On the day before the army was to be withdrawn, A Mu Gulang returned to his home after many years. At this time, he came back with the purpose of killing the biological father who threw himself into the fire pit. When the shaman brutally destroyed A Mu Gulang, he distorted human nature and became more cruel. When he saw his frightened eyes, he felt an unprecedented pleasure in his heart. When he stabbed his father in the heart, he smiled and said to him, "Aren’t you always going to kill me?" Remember, if you want to do something, you have to do it, or you will regret it one day. "

Halbara fell to the ground with his eyes wide open, and he couldn’t believe that he would die at the hands of his own son until he died. This damn shaman didn’t poison him. This monster has long since died. I didn’t expect that he would learn a strange martial arts, and I didn’t expect that he would come back for revenge. Now he knows it’s too late because he has become a corpse lying on the ground. Regret can’t save his life.
After that, A Mu Gulang took these soldiers to hide in Tibet and finally chose a stupa near Fengbei Village, killing the monks in the pagoda and scaring away those villagers who built such a grotto in the pagoda with these soldiers. Since then, they have been lurking in the grotto waiting for an opportunity.
Chapter 10 The Three-Britain War Johnson Reveals the True Mystery (1)
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A Mu Gulang couldn’t calmly think about himself in the past few decades, hiding in the tomb of the living dead. He could wait until the Yuan army came back and he was a hero of Zionism, but he didn’t think that this hiding was a chance decades ago, if not a few years ago, even he himself would die of old age in this grotto, thinking that he could get so many benefits after the job was done. A Mu Gulang immediately gave a faint smile.
Just when he was proud, there was a harsh sound in the house. A Mu Gulangma became alert. It turned out that the sound was an alarm of an outsider breaking into the underground cave. When he heard it, he knew that it was a mark. When he was informed, he wanted to snatch the pure Junjian himself. Unexpectedly, the mark was delayed by Jin Jingniang so that Zhao Fu could force them out.
In fact, Zhao Fude was controlled by the drug he developed more than ten years ago, and the man had already lost his sex. A Mu Gulang didn’t kill him, but he experimented with his own new drug to control his mind and sent him to catch some children for himself. It turned out that since he took the 500 soldiers lurking in the underground cave, he studied the drug day and night, which could make people invulnerable. Unfortunately, this drug is extremely difficult to refine, and the bones in that dark room were all developed by him.
Although he looks ugly, he is indeed a genius. One day, he finally succeeded in making soldiers invulnerable. These soldiers are not only invulnerable but also extremely fast, and their fingernails are as sharp as steel knives. They are even as weak as wild animals. Unfortunately, although these soldiers are invulnerable, their bodies have undergone many abnormal changes, not only their pupils become enlarged, but also their eyesight becomes black and white. The most failure is that they can be born out of water for too long after taking medicine, and their bodies will burst and die because of dehydration.
Naihe continued to study new drugs until more and more soldiers were tested. A Mu Gulang had to transfer all these soldiers to Fengbei Village, and the villagers in Fengbei Village became the first victims of these soldiers. Coincidentally, at this time, Zhao Fude and his brothers broke into the village, which caught Zhao Fude and fed him mind-control drugs. A Mu Gulang had his own intention not to kill him.
It turned out that A Mu Gulang found that these soldiers had become defective, probably because their bones and skin had grown into short-term drugs, and violent stimulation would have an effect of pulling out seedlings and encouraging them. What made them different from those soldiers might be that they had been trained by drugs slowly since childhood.
So he thought of children to experiment with his new drug. Several children were killed by his experiment because of their poor mastery of the dosage. It was not until the experiment of Jinjing that the dosage was mastered. However, after two years of Jinjing’s experiment, although her eyes were normal during the day, she would become as black as those soldiers all the time, but her bones remained in her teens like him.
However, Jin Jing finally stopped living in the water, but he was even more surprised to move around. This made him overjoyed that Jin Jing actually kept a large part of his mind to communicate with him. It turned out that after eating this medicine, he stimulated the brain and destroyed the nerves in the brain, causing people to have no thoughts and send out a special whistle to control them. At this time, Jin Jing just didn’t tell her what to do. Although he had so many soldiers taking orders from him, in fact, he could say that there was no one around him. So he regarded this Jin Jing as the only spiritual sustenance, not only giving all his martial arts.
