Although Lin Yuan’s goal this time is to go to Huangxian County, Lin Yuan also came to inquire clearly that the strong in Huangxian County is much stronger than that in Huoyun County, Fenglin County. It is the second largest county in Tianluo County, and the largest in Shui Mu County, where many innate realm strong fighters are beyond the innate realm.

The four counties are divided into four places, and each county has a huge one. Among them, Wuzong lies in Fenglin County, QingYuan Zong lies in Dihuang County, and decibels are in the other two counties.
There is a smile on Lin Yuan’s face in Huangxian County or a bigger and bigger place. This is the real world.
But now Lin Yuan is also full of confidence, and his strength is also considered to be the best among the younger generation, and it is rare to see him surpass Lin Yuan.
Now Lin Yuan has confidence, even if he meets a tough character, he will not exceed the mixed yuan realm. He is confident that if he wants to go, the latter will not have the ability to leave him any!
In half step mixed yuan fighters Lin Yuan at this time, although there is no confidence to kill, but less ordinary half step mixed yuan fighters still can’t stand Lin Yuan.
"Hey, I’d like to see if the younger generation of leaders in Huangxian County can be strong everywhere!"
Lin Yuan’s eyes are blazing. Although he has mysterious parents, he doesn’t rely on his own parents, and now his parents don’t know that he is now working hard on his own life and death, and he is not afraid of genius Uber!
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three-Yan ran crisis
However, Lin Yuan’s heart thinks so much about what can be underestimated in Lin Yuan’s heart, and he also tries his best to be lucky and despise it. In the end, he may not escape from the premature death. After a little calculation, Lin Yuan directly found a bluestone cross-legged and sat down to the real mobile Lin Yuan to recover his own injuries.
And this kind of practice plus restoring one’s own truth is a half-hour and a half-hour forest edge, and all the time is restoring one’s own truth and physical injury.
After two high-intensity battles in a row, Lin Yuan’s own body can’t afford it, but fortunately, this effort has also won a lot of gains. Lin Yuan not only became more skilled in his own real Yuan āo control, but also finally consolidated his own injury and was finally completely repaired by him!
"Gee, it’s said that the opportunity is really good in a crisis," said Lin Yuan, who obviously enjoyed the fight.
Looking at the front of the mountain forest edge, we are about to enter the road of Rehmannia County. A long whistle and a flash of the forest edge figure have reached the position of the mountain peak.
"Everything is ready!"
Lin Yuan laughed and went straight to Rehmannia County.
The forest of the wild has penetrated the whole territory of Zhao, and almost every place will have the forest of the wild. In this place, Huangxian County is regarded as the periphery of the forest of the wild, and there are more and more congenital monsters. Even the forest edge has heard from the master Song Changqing that there are still monsters in the realm of purple mansion.
It’s also time to get up and look to the northwest to restore the forest edge after repairing itself. Now it’s time to leave for Huangxian County, where I think it should be extremely lively.
This time, the goal of Lin Yuan’s experience is the four counties of Tianluo County and Tianluo County. This Lin Yuan is to experience the whole Tianluo County and see the vast and young talents of Tianluo County.
Ha ha, I didn’t expect to touch the green Yuan Zong chick here. Ha ha, you three still have to give up your struggle, or you will be told to survive for a while.
At this time, it is close to dusk, and the dim light shines on her, which makes her extremely y and n cold.
A 20-year-old man dressed in black-brown Se leather armor and wearing long barrel deerskin gloves laughed with ferocious arrogance.
Behind him is a dozen guards also dressed in black and brown Se leather armor.
And opposite
A girl with an ordinary face but slim figure and fair skin like jade is blooming with a faint glow. She gulped down her breath and stood sweating like rain on her sword. Se’s long hair was wet on her shoulders, shoulders and thighs. Obviously, she was hit by a sharp weapon and left a large amount of blood.
She exhaled breath, her face was pale and her breath was disordered, and drops of blood flowed down the green Se gown.
Behind her, another beautiful girl wearing a green Se gown, about seventeen years old, has a deep red belly and sits cross-legged in the same place, running the real yuan achievement method. It seems that she is trying her best to resist some kind of injury. Clouds of green Se emerge in her pretty face, and her lips are dark. It seems that she is poisoned.
There is a young man next to him, and his breath is also chaotic. If he is treated from time to time, it will have sequelae, which will make it more difficult to break through the post-realm.
