The dragon king has a plan in his heart. Although his nephew is still young, he has the talent to bless his practice with half the effort. His magic is far better than theirs. The dragon kings in the southeast, northwest and the four seas will rescue Ao Jin, but it is better to put hope on him than to rack their brains. So he asked, "What do you think, my dear nephew?"

Ao Bing said bluntly, "Uncle, did you capture my cousin’s plan with a stone?"
The dragon king couldn’t say why, but he reasoned and couldn’t think of a stone to remember. Unconsciously, he thought of counting the debt in the dry mountain.
Even if Ao Bing is not interested in these plans, how can he not see that the West Sea Dragon King is thinking?
Ao Bing said, "My nephew may not have no way to save his cousin, but he needs his uncle to do one thing."
The dragon king said quickly, "But if you can save pity, don’t say that even ten pieces can depend on you."
Aobing said, "When my cousin comes back, please don’t let her leave the West Sea."
The Dragon King promised without hesitation that Ao Bing would leave the West Sea and go straight to Skull Mountain.
The dragon mother looked at Ao Bing’s departure direction and asked, "Do you think he can save pity?"
The dragon king rubbed the pieces of cloth in his hand and snorted, "Do you think he really wants to save pity? Presumably, we can’t cope with the accident of pity son. Stone will count this account in Qianyuan Mountain’s little head. "
The dragon mother frowned and said, "He regrets that his son is close to the young mountain Lord in Qianyuan Mountain. Is that just because of some friendship?"
The dragon king shook his head and took the dragon mother to sit and said, "You didn’t think for a day all the year round before listening to your resentment. I just want to say that you think about it. If we really can’t save pity, what can we do?" Considering the whole West Sea, it is also possible to give up pity and put all the hatred on Ganyuan Mountain. What makes Ao Bing feel bad about us? "
The dragon mother was speechless for a long time and asked, "Then he went to save pity because of that child in Qianyuan Mountain?"
Long Wang Nai said, "It’s true that you are stupid. You don’t admit that when I agreed to stay in Qianyuan Mountain, it wasn’t because I liked him. He didn’t like to come to the West Sea to always work in Yuanshan. In those days, many scattered immortals and pity children shared the same fate. I wanted to try again for life. But now you can see that when pity had an accident, Qianyuan Mountain was alone in his past to find the little one, only to find that pity was captured by the stone record. What did this say?"
The dragon mother said thoughtfully, "They left pity son alone in the mountain and no one took care of him. They asked Nezha not to be in Qianyuan Mountain, and pity son met Aobing."
She is a princess no matter how unbearable she is. How dare they treat her like this!
"Put away your unrealistic ideas. Qianyuan Mountain is the only disciple of the real person Taiyi, the younger brother of Yuxiu Palace. Not to mention whether he can be a dragon king in the future, it is also a dragon king in the East China Sea. In our eyes, it is beautiful and expensive, but in their eyes it is nothing."
The dragon king of the West Sea took a thorough look at the dragon mother and immediately looked in the direction of Skeleton Mountain, but waited to see if Ao Bing could really save Ao Jin.
Skull Mountain is barren, and the mountain is full of white bones. There are a number of magic soldiers wandering around the mountain, among which the fire crow cave group has the widest number of demons
Aobing took a look at the mountain in front of the mountain. Soon after the mountain was just on the mountain, the stone record noticed that the stranger mountain immediately ordered Gui Mu to come out and check it out
Someone in the fire crow cave group found a stranger and immediately stopped Ao Bing’s way and asked, "Are you a man who dares to trespass on Skull Mountain?"
Ao Bing handed in his name. "Tai Ao Bing from dragon three in the East China Sea came to visit Empress Shi Ji!"
At the same time, Gui Mu fell from the top of the mountain with her child in her arms and laughed. "It turned out that the Dragon King of the East China Sea was too embarrassed."
Ao Bing said, "Presumably, the pavilion is the nine Gui Mu of Wang Shecheng."
"Three Tais Please" Gui Mu Magic chuckled and didn’t answer. Please lead the way before your head.
Into the Bones Cave, Ao Bing else, but saw the green lion and white elephant standing on both sides of the cave, the fire crow hovering, while Ao Jin pity was sitting on the edge of the stone record, and saw that when Ao Bing stepped into the mouth of the cave, her eyes unconsciously shone, but she was kept from opening by the stone record.
Gui Mu bowed down and said, "Taitai dragon three from the East China Sea came to visit the Empress."
Shi Ji has heard a little about Ao Bing. Seeing the real person like this at this time suddenly reminds her of an old friend. One reminds her that she loves and hates the old friend. At that time, it is difficult to be emotional, but it has changed a little for Ao Jin’s obsession.
She rubbed Ao Jin’s head and asked, "What do you want from dragon three?"
Aobing hand way "Aobing here is the dragon lady around the empress"
The meaning of the stone inscription is not’ oh’, and it sinks down. "No one can take it away from me if I want someone." Suddenly, it seems to remind me of something. She let go of Aojin’s pity and flashed in front of Aobing to stare at his eyes, and the color faded. "But I am in a good mood today and I am willing to give the future dragon king a face."
Ao Bing naturally didn’t believe Shi Ji’s remarks and asked, "I wonder what the empress wants?"
Shi Ji said, "I don’t want to be in a good mood today. I just don’t want to make enemies."
Ao Bing said, "What happened today is that Ao Bing accepted the favor of the Empress, and he should repay it when he has the opportunity to do so in the future."
"You protoss can never talk about half human feelings before I change my mind." The stone record pushed Aojin pity to Aobing and made a sign of Fujian "Let’s go."
"Empress Gao Yi" Ao Bing turned and walked, and Ao Jin followed suit and followed him out of Dongfu Mountain.
The demons in the cave don’t know that the stone has changed. Gui Mu kept silent and thought about it. The lion wanted to ask and was stopped by the white elephant. He glanced at the demons in the fire crow cave.
The Lord of Firecrow Cave lived up to expectations and immediately asked, "Empress, we have worked hard to find a breakthrough from this girl. Why do you want to let her go?"
Stone may be in a good mood. I didn’t blame the fire crow cave master for talking. He said, "Thousands of years ago, the Yellow Emperor fought against the goddess in Kunlun Mountain Light Palace. The Yellow Emperor should be assisted by the dragon king. The flag general Qinglong and some other gods shared a common boundary. When the fairy demon scuffle and floating corpse were thousands of miles away, the human-god lost his strength and fled to the yellow sea with serious injuries. Unexpectedly, Qinglong was taken to the yellow sea by the mountain gods because of being polluted by people in the war.
At that time, I was in a daze, and I don’t know how long it would take before my consciousness was about to dissipate. I should take him back to the cloud nine after the dragon king was locked in the yellow sea and healed him. "
The green lion asked, "Qinglong? Is it the dragon god of the four elephants? "
Stone nodded slightly to adjust a sitting posture without blaming the green lion for interrupting her. He continued, "That Ying Long Wang Qinglong God will overflow the mana divine light during healing, and some of it just shines near the seat where the original body is located. It will benefit and will soon dissipate. I am fascinated by the convergence and healing of this divine light, and the injury is almost healed."
Gui Mu demon said, "The empress just let them go, in fact, to repay that kindness."

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