Since he developed this new refining method, he has also refined Zhao Fu according to law. Slowly, Zhao Fu has also become a half-man, half-corpse monster. He can stay in the house every night and be found with black eyes.
In order not to let others know that they are hiding in Fengbei Village, every time someone passes by, they kill passers-by. At that time, the businessman who died in Fengnan Village was killed by Jin Jing. At that time, he decided to let Jin Jing take the shot. Unfortunately, at that time, Jin Jing failed to strike a fatal blow because of insufficient strength, otherwise the businessman’s heart would be caught out if the strength was enough, and he would not live to Fengnan Village.
If it weren’t for the battle with Mo Yuling, he couldn’t get the pure Jun Jian himself, so he wouldn’t risk letting Jin Jing steal it. This not only exposed Jin Jing, but also made it easier for people to find out that he was making him feel gratified that the plan had succeeded. When he saw that the pure Jun Jian was stolen by Jin Jing, the horse let those soldiers intercept the mark.
He didn’t expect the mark to break through the siege of those soldiers and follow it to the underground cave. Zhao Fu must have led him in because of its concealment. If it weren’t for this control drug, he wouldn’t have come every once in a while, and now it’s exposed.
However, he had long thought of a strategy to deal with the mark, and Mo Yuling had long been fed the mind control medicine by him and put it in a stone room, and the long light led him to the room to wait for the mark to come. Later, when the mark hit the sarcophagus, he had already triggered the machine to inform him. He took it out to control the green whistle and blew it, and Mo Yuling immediately attacked the mark as possessed.
Just as he was anxiously waiting for the result of their two people’s fighting, he saw Mo Yuling dragging his face with blood stains. When A Mu Gulang saw the big joy in his heart, it seemed that this little girl must have been soft-hearted and couldn’t bear to kill the little girl. When he thought of this, he saw that he had a short leg and jumped out of the golden chair and handed the pure Jun sword in his hand to Jin Jing. He walked to the mark with some ridiculous steps and came near. At this time, his eyes were closed and his neck had been scratched by Mo Yuling. It looked as if he was hurt.
A Mu Gulang immediately gave a strange laugh when he saw the mark. No one can spoil him again and again. Then he took out his whistle and blew a few orders to Mo Yuling to let her get the mark. As soon as Mo Yuling heard it, he immediately grabbed his hand at the mark neck. A Mu Gulang saw Mo Yuling grabbing the mark and looked up. He burst into laughter. Just as he was laughing, a cold light went straight to his left eye and stabbed it. Suddenly, a flint came and A Mu Gulang didn’t think about it. He missed this dangerous move. Rao also scratched his forehead. Fortunately, he was not afraid of the sword. This was thrilling.
When he quickly jumped back and looked intently, he found that Mo Yuling, who was holding a sword in his hand, also took out a’ Lingbao Bow’ from behind, and a pair of big eyes glared at him. A Mu Gulang didn’t like to be controlled, and he didn’t react at Mo Yuling and Mark.
The original mark was afraid of the sword hurting Mo Yuling. Seeing Mo Yuling grabbing at his throat, he quickly turned his head to avoid the fatal part of the throat. But Mo Yuling grabbed the mark neck and immediately splashed the mark blood. It happened that a stream of blood directly shot into Mo Yuling’s mouth. At this time, he grabbed the neck and ate pain, so he jumped out of the circle behind him.
See Mo Yuling with a bit of blood in his mouth, followed by the mark, and barely supported it. After several rounds, he felt dizzy when he was injured in the neck and bled too much. When Mo Yuling fainted to the ground, he looked a little dazed when he saw the enemy fall, but he rushed to the mark and prepared to kill him by hand.
When she came near the mark again and tried to kill him, the drug she had been drugged was dissolved by the blood. Seeing the mark, she fainted to the ground with blood in her hands. She came to the mark with tears and called for her eldest brother, while shaking the mark hard. After half a ring mark, she finally slowly opened her eyes and looked at Mo Yuling and cried at herself. I was relieved to know that her drug had been solved.
