For the first time in his life, he heard about the place of Porto de Somalia, and a lecture was given in Shanghai, the eastern city.

Geng Fanjian is not a Shanghainese. He lives in a city in northern Jiangsu. He went to Shanghai to discuss business and meet friends. He was dragged by friends to attend a lecture at Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Songdong District. The title of the lecture was "Investment and Immigration Project Promotion Conference for the Port of Africa in Guinea".
That was more than two years ago. If Hua Zhen had visited, the scene might have been shocked. Babel said that if he had changed to a local person who grew up in the port of Somalia, such as Charles, he would have such a reaction.
What is the port of Sofia? It is the poorest, backward, chaotic and dangerous area in the world. The average life expectancy of a resident is in his early thirties, and the per capita annual income is 200 yuan. Most blocks are controlled by more than 60 gangs, large and small, and the total population is less than 600 thousand.
Growing up in Somali port, Hua Zhen grew up in a grocery store. He was educated in the East and had access to information from all over the world. When he opened the door of the grocery store, he saw a hellish scene.
Where was Geng Fanjian’s Shanghai at that time? It is the most prosperous first-tier city in East China and the most dynamic metropolis in the world in recent ten years. If a Somali Hong Kong resident comes to Shanghai, he will have reached heaven!
Geng Fanjian knows about the world geography class in the middle school of several countries, and has seen and heard that the place is poor, backward and war-torn, but he has never heard of the place of Porto de Somalia.
However, the host of the promotion meeting overturned everyone’s inherent understanding, saying that the war was a long time ago, and now the port of Somalia in several countries is developing very well
There are more than 100 people in the audience at the venue, and there are several heads of the Foreign Investment Bureau of Biluoguo. Anyway, they are all from Bailuozhou, and so is the introduction of the host (according to Hua Zhen’s investigation of the roots of Biluoguo, there is no foreign investment bureau corresponding to the government functional departments, and it is not called this name).
How can Taiwanese people at the promotion meeting of non-Somali Hong Kong-funded immigration projects appear as officials of other countries? This is precisely the point of propaganda!
It is reported that Guinea was once an overseas territory of a foreign country, and it was only in the 1960s that it declared its independence. So far, it still maintains a certain subordination with the foreign country, and it holds a passport of Guinea to enter the foreign country.
According to the Schengen agreement of the countries of the Roba Union, being able to sign into other countries means being able to sign into the 26 countries of the Roba Union. These are still the second times. More importantly, if you invest in a hotel project in the port of Somalia, you can get a passport of several countries and have the opportunity to become naturalized in other countries after five years.
This is a curved path of naturalization in other countries. After five years of successful citizenship springboard, you can enjoy the welfare benefits of citizenship education and medical care in the countries of the Roba Union.
The organizer of the promotion conference is called Pingjing Da ‘anyang Overseas Consultant Co., Ltd. The registered place is Pingjing, the capital of the East China, which specializes in various immigration consulting agencies. In recent years, a large number of such companies in the East China have formed an "immigration industry"
A special propaganda film was broadcast on the spot. The scenery in Port Sofia is like spring all the year round, and people are lazily sunbathing on the beach, tasting tropical fruits and all kinds of strange drinks.
Everyone’s expression is so leisurely and comfortable. Strangers greet with polite and confident smiles … Once again, the camera turns from the sea to the land. Beautiful buildings are hidden in lush tropical vegetation, and the community is clean and peaceful.
The propaganda film was shot in early January 2017 in the coastal area south of Porto de Somalia, and even Palm Manor was filmed.
There, his neighborhood in the port of Somalia is simply two worlds. Every year, after the small rainy season, the climate in the port of Somalia is the best in winter. There are indeed many overseas tourists who go there for vacation, and their footprints will never cross the river of Somalia.
Several "promotion ambassadors" in Taiwan told the audience through on-site interpreters that this project is to invest in a hotel in the port of Somalia, and the investment required for each person is 100,000 meters, which will be refunded after five years.
Moreover, in the past five years, the project party has expected to earn 5% revenue every year. After five years, it will not only be able to get back, but also earn 25,000 meters, which is almost 17,000 yuan.
