The shadow of Yan Yan flashed out and chased him out. Although others were far away from the seat, they left a clear residual image until they disappeared after half a breath, which completely shocked the two catchers.

Chen Yan can eliminate the air resistance, and he can advance one mile every step, so that the speed needs one step to reach the gate of the city wall.
Not shocking, Chen Yan did not fly.
But out of the city, Elgin has no scruples.
Wang Daoling is a toad. Although he is fast, he is not good at speed.
Chen Yan is faster than him.
Less than ten miles away from the county seat, Ulrich chased Wang Daoling.
A sword appeared in Wang Daoling’s hand, and a firm but gentle shock wave was drawn at Ulrich.
Chen Yan skillfully evaded the shock wave attack by using his posture.
Wang Daoling cold way "doing we rule out what you want to do chasing me? I won’t make you money if your relative is ill. "
Chen Yan said quietly, "Wang Daoling, you know that I am a Qiantang County police officer and I am in charge of the county public security crackdown. It is you criminals who dare to cheat in the city. It is really a seasoned road."
"But you this guy is not generally cheat that kind of smoke screen, I can’t spell can’t penetrate you, but I know medical skills, your roots are not healing, you not only seek money but also kill me. Can I spare you? Give me the money you cheated, and I’ll let you die. "
Wang Daoling’s eyes flashed with pitfalls and said, "Chen Yan, you are just a common fighter. Even if you are a little afraid of martial arts, you are not my opponent. I advise you to retreat from your mistakes."
Chen Yan no longer talks nonsense.
Draw a sword directly
See Chen Yanpei sword cut out a milky firm but gentle thunder potential to Wang Daoling beheaded.
This is Chen Yanli’s sword
In the face of Wang Daoling, the advanced generation of Taoism and Taoism did not dare to hide anything.
Wang Daoling roar loud in horror "is awe-inspiring shock wave! It can’t be small. How can you be upright? There are only a few great scholars in your human court in the capital. "
Those great scholars and noble spirits in Beijing are not as pure and pure as Chen Yanhao’s righteousness.
Ulrich firm but gentle too fast like a sword light flashed firm but gentle to Wang Daoling.
Whether Wang Daoling wants to dodge or not?
Wang Daoling roared that a huge toad shadow appeared outside his body. This is the real frog skill. If Ouyang Feng saw Wang Daoling’s frog skill, he would be ashamed to death.
Fierce and overbearing, firm but gentle ground left a sword mark that was more than a mile long, half a foot wide and bottomless.
Wang Daoling was hit by a firm but gentle, and he flew out and vomited blood.
There is a river behind Wang Daoling.
Wang Daoling rushed into the river by the shock wave impact.
"Elwyn, you give it to Tao Ye. I’m waiting for you to die in my hand sooner or later."
Wang Daoling yinlai
Chen Yan snorted and then swept the river with a sword of firm but gentle, making waves several feet high.
The whole river seems to have been shaken.
Unfortunately, there is no Wang Daoling figure.
Wang Daoling is a toad spirit. It is like a duck to water when he enters the river. Chen Yannian thinks that the water will be hindered and the range of perception will be greatly reduced. It is impossible to find Wang Daoling.

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