Mark was interrupted by lilac and got up and said, "Oh, I didn’t expect it to get dark so soon. I’m not hungry. It’s really troublesome for you."

Lilac saw that he wouldn’t go in, so she stopped urging him to go into the house alone, have dinner, set aside a copy for scar, and then went back to her room. Looking at Lilac, she didn’t say much, but she kept everything in order at home. What a good woman! I don’t know whose man is lucky to marry this girl.
Chapter 20 Heroes fight the enemy in pursuit of the deaf village (5)
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Mark looked at the lilacs and lit up the oil lamp window, and immediately printed a clear silhouette, which seemed to be mending some worn-out clothes. After gazing intently for a while, Mark turned around and still looked at the distant hazy castle peak. After a long time, a mist slowly rose, and the night seemed very quiet from afar. Occasionally, a breeze blew through the Woods and whined, and unknown bugs squeaked in the grass around him.
When the stars in the sky flashed the last light, a ray of sunshine broke through the mist instead of the stars. When all living things woke up, the mark and the early bird were awakened by the warm sunshine, and the birds chirped and woke up all the living things in the mountains. The hazy morning light finally shone all over the valley in the slowly rising sun.
Mark got up and exercised a muscle, then walked to the front of the stable to untie the reins and watched him walk to a lush grass and eat leisurely.
Mark has just tied the horse after eating grass to the door, and has squeaked a dozen cloves. He came out from the inside and saw him tying Martin incense outside. He was surprised and asked, "Didn’t Gong sleep last night?"
Mark smiled and said, "I fell asleep thinking about things outside."
Lilac horse said, "Then I’d better boil a pair of cold medicine for Gong. Be careful when the fog is deeper in the mountains."
Mark was about to say no, but he saw Lilac had entered the house for a while, only to see Lilac take the table outside the house, and then he quickly took the food out and said, "It will take you two hours to take some medicine first."
Mark Ma said, "It’s all right that Miss Ding doesn’t bother."
Lilac didn’t answer, but said, "Let’s have dinner first." It was obvious that she was stubborn and had breakfast according to her meaning
After about two hours, Lilac has brought out a bowl of medicine. She quickly took the bowl over and sniffed it and asked, "Can Miss Ding cure diseases?"
Lilac smiled and said, "I have some headaches and brain fever. Because grandpa is a drug farmer, sometimes I have to help get some herbs and learn some prescriptions."
Trace nodded and took a sip of it, but he felt that there was something wrong with this medicine. Most people usually take some ginger and boiled water to drive cold, that is, add some cinnamon and other mild Chinese medicines at most, but this bowl of medicine is attached. Obviously, it is too violent and not suitable for ordinary cold drive.
Mark put his hand in the bowl and asked her, "Where did you learn from?"
Lilac asked doubtfully, "What’s wrong?"
Mark nodded and said, "Your prescription is too strong and it is difficult for ordinary people to master it. It will poison people and may cause death."
Clove smiled and said, "I didn’t expect you to be so proficient in medicine. Grandpa said that attaching is magnificent and powerful, and cutting off the gas can lead to the qi-invigorating medicine. But don’t worry, these are processed and attached, and the medicine is added with coptis root, licorice root and rhinoceros horn and …"
Mark was surprised and took another sip of the medicine, then smiled and said, "There are radishes."
Lilac smiled and said, "It is the male who is really proficient in pharmacology. You will know what medicine I have when you take a sip."
Mark shook his head and said, "Where is Miss Ding’s medical skill? A bowl of cold medicine has also made so many tricks. It seems that I worry too much."
Lilac smiled and quickly put away the dishes and chopsticks and turned into the house to get busy with her buddy. I thought to myself, "I didn’t expect her to look wordless, but she knows her medical skills. From this prescription, I can see that she didn’t want to come. Her grandfather must have taught her to be a real judge of beauty."
It was late in the evening, and I found a spacious place to take out my waist and ink wounds, and I immediately let out a scream and went straight into the sky. Instantly, the original birds and birds became unusually quiet. At this time, I didn’t notice the change of the forest, and I practiced martial arts again according to the first boundary of the triple world.
Now, he has achieved a little success in the triple-boundary skill, but he has made this set of martial arts better than when he was in the underground cave. He is more energetic than when he cooperated with the triple-boundary skill. It seems that he has injected a cardiotonic and lasted for a long time. It was not until the mark was finished that the ink wound slowly calmed down. As the ink wound disappeared, the forest held its breath and listened to the birds’ songs.
Mark forgot to practice the first world, only to find that there are three people looking at himself from a distance. When he finished practicing, the three people slowly came to him. One of them is lilac, the other is Ding Laohan, who is just coming back, and the other is a thin old man in his sixties. This old man knows that this person was helping him rescue Jin Jing Huang Junxiong in the workshop of heaven.
When I was in Wanhua Valley, Huang Junxiong once said that when I came back, I would find a place to live in seclusion and continue to live a quiet life. I wanted to help him recapture the deaf-mute village mark, so I didn’t say this. After all, this is his family business, but Mark didn’t expect to meet him here.
After meeting, Mark said with a fist, "I haven’t seen Huang Lao for a long time. How can you …?" Huang Junxiong looked at Ding Laohan with a smile after he asked.