The third party of this immigration project is 500,000 Dong Guo, and the so-called third party is the immigration intermediary. So the overall conversion is equivalent to spending 300,000 years in the early five years to be naturalized in other countries.
In the past five years, they can also go to the port of Sofia to live at any time. The hotel they invested in has a guest room … Geng Fanjian was said to be tempted on the spot. After the lecture, he was invited by the organizer to have a one-on-one communication with the guest manager in another negotiation room.
At that time, he didn’t notice that all the interested guests communicated one-on-one, and there was almost no communication with each other. In retrospect, the organizer seemed to deliberately prevent the guests from discussing the slogan at that time, which was "a special person made a special trip to the end"
Geng Fanjian paid 15,000 Dong Guo dollars for consultation on the spot, and the other party signed an agreement. This consultation is a big Anyang consultation, which is an extra expense, but it is a small sum of money for Geng Fanjian.
Later, Geng Fanjian and his wife personally flew to several countries to inspect the project. This was the first time in his life that he went abroad to land. The project party arranged to come out from Mowang airport and take a bus to the port passenger ship. He went directly to the southern coast of the port of Sofia and stayed in a luxury hotel.
The so-called luxury is also the case. According to the standards of the East, it is almost four-star, but it is very exotic. It covers a wide area and has good scenery, which is equivalent to an overseas holiday.
The project owner pointed out a place, and sure enough, the site has been leveled and the foundation has been dug. They signed a formal investment and resettlement agreement here.
After paying all kinds of follow-up, I got my passport in several countries, registered my residence in Banda City, and changed my passport to a new name according to Geng Fanjian’s requirements.
His name and passport can be set up in local banks, and it can’t be found in Dongguo. At the same time, Geng Fanjian also kept Dongguo passport and ID card.
It was at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 21, and then Geng Fanjian went back to China and told him to wait with peace of mind. At that time, no one around him knew that he had become a citizen of several countries and changed his name.
However, in the blink of an eye, in early 2019, the promised annual investment income of 5% did not reach the account, so he found the guest manager of Da ‘anyang Company to show him that the agreed investment income was only available after the hotel was completed and opened. Now the hotel has not been completed, and of course it is still profitable.
However, the guest manager also reassured him that the hotel will be completed in another year, when the return on investment will be five years, and the conditions for returning the investment will remain unchanged after five years. Moreover, these two years do not count the waiting time for naturalization, and he will have to wait another four years to become a citizen of another country.
Geng Fanjian was not stupid. He immediately took out the original terms of the agreement and checked that the contract said that the hotel construction could be completed in half a year and the delivery procedures could be completed. Now it has been one year.
The intermediary explained that the construction period was delayed because the hotels with a large number of investors needed to redesign and expand their scale and reception capacity.
At this time, Geng Fanjian felt wrong, but he still couldn’t believe that an enterprise as big as Da Anyang had gone abroad and had been in the immigration industry for many years and would still engage in blatant fraud projects. Even if there were fraudulent contractors, he could still claim compensation through legal channels.
However, after another year, he not only didn’t wait for the news of hotel completion, but also announced that the project had been deleted from official website of Da ‘anyang Company.
Geng Fanjian went to the door again. At the beginning, the investment consultant who made a special trip to the end had left his job. The receptionist told him that the hotel was still under construction.
Geng Fanjian immediately asked to return the investment or resort to law, but the other party said that Daanyang Company had fulfilled its contractual responsibility, which meant that Geng Fanjian could sue.
Geng Fanjian contacted the same group of investors in this project, and everyone pulled a peacekeeping group and contributed money to Shanghai to hire a lawyer named Knight to represent foreign-related economic disputes.
Lawyer Knight read the agreement materials in their hands, including a lot of foreign language materials, and told them that it was almost impossible for the country to win this lawsuit and there was no way to prosecute anything.
Lawyer Knight pointed out that there are many such immigration projects in recent years, and this industry is also very orderly at present. The purpose of intermediary is to charge a high commission on the project whether it will be in cheat people or not, which depends on whether the emperor can guarantee the postage.

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