The woman in front of her is bathing in the lake naked, and the beautiful song comes from her mouth. This person is a golden knife and sweaty, but what she and Mu Qingfeng see during the day is quite different. The moonlight shines on her ivory, and her skin is as bright as white Datura. A lock of beautiful hair flutters slightly naughty and plays around her round ears. The slender arch eyebrows add a little charm to the black ruby eyes. It’s quite beautiful and graceful. The cherry-like lips make men dream when they see it. It should appear around the right eye. The birthmark disappears instead. Like saussurea involucrata, the face is crystal clear as jade gills, and the lips are greasy with goose fat. The lips are light as Oriole’s eyes are slightly open, and it is comparable to Yingying Qiushui’s figure. It is graceful, slender, beautiful and unique. A crisp chest is like coagulated white jade, and the snow is like a peak. The fragrant dew is so unforgettable that the two peaks are slim and the waist is not full. With a pair of slender legs, Mu Qingfeng finally knows what Han Mu is right and the golden knife is sweaty. The so-called bright teeth are better than the fairy.

Muqingfeng wait for a while looked at the beautiful woman in front of him until she let him return to absolute being.
"rogue! ! Where are you looking? ! !”
Sitting by the fire again, both of them didn’t talk, and only when the flames kept beating did they know how embarrassed they were.
"Jin" Mu Qingfeng hasn’t finished yet,
"Shut up! !”
"I just"
"get out! !”
"I really didn’t mean to."
"You say one more word and I’ll kill you! !”
Mu Qingfeng touched his face’ Wuzhishan’ and didn’t know what to say.
After a long time, the golden knife Khan said faintly, "I was always a worried little girl before my father Khan died, until your army set foot on our grassland in summer. My father Khan died of injuries after repelling your attack, leaving me and my younger brother too young to be in charge of the various parts of the grassland, so I exercised the golden knife for him. My father Khan said that when I was a child, I would grow very beautiful, and the future would be the most beautiful grassland. saussurea involucrata, however, was in charge of the beautiful appearance of each part, which would hinder me. Please ask Yamu’s mother-in-law to change it for me. In the past few years, I have been seen from people. No one knows that my original face is fake except once. But today, you not only looked at my face, but also looked at me. How do you think I can settle this account with you? "
"It’s true that I’m wrong, but I swear to God, I really didn’t mean to peep. I’m thirsty. If I don’t get angry, give me a good beating. Besides, I promise that no one else will know about today, otherwise it will be thunderous and thunderous."
"Well, I’ll cut you two knives and vent your anger!" Jin Daohan suddenly pulled out his long knife and split it at Muqingfeng!
"This xiao ni good malicious I’m finished! !” An idea flashed in Muqingfeng’s head.
Suddenly a wisp of long hair fell from Muqing Peak.
Jin Daohan bent down to pick up his hair and said, "Leave your dog’s head on your neck first and I’ll pick it when we get out of here!" !”
Wipe your forehead and sweat. Mu Qingfeng suddenly felt that it was worthwhile to change a strand of hair to see a beauty shower.
Since the misunderstanding of "Golden Knife Khan" has been clarified, Mu Qingfeng wants to discuss the escape plan with her.
"Call me Snow Lotus," Jin Daohan said softly.
Mu Qingfeng couldn’t help wondering, "Snow Lotus?"
Jin Daohan said softly, "Since you are going to take me to hide in the summer, you can’t call me Jin Daohan again, can you?" Then you can call me Xuelian first, but I’ll tell you first. When we leave for the summer and return to the grassland, you have to call me Jin Daohan and you can’t say a word about what happened here. "
"Well, Snow Lotus is better than Golden Knife Khan," Mu Qingfeng said. "But I have a question. We can’t go to the grassland for a while. Will your Golden Wolf clan be threatened in this period and will your status of Golden Knife Khan be taken away?"
"You don’t have to worry about this. We have grassland rules. If you want to bear the new Golden Knife Khan, you must make sure that the Golden Knife Khan died. It will take at least three years to hold the Golden Knife Khan election ceremony in the Golden Wolf clan. You don’t have to worry that my brother is still in the Golden Wolf clan center. There should be no big problem with him and my uncle’s regent. Instead, we should worry about our situation now. Do you know where we are?" Looking at the brightening sky, Xuelian asked
"I don’t know exactly where. Let’s talk about the mountain first. After all, the green wolf scouts are still wandering around. They will find the mountain sooner or later." Mu Qingfeng put out the bonfire and pointed to a path in the distance
This path is more rugged than Mu Qingfeng’s physical injury. They are not moving fast. Mu Qingfeng has been wandering in the mountains for many years. If you walk, you should encounter hunting. Maybe there is a town in the mountain.
