want to spend the white head together, they have long been psychologically prepared. What are the two words?
With a wave of his hand, Master Hua took out the auspicious day they had chosen earlier and let them choose.
It’s a good choice, but the most recent day is three months later, but even if they choose it, it’s too late, but master Hua has long been optimistic about those days
After all, ginger is still an old spicy flower master’s abacus.
Although it’s a little short in three months, it’s natural for Master Hua to be very quick to look at the flowers and build a wife.
Master Hua excuses that this year is not the whole life, and the family has had a meal together to make the wedding full of flowers grand. Several brothers and sisters, including the old housekeeper, should do it if they don’t nod their heads at the flower house!
Several brothers and sisters-in-law helped the old housekeeper to organize many marriages at home, but they also made rapid progress in an orderly way in this busy family. As a result, they were going to get married, and Li Qi was the most leisurely. It happened that they couldn’t get involved in their marriage at all
On the wedding day, because the Li family was long gone, Li Qi went out from a house in Hua Jia’s house, which had long been hung up by Master Hua Li’s plaque, and all the deeds were handed over to Li Qi by hand before the wedding.
Li Qi, who is so careful, looks at it in her eyes and keeps it in her heart. She feels that when she is really lucky, she is bitter before, and now she is sweet.
However, it is not good for a family to go out. Chu Liuxiang took the sedan chair with Li Qi on his back.
Although Chu Liuxiang is young, where is the martial arts man carrying a Li Qi? When the words are secure, Li Qi is sent to the sedan chair. Chu Liuxiang is still red-eyed and full of flowers. Be sure to treat Li Qi well or his family is not easy to provoke.
The young man’s words made everyone clap their hands and make promises in front of everyone.
"Please be a witness, and you will cherish your beloved wife Li Qi wholeheartedly for the rest of your life!"
Everyone’s blessing and joy are like blooming flowers, and the beautiful fragrance has always been decorated in their memories and become a beautiful part.
Although Li Qi doesn’t want to associate with her sister, Chu Liuxiang is a good person. He gets along well with both of them and is satisfied with Chu Liuxiang’s idea.
In Lu Xiaofeng, he took Chu Liuxiang’s two brothers, Hu Tiehua and Ji Bingyan, and became a family member as well as a husband’s family. You have to get double benefits!
Not only the flower family has had contacts, but also businessmen, officials, Wulin colleagues and all major sects have sent people to send gifts and blessings.
Even the Huashan Sect sent a gift, Su drinking rain, which is not only a blessing but also a way to forgive Huashan and the Li family. It is also a way to rebuild Huashan’s name in his heart. It is not for him to be a monk.
In this way, the biggest event in the whole Jianghu and Jiangnan that year was the marriage of Huamanlou and Li Qi.
In the blessing and witness of everyone, Li Qi married her as she wished, and her eyes were full of that person, and that person was full of her!
Qilang’s meeting you is the greatest luck in my life.
The most beautiful thing in this world is that two of a kind gets married.
I have something to say.
Married, there will be one or two articles after the text of this volume is scattered (cute people have ideas, but I will refer to them) and then start a story! A story will be a love cookie, which is very interesting. Look forward to it.
Chapter 87 Chapter 87
In the early morning, the charming sunshine sprinkled all over the building and enveloped him in soft light. His lips smiled and carefully cared for the flowers in the small building.
At the moment when he touched the petals that did not converge and touched the little drops of water, he could be sure that his gentle and caring wife had watered the flowers for him early.
The flowers are full of flowers, and there is a gentle and graceful figure approaching him behind him. Obviously, I don’t want him to find it.
However, as Lu Xiaofeng said, nose and ears are what he believes most. It is difficult to hide anything from flowers in this world.
What’s more, people who come here are familiar with the fragrance of orchid and the familiarity with every move have long been deeply remembered in their hearts.
The flowers were full of smiles but didn’t move. When people came running towards him, he turned around lightly, and the cloud sleeve just took people into his arms with a wave of his hand.
Li Qi was lying in her arms full of flowers, feeling his chest ups and downs, and hearing his smile, eyebrows and eyes curved and Chen said, "Qilang, how can you find it every time?"
"If I can’t find Lian Qi’s beloved wife, it’s hard to get around. If Kiir wants to hug me, so will I hug you." It’s better to have a beautiful woman in her arms than to satisfy such a trick. Kiir is always tired of playing. He has to change his tricks to cooperate with her.
"Qilang, you are less shy now. This glib tongue is almost the same as Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang." My mind was seen through by my husband. Li Qi became angry from embarrassment and finally blamed Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang.
"I’m not the same as them. Besides, after we’ve been married for so long, if we’re shy again …" The sound of flowers gradually faded to Li Qi’s ear.
Straight provoked qi-xing li eyes watery charming is spruce stared his one eye, thinking after don’t call seven lang and the two stay for a long time, she’s a good seven lang are bad.
Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang, who are driving to the small building, sneezed. Maybe they looked at each other. Who missed them is really confusing.
Li Qi suddenly turned her eyes and smiled and gently earned it from her arms. "Qilang, I want to eat candied snacks."
"What do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you now." Flowers filled the floor and immediately prepared to go out.
"I can’t go to Qilang Flower by myself. I can give you half of it. Here, you haven’t watered it yet. You work hard and I’ll be right back." Li Qi decisively refused to put the kettle aside and put it in the hand of Qilang Flower, pushing him to the front of the half flower and then turning around to leave.
Flowers are full of spoil and nai shook his head, grabbed Li Qi with one hand and stretched out his hand to help her raise her hair. Hosta was a little crooked. "Go."
Li Qi just threw herself into the arms full of flowers, because she was wearing a hairpin with too much force, and she was a little crooked. She never thought that she would be full of flowers, and even this point could be found out how much he should pay attention to her. Li Qijiao was so sweet in her heart that she left the room with a kettle and watered the flowers.

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