At two o’clock in the afternoon, I drove to Lin Yicheng’s Hongyu group again and found a parking space nearby. I then considered one-step action. The building didn’t have a green feather Taoist and Mei Fan breath, which means that these two people should have left, and now Lin Yicheng and Mei Zhu are still in the high-rise office.

I hesitated for a long time to light a cigarette, and finally decided to go to Lin Yicheng again. I have cut off my wings, and invited Taoist Qingyu. I couldn’t find him at this time, which forced him to tell the truth. Even though he didn’t know that Ye Aofeng fell into his hands, four Gu Jian were still what I needed urgently. If yesterday was bullying, today is a negotiation, and negotiation is naturally beneficial to both sides.
Make up your mind and quickly tidy up your clothes and walk into the Hongyu group.
"Mr. Lin, the director of the department, invites you to go." As soon as I entered the hall, the staff in charge of reception came at me.
I nodded and walked to the stairs. Hongyu was surrounded by cameras. Lin Yicheng must have discovered my arrival through monitoring. Besides, I took the stairs instead of taking the stairs because I was worried that Lin Yicheng would ruin me in case of an "safety accident" on the ladder. It was difficult for me to escape from that closed room.
When I take the stairs, I will consider whether to walk fast or slow. After a moment’s hesitation, I decide to walk slowly. Say quickly that I am in a hurry and slow down. Say that I am full of confidence and fear. Now I am really in a hurry. I have a heart to jump directly, but I can’t do that. Since I am here to negotiate, I must pretend to have a well-prepared mind and not show anxiety.
When I walked to the floor of Lin Yicheng’s office, Lin Yicheng was already waiting in the hall. I looked up and saw him and hesitated for a moment. Then I quickly gave him a kind smile. Lin Yicheng quickly greeted me and extended his right hand at me.
Lin Yicheng is a wise man. He used to hold back to observe my reaction and expression. He must judge my meaning according to my first expression and respond accordingly. If I came over in anger and asked questions, he wouldn’t reach out to me.
"Please" Lin Yicheng, after I shook hands, backhand pointed to his office to welcome guests, have money and handle affairs, and the door that was previously damaged by me has already been changed.
"Ah!" At this moment, the female secretary in the hall exclaimed-she knew me. I knocked Reiki out of the door and almost scared her pants.
Lin Yicheng gave her a dissatisfied look and took me into the office.
"Give us a pot of tea when she breaks down" After entering the office, Mei Zhu’s measurement is not as good as Lin Yicheng’s. When Lin Yicheng saw me coming, his expression was very embarrassed. He quickly found a reason for her to leave.
"S, I’m here to compensate you." I smiled and pulled out a cigarette and threw it. Now the two of them are at odds. A slight move may affect the development of the next situation. When I said that I came to compensate him, I politely apologized for yesterday’s move and threw him a cigarette. It was to draw closer to each other instead of throwing it. One was to show that I was familiar with each other. The other was that I was occupying the wind at the moment. He was not qualified for me to give him a cigarette.
"The section chief is still so clean to taste the exotic customs." Lin Yicheng smiled and lit a cigarette and grabbed a tin box from the table and threw a high-end cigar from the inside.
"Yes," I took the lighter and lit it. I was very disgusted with this kind of foreign tobacco. By "yes," I meant not tobacco but Lin Yicheng’s attitude. I gave him cigarettes as ordinary cigarettes, but he gave them back to me as a big man. He meant that you gave me benefits and I would repay you twice.
"My apprentice was kidnapped, which made me feel very bad. Yesterday, my attitude was a little too much." After the two sat down, I took the lead in cutting to the chase.
"Mei Mi gave you trouble last night. If I had known about it in advance, I would have stopped her." Lin Yicheng didn’t pick me up, but put all the blame on his secret for the first time and left himself clean.
"Hehe, it was hard to lose when the swordsmen were alone. I have learned to be lonely and lonely. I didn’t expect to be able to compete with such a superb player as Qingyu. It is a rare blessing."
I laughed heartily last night, and when Taoist Qingyu came back, her face would definitely not look good. For a person like Lin Yicheng who is good at reading and sensing, she must have guessed that Taoist Qingyu didn’t take advantage of anything, and Taoist Qingyu naturally wouldn’t tell Lin Yicheng what nonsense I said to her, which made Lin Yicheng think that Taoist Qingyu was not my opponent. He never imagined that Taoist Qingyu was angry with me and really started work. I was not somebody else’s opponent.
For me, Demonbane boasted that I was really boasting that the real world was better than me, and most people in monasticism were the best among my peers. Compared with those centenarians, I was still young, but what I boasted was not to brag casually. I meant to make Lin Yicheng mistake me for being the best, and the ultimate goal was to force him to get along with me.
"Yu Kechang, if you are sure that your apprentice is in Beijing, I will call the public security department now." Lin Yicheng changed the topic. This guy is playing tricks on every sentence, and this sentence is no exception. He has shown me good and then said that he has friendship with the public security layer. Naturally, his purpose is to show my strength.
"No, Ye Aofeng took my apprentice away. I’ll handle it myself. The purpose of my coming here is to talk to S Cheng Bu Gong and see if it is possible." I will put the cloth in my hand and send the Qin Dynasty Gu Jian to Reiki Ling to his overbearing spell and this Gu Jian in my hand as my bargaining chip.
Lin Yicheng stared at Ling suspended Gu Jian for a moment and then reached for the past. He drew his sword and pried it out. He looked at it excitedly for a long time before he got up and sent Gu Jian back to my tea table.
"The section chief Ye Aofeng didn’t kill me, not because I gave him any benefits, and I have never done anything wrong to my friends." After Lin Yicheng sent it back to Gu Jian, he did not return to his original position, but conveniently sat down on the sofa opposite me.
"Oh?" I frowned and put out my cigar. This shit is too hard to smoke.
"Ye Aofeng no longer pesters me because he wants to invite me to open the tomb together, and I agreed." Lin Yicheng was well-advised to say the deal behind the scenes.
"You’re trying to get something for yourself," I said with a frown.
"I’m going to do this." Lin Yicheng shook his head with a wry smile. "It’s a pity that you’re not interested in the mausoleum of Qin Dynasty, otherwise I wouldn’t have joined him."
Lin Yicheng’s words made me shake my head and sigh for silence. Lin Yicheng would get along with Ye Ao. It can be said that I forced him to go to the same front with him earlier, and he would not choose to get along with Ye Ao.
"Are those four Gu Jian back to you?" I hesitated for a long time and looked up and asked
"Central bank safes need fingerprints, pupils and three passwords to breathe." Lin Yicheng did not hide it.

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