Ding Laohan just said, "Actually, he and I are old friends. It’s time for you to say that you are going to the deaf-mute village. I dare not tell you the truth."
Mark was even more surprised and asked, "How come the old man knows the old hero?"
Ding Laohan nodded and said, "Yes, he once gave birth to a serious illness, and we just met him. At that time, he said that he wanted me to ask him something, and he would do his best to help me. This time, I saw that Gong was going to the deaf-mute village to save talents, and I wouldn’t dare to go to him easily if Gong hadn’t saved me, because he had something important to do, so I couldn’t tell others. At that time, I didn’t tell you what I knew him."
Mark strange asked "big deal? What’s the big deal Isn’t the old hero hiding in the rivers and lakes? "
Huang Junxiong smiled and shook his head and then motioned Ding Laohan to go back to the house to elaborate on the trace. With questions, he followed him back to the hut. Ding Laohan took out a pen and paper and Huang Junxiong wrote the story.
In fact, he said that he was going to retire from Wanhua Valley, but that’s just what Hehen said. Although he didn’t care about the deaf-mute village and wanted to retire from it, Huang Bao and others in the deaf-mute village were forced to follow Huang Husuo. He wanted to find a way to recapture the deaf-mute village and rescue those people.
However, he didn’t want to use Mark and others. After all, this was his family’s office. His hypothesis was to retreat into the Jianghu. In fact, he secretly returned to Zhejiang and other deaf-mute villages. He trained a large number of beasts and troops to wait for an opportunity to take back the deaf-mute village. After several observations, he found that those Japanese pirates were extremely skilled in martial arts. If they acted rashly, they would be wiped out, so he had been waiting for the opportunity.
And this old man Ding is not an ordinary medicine farmer. His original name was Ding Yunzhi, and he was known as Jade-faced Shennong in the Jianghu as early as 30 years ago. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any martial arts at all, and the injured man finally killed Ding Yunzhi with his right hand after helping people treat diseases. Only then did he quit the Jianghu and live in seclusion in this mountain by collecting medicine.
More than ten years ago, Huang Junxiong had a serious illness. I knew that there was a drug farmer here who sent someone here to beg him to visit. I didn’t expect to find a wonderful doctor by mistake. Naturally, the more they talked, the more they hit it off, so they became good friends.
This time, Huang Junxiong hid around the deaf-mute village and told Ding Yunzhi, but Ding Yunzhi was worried about him when he looked at the mark. Later, he thought that the mark was also going to the deaf-mute village, and maybe he could help Huang Junxiong. This time, he went to Huang Junxiong to discuss whether it was visible or not. I didn’t expect to see Huang Junxiong. When he said this, Huang Junxiong thought it must be a mark.
It turned out that he had been spying on every move of the deaf-mute village for a long time. Recently, he found that they were closely guarding a house and seemed to be watching someone take risks. After checking it, he found that Song Zhiqian was thinking of preparing for rescue, but his ability was limited. He was thinking of sending someone to inform Mark Ding Yunzhi, but he went to find him. Only then did he know that Mark also came to the deaf-mute village and immediately came to see him with Ding Yunzhi.
After reading Huang Junxiong’s writing about the cause and effect, I realized that Huang Junxiong insisted on going and never took back the deaf-mute village. I also knew that Ding Yunzhi turned out to be the famous imperial doctor, Jade-faced Shennong. No wonder clove medicine is unique.
Knowing that Huang Junxiong also wanted to recapture the deaf-mute village mark, he was busy asking him if he had any tricks, but Huang Junxiong shook his head and wrote, "If there are yellow tights and others, it won’t be a problem. Although he has many beast armies, I have also trained a large number of beasts during this period. If this battle alone, they will certainly be able to defeat them, but they are the enemy, but it is not easy to deal with them. When I observed them for a while, I found that these men all have a strange kung fu, which is very different from that of the Central Plains. If they rashly attack, they will certainly suffer heavy losses
Mark also knows that it is really difficult to deal with this person by himself and Huang Jun Xiong’s ability. Now there is a masked man. Don’t say that dealing with that person is a masked man. I’m afraid it is also difficult to deal with it alone. Although Huang Junxiong has been found, it still helps. If you really want to save Song Zhiqian and recapture the deaf village, I’m afraid you need more help unless the masked man leaves, there may be hope.
Mark said his thoughts. Huang Junxiong wanted to think and wrote, "This masked man helped Huang Hu to take away the deaf-mute village. This man’s martial arts are really profound, but he won’t last long. This time, he also appeared in the deaf-mute village a few months ago. He left for Jinhua House. I wanted to save Miss Song during this period, but I thought a lot of tricks were wrong. Until now, we’d better wait for the masked man to leave and then wait for an opportunity to rescue her and recapture the deaf-mute village.
Mark knows that there is no good way to nod and say, "All right, I hope the masked man can leave soon."
Huang Junxiong wrote, "Don’t worry, I have eyes around there. If he leaves, he will let us know and we will act then."
Although Mark is worried about Song Zhiqian, there is a waiting time. Because Huang Junxiong has been with Tiger and Tiger all day long, he has temporarily settled in Ding Yunzhi’s house. Every day, when he goes to the mountains to dig medicine and help him do some work, everything seems to be calm again, but he knows that it is a moment of peace before the storm.

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