Chapter 515 The strongest fairy can go down in history.

At the end of the shadow face became dignified.
Just now, Chen Yan’s fist strength was so strong that he was numb all over. A fairy who practiced gas actually has such a delicate fist and such a powerful force.
It seems that Chen Yan’s melee ability is not a god.
Isn’t melee the best thing for a demon?
It’s incredible.
The last shadow said, "Chen Yan, I don’t care who you are, I must arrest you. You must have a big secret. My best skill is not claw, but stick. I wonder if you can pick me up a few tricks?"
Took out a dark mixed iron bar at the end of the shadow body momentum again soar a lot.
At the same level, it is not the same level for the strong to have a decisive battle with weapons. The mixed iron roots in the hands of the shadows are not ordinary goods but real magic weapons.
If the ordinary fairy faces the last shadow, the momentum will definitely be fearful at the moment, but Chen Yanze is calm and carefree.
Who hasn’t been afraid of when the strong at the same level compete with each other
Only when the pure sun is a true fairy or the true god comes can Chen Yan run away.
Chen Yan took out the flying sword and said quietly, "I can also play with weapons. I am not a pure swordsman, but I still have some accomplishments in fencing."
The swordsman Chen Yanshen’s temperament becomes sharp.
A sword man should be sharp
In particular, Chen Yan’s swordsmanship rose to a new level after his mind was repaired to the "broken" state.
The last shadow drew an airflow channel in his body, and the sonic boom suddenly sounded, and then his body disappeared.
Of course, it doesn’t really disappear, but because it is faster and faster and exceeds the visual limit of people, which makes people have the illusion.
However, Chen Yan did not rely on vision when fighting. He sensed the enemy’s movement and attack with his heart.
The eyes can deceive themselves, but their hearts will never deceive.
Chen Yan’s sword in his hand suddenly sent out tens of millions of firm but gentle nets as thin as hair.
Sharp cutting force makes people tremble.
The temple didn’t until they realized that the face of Chen Yan’s firm but gentle suddenly changed and fell back crazily. If it was swept by such firm but gentle, it would definitely be dismembered.
Black-and-white Academy is famous for fencing.
Three-foot swordsmanship and five-element swordsmanship are very famous in the whole summer world, but the power of these two swordsmanship is definitely not as sharp as that of Yan Yan.
Chen Yan’s swordsmanship stunned the immortals in the temple.
They have lived for a long time, and they didn’t know until today that they had just arrived in Du Jie and that immortals could be so tough.
Can shake the gods hard
This war will definitely go down in history if nothing happens.
The immortals in the temple kept the images of Chen Yan and the last shadow fight with their magic weapon. These are the most precious materials that money can’t buy.
At the end of the shadow drink a hand mixed iron root a dao all over the sky stick shadow impact to the ricochet.
In front of the firm but gentle net was broken through a big hole.
At the end of the shadow finally rushed to the front of Yan Chen, who smashed it with a stick in his hands.
The mixed iron root is full of tears and virtual momentum, and the immortal with poor psychological quality is afraid that he will be killed by a stick.
However, Chen Yan is not an ordinary fairy. His spiritual cultivation is more advanced than pure yang and true fairy. It is impossible for him to lose his mind at the end of the shadow.
The weight of the flying sword in Yan’s hand is actually 100 Jin, which is not as heavy as Sun Wu’s great cudgel. But at the moment, Yan’s three-foot flying sword seems to be heavier than picking it up.
Epee artistic conception
Qiao Qiao doesn’t work!
The flying sword collided with the mixed iron root.
Heaven and earth seem to be still.
Then there was a huge noise and energy fluctuation.
The mixed iron root belongs to a heavy weapon, and the final shadow relies on the power of the gods to aggravate the weapon. His self-recognition takes advantage, but it is not the case. Chen Yanjian played a skillful artistic conception and stopped the mixed iron root.
Chen Yanxiao said, "You’re good at clubbing, but it’s still a little difficult to hurt me. It’s my turn to attack this time. I hope you can catch my fencing."
At the end of the shadow cold "come on"
Chen Yanshen’s heavy sword meaning disappeared and replaced by smart artistic conception. His sword seems to have lost its weight completely.
Chen Yan no longer displays the epee artistic conception this time, but takes the sword lightly.
Elwyn seems to have turned a cloud of smoke into the last shadow, and his speed seems to be not fast, but it is fast to the extreme.
It’s hard to tell which one is the real body and which virtual shadow sword, like the place where the tongue of the snake doesn’t meet the mixed iron root, always touches and walks away.
I have to say that the last shadow stick is really strong, and he can defend himself with heavy weapons.
If you keep it long, you will lose it.
Finally at the end of the shadow defense appeared a flaw.
Flying sword is like a snake spitting letters. A sword crosses the last shadow. The left arm sword is too sharp. It cuts his arm like tofu depending on his physical defense.
At the end of the shadow bellow a.

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