Double lyu3 bu4 looked at a motioning with his hand, "silence! !” Millions of people immediately became stunned, and all players held their breath and waited for the ninth lecture!

Jiuzhong looked at the temple with a positive face. "It felt really good just now, but don’t learn …!"
Words outstanding directly by Shen Yue a pedal out Shen Yue blushes "… let you get down to business, why do you say this? !”
"Ah, yeah, yeah, get down to business! Cough …! " Nine heavy clap bottom and went back to the dragon chair and cleared his throat. "In this battle, I want to say … that is, if people don’t make me, I won’t commit crimes. If people make me, I will commit crimes! We need to unite as one, and no one can bully us! !”
Chapter one hundred and ten Union Lian Heng
"People don’t make me, I don’t make a prisoner. If people make me, I will make a prisoner! If people don’t attack me, I won’t attack. If people attack me, I will attack! !” Millions of hell-mad players are screaming and screaming!
Nine heavy gave a sign for everyone to be quiet and asked, "Have you got the statistics on the loss and income of this battle?" Are we losing money or making money? !”
Han Yi came out and said, "The detailed statistics haven’t come out yet, but according to the preliminary rough statistics, all the losses of our medicine and equipment maintenance this time are about 4.5 million gold coins in total, and we have sold all kinds of looting proceeds into money in this battle, which is about 7 million, plus war reparations, which is absolutely a one-way ticket! In addition, it is more important that through this battle, the rank of our regular army players has soared by a lot, and the average level of players in China has risen by about seven, far exceeding the current average level of players in China! "
"Well, just pay for it!" Nine key nodded and said, "ok, there’s not much nonsense, and I’m not going to say much. I know that you’ve worked hard for three days and didn’t let everyone have a good sleep. It’s just early today, and everyone can go back to sleep! Meeting dismissed! !”
In the three days since the Battle of the Holy Alliance of Hell’s Wild Flowers, the players of Hell’s Wild Flowers have finally been in a high-intensity industry. After three days, they can be said to be exhausted physically and mentally. Now they have heard the nine-fold "dismissal" order and even disbanded, and they have gone straight back to reality to make up their sleep!
Jiuzhong and Shen Yue also left the line early!
In the game, the main city of the Youth Soul Guild, the Yanwangcheng Conference Center, at this time, all the leaders of the Youth Soul Guild arrived in the conference hall, all of whom were sad and silent, and the atmosphere was serious!
The prince’s eyes swept through the field and sank. "At ordinary times, each one speaks happily. Why don’t you talk now? Dumb? !”
"Ahem …!" Arrow SAN cough first mouth way "this time I’m afraid it is a bit tricky! This time, we have helped the Holy Alliance to attack the misty city, and we have torn our faces with the crazy flowers in hell, which has completely offended Fang Sheng. His vengeful character will definitely not give up with us! You can’t take action against us by defeating the brave momentum of the Holy Alliance while the iron is hot! !”
A player patted his thigh and said, "Hey, it’s all that holy alliance that doesn’t live up to expectations! Four or five million people defended a heavenly king city, and it took less than two hours to be taken by one million people who spent a lot of money in hell. What a bunch of rubbish! !”
Horse players echoed, "Yes, yes, this sacred alliance is a group of Uzbeks, Uzbeks and Uzbeks. Even if there are more corrections, they can’t change Uzbeks and Uzbeks. Just because they still want to compete with the hell, it’s nothing to find abuse! But it doesn’t matter if they die or not, but they have made us suffer and set up such an enemy as Fang Sheng! "
Another player said, "It’s not just an enemy. It’s a nightmare!"
The prince gave a frown and said, "I asked you to speak to express your opinions and see how to deal with Fang Sheng and his crazy flowers in hell! I’m not asking you to kill yourself here by being ambitious, and to praise Fang Shen for how powerful he is! !”
When the Arrow Saint heard this, he said again, "Boss, when we are in a hurry, we should recruit and expand our strength so that Fang Sheng will have scruples and dispel his idea of declaring war on us while the iron is hot, and we will win the buffer!"