MoYuLing see his eyes open hurriedly said "eldest brother, are you ok? It’s all my fault that I hurt you so badly. "
Mark listened to her and knew that she was too busy to hold herself up and said, "Silly sister doesn’t blame you for being the old monster who gave you roofies. I’m fine. No, I’m worried." Mark took out a hundred flowers pill and let Mo Yuling crush it and apply it to his neck, then took out one and put it in his mouth to eat.
Mo Yuling said, "Brother, how did you know I was here? I don’t even know where I am now. That day, I felt that I was beaten and woke up again and again and saw you lying in front of me."
Mark saw that she asked about the cause of the incident, which made her feel comfortable. She slowly told Mo Yuling that she had been taken away. From her arrest to tracking to the stupa, she couldn’t find an entrance to return to the village. If she found that Jin Jing to pure Jun Jian had been stolen, he found Zhao Fu and followed him into the stupa to look around. Only then did she find this place. She told Mo Yuling all about it again, and she was nervous and angry when it was really ups and downs.
Chapter 10 The Three-Britain War Johnson Reveals the True Mystery (2)
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After listening to the mark, Mo Yuling said angrily, "I didn’t expect Zhao Fu to have been controlled by the old monster. It seems that strange things happened in the village because he did Jin Jing, and he has become an old monster. This damn toad is really harmful. What should I do if I catch him and must cut him to pieces, but the eldest brother’s pure sword has been stolen? That old monster is invulnerable and can be dealt with by pure Jun Jian. "
Mark listened to him and said this question, and there were some worries in my heart. Now that I was injured and lost the advantage of sharp weapon, it is really not easy to win. Moreover, more than one person Jin Jing doesn’t know martial arts. If it is as difficult as the old monster, where is the chance of winning? It seems that this time I can outwit this and say to Mo Yuling, "Sister, I think we have little chance of winning recklessly this time. We should find a way to raid this old monster."
Mo Yuling nodded in agreement with his big eyes, and immediately thought of an idea and said to the mark, "Eldest brother, the old monster doesn’t know that I have recovered now, so I pretended to be controlled by him, pretending to catch you and bring you to him, and then you stabbed him to death with a sword."
Mark a listen to this way is good, so two people groped to find the old monster hiding room to play, but mark just got injured and his hand slowed down, which didn’t hurt his heart. It’s a pity that he had to play hardball.
A Mu Gulang saw Mo Yuling regain his mind, but he didn’t know what the antidote was when he was in love. When he reacted, he was very angry and said to Jin Jing, "Jing Er, protect the pure Jun Jian and let me kill these two damn little dolls."
Jin Jing nodded with pure Jun Jian, and the little girl said "Yes"
A Mu Gulang looked at the mark and was injured at this time. There was no pure sword in his hand. He knew that he would win this game. He must kill the two dolls himself. I hate to think that it doesn’t neglect the small short legs. I pushed myself to the mark and bent my fingers. I caught the long black nails toward the mark.
Mark to see his attack shouted "come on" to himself, and his feet rushed to A Mu Gulang to meet the sword in his hand, waving it repeatedly and stabbing it into his eyes continuously.
A Mu Gulang didn’t expect the mark sword to be so folded that he was busy with his hands to protect his eyes against the mark. When he turned his feet and ran for the mark, he kicked the mark on his head. Seeing that he suddenly changed his tactics to avoid his offensive, he was busy with it. He twisted his waist and kicked his feet and fell to the ground.
Mo Yuling saw the mark and handed it over to the old monster. He jumped over and immediately turned into a’ Lingbao Eagle Wing Chop’ by pressing his hand. He attacked the old monster. A Mu Gulang wanted to continue to attack the mark, but only to find that Mo Yuling attacked again. When he didn’t avoid cutting his eagle wing and reaching out to Mo Yuling’s lower abdomen, Mo Yuling knew that he didn’t care whether he was stabbed or not because he was invulnerable.
Seeing that the old monster is no longer afraid of two weapons, I know that there is no other way to attack him. His weakness is his eyes. Now the best way is for two people to attack and cover each other at the same time, so that the old monster can lose sight of one thing and lose sight of another. Maybe it is possible to take advantage of the blind stab to grab the pure Jun sword. Fortunately, it seems that Jin Jing will not make moves for a while, otherwise he will be killed here today.
Think of this mark and say to Mo Yuling, "Sister, let’s deal with him together."
