A little while later, Yin poured it sideways and secretly threw a small fish into Xie Hengyan’s bowl to "eat"

Xie Hengyan looked up and then blushed at that beautiful little face, trying to print and pour out a clumsy smile.
"Young people are good." At this moment, Yang Deyi also sighed with a smile. "My daughter-in-law and I used to stay together like this all day. It’s just so greasy."
Printing is silent, staring down at the pot, constantly pouring white gas, not making unnecessary additions or refuting.
"I haven’t married her yet, and she can’t be regarded as my daughter-in-law." Xie Hengyan solemnly opened her mouth and explained at the end, especially proudly. "We are friends, not partners … right!"
India poured a bad hand on the spot and stuffed an egg into the puppet’s mouth. "You talk a lot."
Xie Hengyan "…?" Did he get it wrong again?
"Oh … that’s it." Yang Deyi smiled meaningfully, and I don’t know how to read out a sentence on a whim. "Anyway, no matter how few people are still there, they need to know and cherish … Most of the pain in the world does not come from the frustration mentality brought by asking for something, but from the gap between life and death-if people die, they will really leave nothing."
But obviously, the other three people were absent-minded and didn’t listen to these words.
Wu Qian was busy bowing his head to pick up the rice. Xie Hengyan was crazy about printing and pouring red dates in a bowl, while printing and pouring them with eggs and tofu paste. In the end, he just started fighting, but Yang Deyi said casually, "It’s easy to know each other, but it’s hard to love each other …"
This Xie Hengyan finally willing to turn back "huh? What are you talking about? What do you love and hate? "
"Nothing suddenly reminds me of the past when I was young. My daughter-in-law left early. It’s always easy to think of her when I saw you." Yang Deyi waved his hand and said calmly, "Oh, don’t say much. I called you here today not only for breakfast … but mainly for something important to talk about."
Xie Hengyan ate and said, "I see you don’t like to chat."
"Well," Yang Deyi put the dishes and chopsticks very earnestly. "Too many things have happened in the village recently, thanks to your help … otherwise, the two guys at the other end of Wu’s family have fallen ill one after another, even if they have lost their footing."
India poured light way "should be the village chief don’t mention it"
Yang Deyi looked askance at him and said, "But I …"
Halfway through the conversation, he stopped without moving. The old man narrowed his deep eyes with limited vicissitudes, and it was always a complicated expression of words and sentences.
So Yin Yan said frankly, "What do you want to say … just say it?"
"Actually," Yang Deyi said suddenly, "I have been observing you for a long time since you first came to the island."
Printing a mouthful of red dates didn’t swallow it, and I almost choked myself to death.
Xie Hengyan is also a face of strange expressions of ghosts.
Yang Deyi thought and thought and finally told the truth. "I still think … my memory is unlikely to go wrong. Although you denied it from beginning to end, I always think that the Mu family couple who appeared in that year must have a certain connection."
Xie Hengyan glanced at Xie Hengyan and shrugged his shoulders in confusion. I said to Yang Deyi, "As I said before, this idea is too coincidental. If there is no actual strong evidence, all guesses and doubts will be meaningless."
Yang Deyi said, "I know I’m not forcing you to admit anything."
Chapter 137 Xie &idd; Be sycophantic &idd; face
Yang Deyi was the first person to lead the first group of residents in Yongcun village and successfully settle down on the island.
The so-called village head deserves to be ashamed.
At first, his wife and other family members lived together, and every day when they opened their eyes, they were happy.
After the wife gave birth to a son, she married her daughter-in-law, and gave birth to their grandchildren. Later, she had countless fields and several homes, and every villager was a family.
Until his wife died.
Son is dead, too
It’s the turn of young Sun and more living villagers.
In the end, Yang Deyi was left alone. At the initial time, he fixed the place and looked at several graves in front of him, old and new … He was silent but didn’t want to recall the beautiful past.
Life brought by karma is endless, but it can’t alleviate the aging degree of his body.
That is to say, he can live in this world without scruple. On the one hand, he has to bear the pain caused by the departure of his relatives. On the other hand, he is an elderly man. Except for this limit, his future will be almost white.
In other words, he actually has everything.
"I also thought that I should do more, say less about other villagers and try my best to get out of here."
Yang Deyi knelt in front of the seal and trembled uncontrollably. "But I can always extend my life by putting the industrial seal on me … and nothing else can be done."
Yinzhu also asked without difficulty, "Isn’t it good to be alive?"
"Have you ever tried to lose your taste?" Yang Deyi asks.
Print pour words to then shook his head.
"One day you will be white," Yang Deyi said. "You are still young, and there will be more new things around you, which will make you overwhelmed. Even if you put the best things in front of you, you will turn a blind eye."
India pour light way "you kidding no such thing …"
"I know you need more help to achieve your final goal of going to sea," Yang Deyi closed his eyes. "But now I can help you make changes no matter how hard I am."
This time, Yinzhu was choked, and then he tried to show Yang Deyi’s equal respect in the same posture.

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