"Well, that makes sense!" The prince nodded. "Go on!"
"Then we can’t just sit still and wait for hell to hit us! Instead, we should strive for the initiative to unite Lian Heng, and strive for those large and medium-sized guilds with ambitions to win a place in Huaxia District. Small guilds will be pure cards. Uzbekistan will state their interests with them, unite them to fight together, and even destroy the madness of hell and be sacred! I’m sure they don’t want to see Sanzang and his hell-obsessed family dominate! !”
"What you said is very reasonable! But …! " The prince’s fingers rapped on the desktop, saying, "The Holy Alliance has also corrected the fifty-four guilds, and it is still not a hell-mad flower opponent. It was wiped out by Fang Shengjun with a great army! Do we do the same? !”
"Of course!" Arrow saint firmly said, "Fang Sheng and his crazy flowers in hell have become a trend to deal with them. It is definitely not a two-guild that can do it. Although I don’t want to admit it, it is an indisputable fact that our young souls will not spend less money in hell. Not at present! Therefore, we must unite more people, and it is possible to shake the hell!
Of course, we can’t be like the holy alliance. Just now, I also said that we should unite with those small guilds. There are no more small sesame guilds that can’t change the weak and weak people of Uzbekistan. This time, the Holy Alliance was due to underestimating Fang Shengsheng and his crazy flowers in hell, and uniting with some small and medium-sized guilds to eradicate the crazy flowers in hell. As a result, stealing chickens and wasting money did not destroy the crazy flowers in hell, but it also achieved the crazy flowers in hell and caused the crazy flowers in hell. Now this trend!
Naturally, we can’t make the same mistakes as them again. This time, we should not only unite the elite forces, but also the more the better. If we can unite the forces of the whole Huaxia area except the hell-mad flowers to deal with Fang Sheng and other hell-mad flowers, then he will finally be defeated at our feet even if he is severe! ! "
Some people are not optimistic. "I’m afraid it’s extremely difficult to unite all the forces in Huaxia District except the crazy flowers in hell." !”
Arrow saint smiled slightly. "It is an ideal goal to unite all the forces in Huaxia District except the crazy flowers in hell. It is really difficult to achieve this goal! But we don’t need to achieve this level. To achieve this goal, we are close enough to destroy Fang’s holiness and other hellish flowers! ! Boss, what do you say? !”
"good!" The prince suddenly patted the desktop and said, "Arrow Saint, you are not the kui is an old think tank. You really have a good plan! Just do as you say! I’ll leave this matter to you! !”
"yes! !”
A player buys a mansion purlin in Xuanhuang City!
At this time, the Holy Alliance was defeated, and the presidents of several large guilds, such as Heavenly King Gong, Extremely Young Master, Golden Dragon with Five Claws, the God of Wealth, Zun Victory and the God of the Wild, were present together. Of course, the actual palm of the Holy Alliance also had to listen to the political situation!
The atmosphere of the two halls is also very depressing, with about six people sitting in the middle and high.
"Sister, how did this happen? Our strength is several times that of hell. What will we lose so badly? !” Heavenly King Gong couldn’t help saying at first!
At this time, the charming smile that always hangs on the face is no longer changed. I can’t say it with a complicated expression. I heard the heavenly king’s words thoughtfully. "The root cause of the failure is me. We all despise this sacred party. He is a buffoon with a little luck. If you just correct a group of people, you can trample him to death! Who knows ….. We are all wrong. He is not a buffoon. He is a lean man. With our casual correction, this batch of Uzbeks will not be a sacred opponent even if the number is doubled! !”
Five-claw golden dragon smell speech some otherwise said, "Miss Shanshan, I admit that we are a little dismissive of this sacred party, but I don’t agree with your flattering that he is a peerless lean man! It won’t change the fact that people are always waiting for someone to talk about how big waves he can turn up! And if he is waiting for someone, we can take money to kill him alive! !”
"hmm!" Zun Zhan deeply agreed. "It’s true that this time we made some small miscalculations and didn’t prepare so much money!" Wait a minute, we’ll get enough funds, and that’s the real end of Fang’s holiness! !”

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