"What …" Long Yan was really defeated by the wind this time, but I don’t know how to refute it. After all, luck is also part of strength. Who called himself less fortunate than people …

"All right, Taniguchi, let’s go in quickly!"
Once the wind woke up, the two women discovered the sudden death in front of them, and before they entered, they felt that the cool wind was creepy.
"Let’s go!" Finally, Long Yan flatly said that with the wind flying and Rou Er stepping into the cave, the deep and dark hole disappeared.
Seeing Rou Er holding Fengxiang’s arm all the way for fear of letting go and losing his way, his mouth trembled slightly and said, "You went too far in the array just now and threw my sister and me away!"
"ah? What time? By the way, is it … "Feng Xiang recalled the epiphany in her heart. At that time, the two skeletons were their sisters, and the illusion of law made her hallucinate. It was just this matter, but she could not tell them. Otherwise, she would be scolded again.
"Oh, oh, ha, ha. At that time, I was in a hurry to draw out those who fix the truth in the array, but I was afraid that you would get hurt in the chaos, so I could let you go first." Feng Xiang looked calm and said that it was common for him to lie as if something really happened.
"Really? Fengxiang, when did you become so righteous from fear of death? Didn’t you hit your head when you tried to escape alone just now? Let me see! " Rou Er said, then stretched out his hand and deliberately looked up after Fengxiang’s brain.
"I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to be a good person …" The wind Xiang Nai wry smile way in the heart at this time but woke up at that time I forgot to run away!
To say that the valley of the dead is really covered with dense trees everywhere, only a few rays of weak sunlight can shine through the gaps in the leaves, and the ground is covered with vines. From time to time, some human and animal bones can be seen scattered around the whole valley, and there is an atmosphere of fear.
"These dead people here should be masters, right?" Long Yan walked ahead and suddenly asked
"Yan sister asks?" Fengxiang is still a smirk.
And Long Yan seems to be no longer tired of the wind and Shota. Walking continued, "I don’t think it is an ordinary person to be able to break through the large array outside and reach the people in the valley."
"Ha-ha, it was only recently that these bones were laid in that array, at least for hundreds of years. How can we be sure that they are all masters because the yin here is too heavy and not weathered?" The wind Xiang raised my hand and picked up a leg bone. Looking at it carefully, Rou Er quickly retreated to one side.
"The wind xiang you … you are not born timid? How still holding bones so close to see … "
"Hey, hey, I’m afraid of death, but I’m not afraid of dead people. I look at this bone …" Fengxiang said in the middle, and suddenly he was livid, his lips were pale and he grabbed the bone, and his left arm trembled violently.
"Hee hee is still afraid. I said you are timid!"
"Not this bone … toxic!" Fengxiang suddenly threw the bone far away with a drink, and saw that it had just flown to half a toilet and turned into a mass of green dust, which slowly drifted aside and came into contact with these green dust trees and vines, all of which withered rapidly, showing that the toxicity was unusual.
"Ha ha kids this valley of the dead is where you come from? Still go back! "
When the three men were surprised, they suddenly saw three figures floating in front of the wind, and you saw that the three people who had fixed their true selves in their sixties were all bony, with gray clothes and silver hair scattered and hanging down, and it was difficult to distinguish their faces if they didn’t talk, so the bones were no different.
"Are you from the Valley of the Dead?" Long Yan draw asked
"The valley of the dead is full of dead souls. We are souls, not people!" The old man standing in the center replied that two sharp eyes were revealed from the white hair, and Long Yan’s heart was as cold as seeing a ghost.
"What’s wrong with pretending to be dead? It’s really disrespectful!" Just listen to the wind soaring and say that the words are full of contempt.
"So small, you’ve won our Valley Master’s death. Even if Zhenyuan repairs again, you can’t resist it for half an hour. You’ll be as dead as the bones on the ground here. Then you’ll be us. I want to see how you beg me for a while!"
"Ha ha, the poison of that bone can be solved, but it’s not for nothing that Xiao Ye Long Yuan has been running in the mainland for so many years. Although you can’t completely resolve your broken soul powder, it can take a year and a half. Do you believe it or not?" The wind Xiang deadpan said slowly that he never forced the three old men to look at each other without knowing the truth.
Looking at three people a confused sample wind xiang continued, "don’t believe it? Then let’s spend some time here to see if it’s true! "
"Don’t listen to this little nonsense, big devil. Kill them quickly and don’t let him be bossy again!" Listen to the left first an old man heavy scold a way
"Hum, don’t try to slow down the plan and confuse us. Even if you don’t die, you will become our dead hand today. You will die!" An old man in the central area drank a lot of real power and quickly condensed and lifted his palm to hit Fengxiang. At this time, everyone saw that the palm of the old man turned out to be a dark green.
"I don’t know how good it is!" The wind Xiang also folded a drink and lifted the right hand with crystal gloves, and suddenly rushed to the old man. At first sight, a green smoke filled the room, and Rou Er and Long Yan quickly retreated outward.
The wind Xiang heart said that the old man who had not recovered from his own injury was also in the middle of Ning Yuan’s territory, and it must not be his opponent. Besides, there are two similar old men behind him who didn’t make moves like this. I’m afraid it’s run, so it’s important to get out as soon as possible.
Thought of here, Fengxiang will instantly destroy the extreme body of Kun and raise his right fist. After the old man recklessly punched, the whole person conveniently flew out and smashed several tongtian trees in a row, pulling Rou Er and Long Yan to escape in the opposite direction.
The old man, Fengxiang, has discovered that this strange little fellow really doesn’t raise his hand and lift his foot like a poisoned one. No poisoning should bring delay. Instead, he becomes more and more skilled with the increase of hand movement during the fight, just like taking himself as the object of acrobatics. Suddenly, he was thinking that he felt a punch and actually flew the little fellow without any strength.
He inexplicably took the opportunity to flee with two women, and when the old man reacted and wanted to chase again, he had already lost sight of three people. He hated it and stamped his chest and regretted it. I didn’t expect this little guy to be so bad, but he had to chase after them in the escape direction.
Besides, Fengxiang took two women for a long time and found that the Woods in the valley of the dead were connected to the Woods and cliffs, and the theory of cliffs was almost the same everywhere. Therefore, I don’t know what happened when I arrived, but I stopped and gasped with my back against a big tree.
"The wind xiang you say what is the identity of the three of them? How can you live in seclusion in the valley of the dead? Didn’t you say that the valley of the dead has always been inhabited by people? " Long Yan four eyed and asked
"I heard that they called the old man’s big ghost messenger and talked to the valley owner. It seems that this valley of the dead is not the same person as others said, and there is a strict organization in it. Those practitioners should be the so-called masters of the valley of the dead. We’d better be careful. If they find us again, it will be difficult to get out!"
"Fengxiang, how is your poison?" Rou Er asked about looking down and seeing Fengxiang’s left hand was faint and green, and he couldn’t help but feel anxious.
"Didn’t I say that although I can remove this poison by law, I won’t die for a while. I need to reply when I need it …" Fengxiang said that the spat was constantly oozing dark green blood, but her face was full of pain, but she never had a peaceful smile since she was a child.
"Fengxiang, what the hell is going on with you?" Rou Er looked at the wind xiang abnormal sample puzzled asked.

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