Others don’t know about Huang Jiazu’s house, but Huang Chiba, the owner of the Huang family, knows all about it. Huang Chiba can guarantee that the vast Taiping Town knows that the abandoned house is Huang Jiazu’s house, and even there are no more than three people at the very most.

Now ChuYi is one mouthful says so secret if you don’t let Huang Chiba consternation.
Of course, Huang Chiba, after all, is a householder. He naturally takes a deep breath and nods slightly. "Now that you already know it, I can’t hide it. It’s really my ancestral home in the past."
Chu Yi looked inquiringly at Huang Chiba and said, "Oh, since it’s Huang’s ancestral home, why did Huang abandon his ancestral home?"
At Chu Yi coldly, Huang Chiba said, "Chu Yi, you are too curious. Please forgive Huang for not answering."
Chu Yi nodded and said, "In that case, you and I are different, and Chu Yi will go!"
Chu Yi said to Gu Changan, "Uncle Gu, let’s go!"
Will see ChuYi striding towards abandoned in the past, keep looking at the situation seems to be not afraid of abandoned may crisis.
Huang Chiba was once again angered by Chu Yi’s attitude and stared at Chu Yi and Gu Changan with a jerk. "Since you are waiting for yourself to die, it’s no wonder Huang."
Chu Yi stepped in front of the half-closed door and Gu Changan looked at Chu Yi at this moment. "Yi Xiao, do we really want to go in?"
To tell the truth, Gu Changan is still afraid of this deserted house. After all, people who enter the deserted house have become evil. He is not afraid of death and doesn’t want to die.
Anyway, Gu Changan doesn’t have much confidence in himself, but the deserted house is so weird that he would rather go to the fierce beasts in the same mountain than face this strange deserted house.
Chu Yi didn’t look after Chang ‘an, but stared at the abandoned house in front of him and sank into the sea of knowledge. Chu Yi’s mind moved.
Suddenly, I saw a mass of fate falling and firewood burning. If there is a repair, it seems that Chu Yi’s breath can definitely be found.
Let’s go!’
Step by step, Chu Yi stepped into the gate, and suddenly, a cold and biting breath came over me, giving people the feeling that it was like walking from the sunshine to the gloomy ghosts.
Walking into the abandoned house, even the sky seemed to get dizzy. Chu Yi was not affected by the strange smell of the abandoned house, and his eyes looked around.
Abandoned houses used to be Huang Jiazu’s house, but this house is not big, so it is divided into three houses, which is a very unified three houses.
Gu Changan’s face is full of alert color, and the whole body is full of qi and blood. The whole person is like a stove, and the gloomy atmosphere around him is killing Gu Changan’s qi and blood. If nothing unexpected happens, Gu Changan can persist for a while.
"Uncle Gu, come with me!"
Chu Yi strode forward and was silent in the middle of the deserted house, but it was clearer than coughing, but it was definitely from the backyard.
"Ahem …"
A violent cough to ChuYi, Gu Changan followed the sound straight to the backyard.
Through a small door, they walked into the backyard.
The figures in the backyard stood motionless like sculptures, but judging from their clothes, these people were even the villagers who had disappeared from Taiping Town.
But the most striking thing is dozens of servants dressed in yellow.
Whether it’s Chu Yi or Gu Changan, there is no news about these dozens of domestic servants. Obviously, the people swallowed by the abandoned house are far more than Chu Yi expected.
There are a lot of people in Taiping town, even if there are a few dozen people, it is not so conspicuous. What’s worse, no one knows how many servants the Huang family has raised. It is reasonable to say that dozens of servants of the Huang family are trapped here.
In the huge backyard, there was a grave full of weeds, and a stone tablet obliquely inserted in front of the grave fell to the ground.
As the stone tablet in front of the grave fell to the ground, the grave was full of cracks as if it were about to burst.
"Ahem …"
Clear cough echoed in the backyard. Chu Yi’s eyes were shining with fine mans. He looked over at the backyard. The first thing Chu Yi saw was that a big grave suddenly appeared in the backyard.
Who will make a big grave in their own home? No wonder the Huang family suddenly abandoned this ancestral home.
Gu Changan opened his eyes wide and looked at everything in the backyard. The dozens of servants dressed in yellow exclaimed from the ornaments. When he finally saw the big grave, Gu Changan was even more shocked. "Crazy is crazy. Who will make such a big grave in the house?"
Chapter six hundred and ten Fried!
In response to Gu Changan, Chu Yi shook his head gently, but his eyes were staring at that big grave. Stupid people could see that this big grave appeared in this courtyard, which was very strange. Maybe it was the same as this big grave.
But Chu Yi couldn’t see anything unusual about this grave.
There are many figures around the grave. These figures are all padded with their feet, pale and squinting, giving people the feeling that they are asleep.
Suddenly a figure behind Gu Changan opened his eyes like a dead fish eye and his eyes fell on Gu Changan.
This is a yellow servant who came up to Gu Changan from dressing up with his eyes white and his feet sad.
Gu Chang’ an didn’t realize it, but he still stared at that big grave with his eyes wide open.
Suddenly Chu Yi slapped Ling towards Gu Changan and took a photo behind him. He saw that figure Ling behind Gu Changan was hit by Chu Yi and burst into a fall.
Knocked down by Chu Yi’s palm, the servant stood upright, and his dark hands went straight to Chu Yi with a strong wind. It turned out that he was staring at Chu Yi.
Chu Yi’s eyebrows are wrinkly, and a single shot immediately sees a silver needle flying out of the silver needle and sinking into the servant’s eyes, and a foul black blood splashes out without affecting the servant’s movement.
A little Chuyi’s foot floated back like a ghost, chasing his servants and slapping them behind him. Suddenly that head was shattered by Chuyi.
A corpse fell to the ground, and Gu Changan came to his senses and looked around. Gu Changan’s look changed and he exclaimed, "Fake the corpse!"
Chu Yi also looked dignified and saw dozens of yellow domestic servants around him. From there, they opened their dead fish eyes and padded their feet step by step towards them.
Just a body is already let Chu Yi deal with it carefully, not to mention dozens.
Chu Yi shouted at Gu Chang ‘an for a break, and his body drifted back suddenly and violently, while Gu Chang ‘an stepped out one step at a time, and the two quickly got out of the encirclement.
"Ahem … Ahem …"
However, at this time, a severe cough came and the exit of the deserted house broke.
Since Chu Yi dares to enter this deserted house, it is natural to rely on it. If not, he has always planned before moving, and naturally it is impossible to rush in.

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