Taotao frowned. "It seems like a scam … but it doesn’t cost money, don’t try it for nothing."

So she also took a can and asked the businessman, "Can it really bear fruit?"
Pollen merchant smiles "of course"
"How long will it take?"
"Look at the opportunity, maybe one year, maybe two years, maybe the day will open."
Taotao: "People who take pollen are scattered all over the wild prison. You will give you half the reward after you say the fruit. How do you get it?"
Pollen merchant "I have my own way"
Taotao stuffed the pollen into the Nangong dust arms, and the two men wobbled out of the city.
Leaving the wilderness where mortals gather is particularly desolate.
It’s not interesting to have a girl around, even if it’s a stone in front of you.
She grabbed a grass and bit it on her lips. A person can talk to himself all the way.
"Do you know what fraud is? Over the years, some fragments have emerged in my memory. The policeman sweated and climbed the mountain, saying that the old man would give him anti-fraud knowledge when he was old, but I can’t see what the police are, and I don’t remember. "
"I remember that the old man didn’t seem so old. There were many wild peaches that were crisp and sour."
"I seem to have been to many places, met many people and had many partners, but I can’t remember what they look like."
"What I will call peach peach? Is it because I liked eating peaches before my death? But I prefer to eat melons and baked sweet potatoes. What don’t you call melons and potatoes? " The girl held back her drooling. "Last month, Huijue dug fresh sweet potatoes from the ground and baked them in the fire. It was too delicious, but I couldn’t eat them."
"You don’t want to eat? But you don’t have a nose and you shouldn’t smell the food. I envy you. "
"Look, there’s a star."
The evil clouds spread out to reveal a star behind them. The girl stopped to look up. "It’s so bright. If only I could see the stars every night."
She looked back at him. "Do you think I’m noisy?"
Nangong dust shook his head.
"Then what didn’t respond?"
[I’m listening]
Taotao doesn’t believe it, anyway, there is a way to tell whether his words are true or not, and no one will find out if he talks nonsense.
"Then tell me what I just told you?"
He wrote a line [what else do you think of? 】
Taotao reveals a pensive expression. "I always dream that a man is either in his back or his face is covered by fog. I have never seen his face clearly, but every time I see him, I have a strange feeling. Maybe he was my lover."
People can hear insects chirping in the crevices of the stone and wind blowing through his waist all night, and wind chimes jingling.
A cold silence filled the wilderness. The Nangong dust was quiet for a long time and turned away.
Chapter 58 Chapter 58
The boy was quiet, and his black hair and white robe were stained by snowflakes.
Nangong Dust didn’t pick peaches and wind chimes around his waist.
Once upon a time, Taotao always felt that he was too quiet to make a sound and could not find his position.
But with the wind chimes, she can always find him behind the tree house or the cliff in a place near the hut.
Taotao attributed this to the ringing of wind chimes, but she gradually discovered that it was not the ringing of wind chimes that attracted her to pay attention to him.
I want to know where he is, so I deliberately listen to the wind ring tone.
When all is silent, Nangong Dust sits at the door for years.
Taotao is hard to know whether he is asleep, awake, in a daze, or thinking.
But once she hears the wind bell, she always wakes up in her sleep, and then it is difficult to fall asleep.
Whenever Hui-jue fell asleep and snored, she would lie on her side on the wooden bed and look at his quiet back in the night.
-can see the night, he must have a lot of things hidden in his heart.
Taotao once sat beside him at night and asked, but he never said.
I didn’t want to say it before, but after coming back from the slave market, he talked even less.
Taotao vaguely feels that the silence of Nangong Dust seems to be some emotions, but what the emotions are, she can’t figure it out.
I know, talking less is for her, and for Hui Jue, he is as usual.
Are you mad at her?
Taotao tossed and turned, but she didn’t do anything.
Did he change his firefly lamp for a wind chime without authorization? Is that why he is angry?
Taotaoyuan sat in the branch and thought about it.
After thinking of herself, she jumped off the branch and ran to the wasteland with fireflies.
Hui-jue asked, "What does she do?"
The nangongshan dust sat in the East Pole and did not look back.
After a long time, Taotao ran back again.
She put three fireflies in front of the teenager. "Here, don’t be angry again!"
The white-robed boy is still silent and thin, and his figure is somewhat bleak.
Taotao saw that he didn’t respond and forced the lantern into his hand. "When I wake up at the latest, I want to see you talking to me. If you don’t calm down, you won’t say it …"
She raised her fist and threatened, "… don’t I won’t hit you when you grow up."
When she finished, she went into the room to sleep, leaving silence, Nangong dust and a dull face.

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