Outside, three eunuchs came in one after another carrying buckets, mops and so on.

The division of labor does clean up quickly
When I took it away, I sprinkled scented water.
Then back out.
JiFan coldly looking at wen wan son asked, "it seems that you still can’t accept the heart. When I heard that the Wen family came and ran out, did the Wen family let you take me to the head and would take it?" In that case, you go. "
Wen Wan’s face was pale and collapsed, shaking his head and saying, "No, I won’t, I won’t." It was lovely and trembling.
Liu Er said, "Husband, please forgive her this time. After all, it is normal for him to be homesick after leaving home for so long."
Ji Fan said blankly, "Yes, I told her to go home, didn’t I?"
Liuer is speechless.
Zhen Fu said, "Husband, let Wan’er stay here. Without her, the rest of us are not comfortable to wait on Liu Er."
Wen Waner also said, "After the master is here, it is the Wan’er family. Please."
Ji Fan looked at Liu Er and spat out a sigh and said, "I will arrange another maid to come in. If there is another time, then she will take your place. Do you understand?"
Wen Wan ‘er nodded weakly and helped God "color" to say "thank you, master" to JiFan.
JiFan looked at her heart and sighed and thought, "He is really not easy to have a look without complaining."
Ji Fan said to Wen Wan ‘er, "If you work hard, I hope you can really get rid of your smelly hair disease."
Wen wan son nodded happily with tears in his eyes.
Jifan shook his head and went out. He was going to visit the palace.
This Liu Xiang is so disturbing that this scourge must be lifted once and for all.
Imperial palace imperial house
Liuxiang god "color" shocked and looked at this yellowed drawing in his hand.
Since he was a child, his father gave him one and solemnly said to him, "Look more here and give things here to that person if you have a chance."
Liuxiang always remembers this sentence. Who would have thought it was still hidden inside?
Liuxiang read the words, but the vibration in her heart is stronger than that.
But at this moment a step outside the door.
Liuxiang hurriedly hid the yellowed paper in the bottom of her ass and sat there reading as usual.
JiFan face "color" gloomy with Jia Xu, wu night cloud came in.
Ji Fan sneered and said, "You are really carefree. You sent someone to hurt my child, but you are sitting here as steady as a mountain."
"Good talent!"
JiFan with a cavity anger smile to say
Liu Xiang frowned and said, "JiFan, don’t be ridiculous."
Ji Fan snorted and narrowed his eyes and asked, "Am I being ridiculous?"
Especially Liuxiang knows JiFan is very angry now when Liuxiang said with a frown, "JiFan what’s going on here? I really don’t know that I swore that I wouldn’t harm you. "
JiFan smile asked "so the imperial edict is he steal? Do you think this is possible? "
Especially Liuxiang leng asked "imperial edict? Where is the imperial edict? "
JiFan suddenly speechless.
The imperial edict seems to have been cremated with the physician.
Ji Fan squinted and said, "Very good."
Liu Xiang was in a hurry and slammed together to ask, "I swore, and I also said this. I don’t know what else you want me to do?"
Jia Xu saw a piece of paper in the chair and intuitively told him that it was not simple and quietly made an eye "color" at Wu Yeyun.
Wu night cloud nodded his head.
Ji Fan nodded and said, "That’s the best. Today I’m going to do it once and for all. In this case, I’ll give you another chance."
Liu Xiang certainly knows what once and for all means.
Liuxiang crashing sitting in the heart is more and more malicious and complete "I will never give this thing to you, I will never die or die."
JiFan cold hum with Jia Xu and went out.
Especially Liuxiang looked at two people’s back eyes shining with hatred, and then gently lifted the bottom, took out the paper on the bottom, caressed "touched" his mouth and said, "I’ll burn him now, so that I am the only one in the world who knows the secret, and I will never tell you that JiFan will never die." Then I lit a candle.
But at this moment.
His candle is missing a piece, as if a sword had been cut off.

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