These two girls and young people are the younger brothers of Qing Yuan Zong.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect that this time Green Yuan Zong will send you three people here, and this time I will let you lose the opportunity to attend." A rough sound directly entered the ear of the forest edge, which made the forest edge sick. He couldn’t figure out what kind of person could give birth to such a voice at this time.
"Qian Yuan, don’t be complacent. Just because you want to kill the three of us, you have to pay the price." Suddenly a female voice came from the opposite side with a firm momentum.
"Hum mo Yan ran, but you are just a newly promoted younger brother. You dare to talk to me like this in the early days of Naling. You are dead." The rough voice came to U again and obviously ignored Mo Yan ran’s words directly.
"Qian Yuan, don’t you dare kill our green Yuan Zong brother, be careful of your money house." Mo Yan ran looked at the ugly man in front and said with nausea.
"Don’t start looking for trouble. You also respect yourself too much. I’ll kill you three small Naling fighters at this time. Who will know that this is the edge of the forest?" That’s Qian Yuannan Y and N smiled and continued, "After killing you, I’ll throw you in the forest. Others will think that you were killed by the monster beast. Who will doubt me?"
Speaking of which, it seems that Qian Yuan is very satisfied with his own practice. His eyes are brighter and his eyes look straight at Mo Yan ran’s place.
"Yan ran school sister, you go and leave us alone …" Ordinary girls face a sad wry smile.
Since the day she joined Qing Yuan Zong and became a fighter, she has been ready to step on a bloody road, or she has soared into a peerless strength or become a stepping stone to others in the mysterious Jianghu road …
She worked so hard to step on the innate realm at the age of twenty. I didn’t expect this time to come to Huangxian County. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen
But I didn’t expect this day to come so soon.
Let’s go, let’s go, let’s die, let’s die together.’ Mo Yan ran exhaled and breathed firmly. Tunnel
Ha, ha, ha, bitch, it’s really good to say that we must work together. But don’t worry, I won’t let you die. I just want to strip you naked together and enjoy it slowly, so that you can serve our rich brothers and sisters together. Ha, ha, ha!’
"But the young man forget it and kill him directly." Qian Yuan (temper) said bitterly. In his view, if it weren’t for this young man, I’m afraid I would have arrested them both at this time.
Qian Yuan’s greedy eyes licked his lips.
Several other teenagers around Qian Jiadi all gave a knowing smile, with evil spirits on their faces.
Then ask me about the sword in my hand first!’ With a long sword in his hand, the teenager came from Qingyuan Sect and was a newly promoted younger brother. At this time, his face was surging with firmness. Se sneered,’ The money family used to be a big businessman, but recently it has taught a group of pigs and dogs to be worse than animals!’
Hey hey f * * king now you can let your breath for a while the old people make you cry! Pulled out your skin and you two base maidservants. When you were the master elder brother of Qing Yuan Zong, the f * * king hindered me. This time, I’ll take your brother’s knife of Qing Yuan Zong first, "said Qian Yuan savagely, slowly approaching.
This matter still has to start with the story of Qing Yuan’s eldest brother, Qing Tian, who once defeated Qian Yuan in a competition, which made Qian Yuan face a big loss, so he hated Qing Yuan Zong’s younger brother and thus had this scene.
Death!’ Don’t start shape a spin in the hands of a sword sword mans soared to Qian Yuan.
Ha ha ha ha …..’ Qian Yuan’s body swings like a raging willow, easily avoiding the sword light and laughing’ Struggle! Just NaLing realm also delusion challenge me "Qian Yuan a laugh seems to be very enjoy this state.
The longer you fight at this time, the harder you fight with me. Hey, hey, you will kneel on my hip yourself in a moment! "
Said the hands disease refers to transform a few move.
Sniff, scoff!
A wisp of cold mountain bursts out of Qian Yuan’s hands.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four-firm but gentle cross
The sword in Mo Yan ran’s hand danced like a clank of light, which kept Qian Yuan from sending out a real firm but gentle shock. However, the firm but gentle shock of Qian Yuan came too fast, and all of them were important parts of her body. At the same time, she felt numb, and her arms and thighs were hit by several firm but gentle shocks.
This money is really obscene.
He sends her out, and the firm but gentle parts are all towards the abdomen, chest, thighs and other parts.
"Sister Mo, please go …" My brother, who has been standing by with Mo Yan Ran to resist Qian Yuan, is also in a hurry. "If you don’t leave …, you won’t be able to come!"

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