Remembering that I trusted a stranger, Lin Yujun, so easily that I found it difficult to explain Yu Neng’s excuse of not being famous to comfort myself, that is-

Familiar with feelings
He has a familiar feeling about Lin Yu.
Words and expressions are incomparable, just like Xin Yao …
At midnight, the stars are quiet and bright, Mu Junze looks at the roof, and a woman in black seems to be sitting in a dark red cloak with bright stars, flying freely in the evening wind like a beautiful and moving painting.
But always cold and self-sustaining, he showed a smile that was more brilliant than starlight, got up and flew to the girl’s side smoothly.
When Cai Qing saw Mu Junze flying quickly, he curled his lips and said, "My apprentice’s martial arts have improved a lot!"
Her calm is clearly set off by Mu Junze’s excitement and tension. He holds Cai Qing’s shoulders as white as jade and climbs a few faint red tones. "What brings you here?" Are you coming to see me? "
Picking Qing is happy to see him but partial to Doby. He pretends to be angry and knocks on his forehead and laughs. "No big or little! Master didn’t call? "
Mu Junze’s whole heart was as happy as soaking in honey, holding Cai Qing and knocking on his hand. "Cai Qing told me first whether you came to see me specially?"
He avoided the question of calling her master and looked forward to seeing Cai Qing’s eyes shining more than the Milky Way.
Cai Qing felt a slight fever in his palm and somehow gave birth to a strange feeling. She noticed that Mu Junze saw a warm emotion flashing in her eyes, and she nodded her head in a daze.
She has been missing Mu Junze for a long time. This lovely disciple is a little excited because he misses her. I didn’t expect the lovely disciple to hold her in his arms for a moment. She whispered in her ear, "I miss you so much. I miss you so much …"
Cai Qing was a little caught off guard, but it was also her fault that she had lost her good disciple for so long. She planned to go to Beijing to see him three years ago, but she just touched Xin Yao’s face and stayed with her for three years.
I still feel a little guilty!
So Cai Qing coaxed Mu Junze like a child. "Good boy! Master misses you, too! "
Lin Yu, who couldn’t sleep because of tossing and turning things, wanted to hit the window and blow his brain. Who knows, just lying on the windowsill and trying to appreciate the beauty and vastness of a week, he was blocked by a couple hugging each other.
And recognized that a pair of wonderful flowers were Mu Junze and Cai Qing, and then she silently closed the window and cursed-
Hemp egg!
Abuse single dog to death!
Qin Muyu kept writing something in her pen in her room late at night, and occasionally looked up at the half door and seemed to be waiting for something.
A long time ago, he just finished writing the last piece of paper when someone pushed the door and heard that his paper was about the situation of the court and the deployment of officials in the past three years. The man outside came in and he also put his things away and put them in the envelope. When he packed the envelope, the man outside just walked up to him and called him a "big brother"
Wang Wei looked up and motioned for himself to sit at the console table and have prepared refreshments.
Mu Ninglang looked at the time when he came, and it was clear that there was a different color in the amber pupil of Qin Muyu.
He and Qin Muyu Lin Xin Yao grew up together, and the three of them became sworn brothers. Otherwise, Qin Muyu would not be defending him everywhere.
But he also wants Qin Muyu to help him achieve great things!
Mu Ninglang’s amber eyes danced brilliantly in the candlelight. He smiled at Qin Muyu. "Eldest brother, the purpose of my coming here is to …"
"If the third brother is a soldier, there is no need to talk about it." Qin Muyu decisively interrupted him. Mu Ninglang and Ruo Taifei were the first to know, but his position has never been clear for so many years.
He promised Mu Ninglang that if Jun Chen wanted to kill him, he would try his best to save his life, but if he wanted to rebel and seize power, he would never help him with a single soldier.
Mu Ninglang gritted his teeth in his heart but still kept a smile. He said, "Brother, let’s not talk about this. Let’s talk about this year’s spring. I heard that this year there are many talents, especially Lin Yu, the first talent in Jinling."
Lin Yu received Qin Muyu’s reply the next day. According to her calculation, it will take at least three days for the letter to be sent to Chang ‘an, but she sent it to Qin Muyu’s hand. How can he get his reply at this time?
However, after reading the letter, she smiled and her heart was full of emotion.
If a person knows her mind as well as himself, then this person must be Qin Muyu.
He knew what he wanted and was ready. He wrote to her as soon as he returned to Chang ‘an.
Lin Yu’s fingers holding the letter can’t help but describe Qin Muyu’s handwriting on paper. Every stroke is so clear. Chapter 15 The sky is big, but you are stupid!
As soon as Lin Yu and Cai Qing arrived, there was the Nangong family. They arranged their residence in Chang ‘an No.1 restaurant.
Lin Yushen’s popularity in spring this year naturally requires some communication, and the first restaurant in Chang ‘an has the largest passenger flow and the largest amount of information. Nangong recalls that Lin Yushen paved the way.
When I arrived at Fang Linyu, I also received a reply from Nangong. Cai Qing tasted a cup of freshly brewed Biluochun and sighed, "Sure enough, the imperial city is different, even the tea is the best and most exquisite."
Lin Yu shook her head and sighed at this point.
However, it is no wonder that she thinks so. Take their houses as an example. thymelaeaceae’s broad beds, luxuries and antiques are all valuable.
Lin Yu lives here and feels that she has been pushed to the forefront by Nangong Yi. So ostentatiously, it is the style of Nangong Yi, and she is branded by Nangong Family. Candidates are under a lot of pressure.
Lin Yu finished reading the Nangong Yixin and digested it, then took Caiqing Building for dinner.
Cai Qing muttered, "Let’s eat in the room! What to do again! Trouble! " Cai Qing is a person who doesn’t like trouble. In other words, he is lazy!
Lin Yu patted her hat and laughed. "Do you live in this restaurant for us in vain? If we don’t look at the imperial examination trends and understand current events, we’ll have to be kicked out by Nangong Yi! "

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