"Let’s have a drink. Let’s have a rest." Muqingfeng handed the kettle to Xuelian and looked at her beautiful face. Muqingfeng admired this girl who had been independent in the grassland for so long.
"What are you looking at? Be careful. I haven’t settled the account with you yet." Snow Lotus said maliciously.
"What account? Why don’t I know? " Mu Qingfeng knows nothing.
"Is that you peek at me, you little rogue! !” Snow Lotus became angry from embarrassment.
"Ha ha, a joke, a joke. Snow Lotus, don’t be angry, okay? Look at my injury. Can I discuss something with you?" Looking at Snow Lotus, she took something out of her arms and touched Muqingfeng in her face.
"What is it? Hurriedly said aunt don’t have time to listen to your repetitive "snow lotus son also angry just now.
"I know it’s really inconvenient for you to walk in the summer like a fairy. I understand that you have to make a makeover, but can we not turn it into the first time I saw you? It’s too, that’s too, that’s what, especially the birthmark is really unforgettable." Mu Qingfeng thinks that if he walks with the original’ Golden Knife Khan’ after seeing Snow Lotus, he may have nightmares every day.
Although Xuelian knows that she is very good-looking, hearing someone praise the girl’s vanity still makes her happy to see her jade hands dancing and smearing on her face. Soon, the fairy who looks like heaven disappeared and was replaced by an ordinary girl. Even her moving big eyes don’t know how to become a little dim.
"What kind of girl would you like to dress up like that? The customs of prairie people are different from yours in summer. When you see good things, you always like to keep them for yourself. If you let them see me, I don’t know how many other places I can make myself as scary as possible to make them die. Now in summer, of course, there is no need to dress up like that. I want to make a little change and become you. I like to walk around with that scary face." After the change, Xuelian packed her things and said to Mu Qingfeng.
May I ask you how old you are now? "Asked MuQingFeng.
"I’m only fourteen. What’s the matter? Our grassland girls are much stronger than your summer. I’ve been able to be independent since I was a child. It’s right to be a mother in the grassland at my age. You haven’t told me your age yet. It’s rude to ask others not to talk about yourself." Snow Lotus held out a snow-white jade to point Muqingfeng.
"I’m as old as you, and I’m fourteen this year, but I’ll be older than you when the New Year is coming," Mu Qingfeng said.
"It’s as if I don’t grow up." Xuelian curled her lips. "By the way, is your sister called Sancha? What happened in your village?"
Muqingfeng gave a shock when she heard the problem of Xuelian.
"My village was attacked by a team of the Green Wolf clan, and none of them spared me, my brother and sister. Three girls were hunting in the forest and escaped. Later, we were brought to clean up the mess. The scouts caught their captain and took my sister to Hanmu. I haven’t seen her since that day." Mu Qingfeng’s tone was also a lot lower when he was sad.
"Believe me, I really don’t know about this matter. I didn’t interfere with these arrangements," Snow Lotus explained quickly
"Is there no intervention or don’t want to intervene? Golden knife sweat? ? ! !” Mu Qingfeng’s words suddenly turned, and the subtlety just disappeared.
"What do you mean? ! ! In your eyes, do we prairie people know whether burning, killing and looting are all savage? !” Snow Lotus flew into a rage when she saw Muqingfeng and didn’t believe herself.
"Isn’t that what I said? At the very least, in my eyes, I have never seen a prairie person like a normal person! !” Looking at Snow Lotus telling herself what to do, thinking of what happened in the village made Muqingfeng angry.
"You! ! ! I didn’t expect me to be such a good person in your heart. In that case, we will split up and go our separate ways from now on! ! I’ll go back to the grassland myself! !” Say snow lotus son twist a head to go.
Touching myself with a girl’s scented silk, recalling that Ulimo entrusted Muqingfeng with her mouth, I can’t help but regret that she didn’t say anything. After all, the person who caused the village murder case was not Snow Lotus, who was not familiar with the mountains. It’s hard to be surprised if she really had something, she would have broken her promise.
"Where are you going? Do you want to go out of the mountain and be caught by the Qinglang people? !” Muqingfeng hurriedly chased Xuelian and grabbed her shoulder.
"I don’t care. Anyway, I’m a man with a face and a beast’s heart, so I won’t bother you." Xuelian said coldly. "Do you still have your hand?"

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