Mo Yuling white mark nodded and said "good"
Say that finish two people together in the face of the old monster.
A Mu Gulang gave a strange smile and said, "Let me send you all the way."
Talking, I saw his legs running a few steps towards the mark and Mo Yuling rushed over to see him rush to the front. The sword in his hand was in his eyes. Brush brush and even stab five swords. These five swords are really fast and faster than Mo Yuling’s’ Lingbao Eagle Wing Cut’. The eagle wing cut into the old monster’s eyes. When A Mu Gulang saw them attacking his eyes, he dared to neglect his left hand and grasp it at Mo Yuling’s’ Lingbao Eagle Wing Cut’. The eagle wing steel knife was placed in front of his eyes to resist.
Old monster, he just stabbed himself in the eyes, and the strength would not be too great, but what he didn’t expect was that these five sword marks made it dark. It seems that the stabbing in the ordinary sword strokes is actually a mark, but the dark capacity. These five swords made it a heavy technique. A Mu Gulang immediately stepped back and retreated to the edge of the stone wall when he was struck by the five swords.
Mark saw that he could retreat, and then he jumped up and pulled his right foot against the old monster’s arm, which was a foot. This foot kicked the old monster’s arm out of his eyes, and he rolled in the middle, and then he handed the sword forward and stabbed the old monster’s eyes quickly.
At this time, the old monster has retreated to the edge of the stone wall, and there is really no retreat. Seeing that there is a scar on the sword, he will block the sword with a wave of his left hand. When Mo Yuling sees that the old monster is forced to get away from the wall at the edge of the hall and has a certain distance from himself, he can use a bow and arrow to deal with him. If he doesn’t return to Lingbao Bow, he will directly draw an’ Oolong Iron Ridge Arrow’ and take a bow and arrow to pull the bow full, and then’ sou’ it will shoot at the old monster’s left eye.
A Mu Gulang just barely avoided the mark of the sword when he felt a strong wind coming from the other side. He knew that it was the bow and arrow doll that secretly attacked without cursing Mo Yuling. He hastily tilted his head to the right, but his eyes were hidden in the past, but Mo Yuling tried his best to shoot an arrow. If he was dressed in armor, he could shoot him. Although he failed to shoot the old monster, the strength of the arrow also shot him’ Ow’. He was angry and rushed at Mo Yuling regardless of the mark.
Mark to see him towards Mo Yuling killed the past busy sword followed blunt come over, A Mu Gulang hurried a few steps to get to the front of Mo Yuling, jumped forward towards Mo Yuling’s chest and caught him. When Mo Yuling saw him, he stretched out his hand and grabbed his chest and shouted, "The old monster is shameless." He said that he was busy flicker to avoid his blow, turn around and mark would be in one place.
A Mu Gulang has been forced to burn with anger by the two of them at this time, and they can’t slow down and jump on two human marks and Mo Yuling to stand up and meet them. At this time, the marks have already looked a little asthmatic, and they have lost the advantage of pure Jun Jian. Now they are injured and bled. It is very bad for them to know that it is so bad to keep fighting. Just thinking of this, they will see the old monster coming towards themselves and know that the old monster is taboo to Mo Yuling’s bow and arrow power, and immediately have an attention.
Mark answered A Mu Gulang’s sharp offensive and shouted "Good shot" in the direction of Mo Yuling.
A Mu Gulang took a look back when he heard that the mark was a good shot. When he turned back, he realized that he had been hit by the mark. Seeing that Mo Yuling was stupidly crying after hearing the mark, he knew that it was a mark to deceive himself. When he reacted, he turned around and saw a white light that had already hit his eyes.
Frightened’ ah’, I was busy protecting my eyes with my hands, and this actually got a mark again. When it turned out, the root didn’t rush to his eyes this time, but a sword stabbed him in the mouth. If this sword stabbed him, wouldn’t it kill him?
A Mu Gulang is really a generation of Wulin experts. In this unavoidable situation, the old monster actually closed his mouth and bit the mark on the tip of the sword. I didn’t expect the other party to react so quickly until Mo Yuling was killed by the old monster. Just after being stunned by the mark, he immediately saw the mark, but his plan failed, but he was quickly rushed over to clear the way.

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