"Ha, then you can go. What do you take me for? It’s too arrogant to make an A at will."

The chairman is a little unhappy. In his opinion, Zhang Hao may have drifted over to ask for credit and reward because of his mentality of playing in the semi-finals
"I don’t take you for anything. I just need a life-saving money."
Zhang Hao briefly described Jingyu’s story, of course, there is no real name, but the story is absolutely 200 percent true.
"Well, it’s great, but there’s still no reason for me to give this 150 thousand for no reason, and are you sure it’s worth it for you to help her?" The chairman was probably a little white after listening to it
Zhang Hao’s eyes were firm and he didn’t hesitate to say "worth it"
Looking at Zhang Hao’s soft-blooded, or youthful and frivolous words, the chairman smiled. Didn’t he dare to be reckless in that year?
"I really want to sponsor you, but in recent years, a lot of money has flowed out. Recently, the current assets are tight, although 150,000 is not much, there are also many difficulties.
Zhang Hao clenched his fist and smiled bitterly. Did he really come to bring disgrace to oneself?
"I can owe you an iou, and I will pay back the money in my youth." Zhang Hao looked up at him and looked behind him. She was firm and persistent in everything.
"It’s not convenient." The chairman sat in the boss’s chair and banged on Zhang Hao’s mind like a judge.
"Well, I’m sorry to trouble you." Zhang Hao smiled bitterly. He was still naive. 150,000 people must have regarded themselves as gloves and white wolves.
Zhang Hao was a little absent-minded and walked out. At the moment, he felt that 150,000 made Zhang Hao so far away, and he was a little desperate. He thought everything was too good.
"But you can call the board of directors and company funds to make up for you. If you can talk about them, I think it should be ok."
This sentence makes Zhang Hao twist his head like nature. At the moment, the chairman is so amiable.
When the chairman announced the call for the board of directors, all the directors of the group inexplicably completed the one-year plan in 2006, and just attended the meeting a few days ago.
It’s not time to prepare a new plan, is it? At this time, the board of directors has puzzled all the directors a little.
But since the chairman has spoken, he must attend the meeting, but he just doesn’t know what the theme is.
When that chairman brought Zhang Hao into the stadium, everyone was tal about who the new kid was.
"Who is this? What’s he doing here?"
"It won’t be the illegitimate son of the chairman, will it? Will you give him shares?"
"My god, the chairman is about the same age."
People’s speculation about Zhang Hao has reached its peak, but they dare not speak too loudly. After all, the directors have heard it, so don’t mix it up
Zhang Hao arranged a chair next to the chairman, so that Zhang Hao was in a position of one person and ten thousand people.
It is also for this reason that the directors are even more unable to see through Zhang Hao’s identity.
"Well, I’m suddenly in a hurry today. Everyone has a project that is quite sudden and has no prior notice, but it seems that everyone is very dedicated and is in their posts."
The chairman’s words made several directors laugh and get down to business.
The chairman said, "Then this little friend is a team member of League of Legends, a game sponsored by me, which has been very popular recently. He is here for something today, so I won’t say much. Let him say it himself."
With that, the chairman glanced at Zhang Hao and motioned for him to speak.
Zhang Hao didn’t expect to say everything himself, which made him a little hasty at the moment. After all, his chairman would say that he came here for this purpose.
But now that we’re here, Zhang Hao is lucky to throw caution to the wind. Looking at the meeting room, Zhang Hao, a dozen directors, old and young, squeezed his fist and got up slowly.
"Hello, directors. I’m a member of League of Legends Tauren. My name is Zhang Hao."
"I’m here today to ask for money." Zhang Hao made no secret of getting to the point.
At the moment, more than a dozen directors have seen the venture capital, the sponsorship and the promotion project, but they have never seen it so straightforward.
Chapter 212 Difficult
"asking for money"
"No, such a child dared to ask for money and let the chairman of the board meet. What’s wrong with the world?" An old director said angrily.
Looking at the meeting, Zhang Hao was a little embarrassed, but since we have come this far and left nothing behind, it would be a failure.
"I took the money in a hurry. Maybe you think I’m making up a story, but I have to say that I didn’t take the money for nothing. I have a corresponding plan."
Zhang Hao paused and continued, "I’m a member of the Tauren team. I’m asking for 150,000 yuan in funding this time. At the same time, I guarantee that the Tauren team will try its best to promote the team and create value in future large-scale events."
"Ha, what’s the value of playing games?"
"Don’t underestimate playing games. League of Legends is very popular now."
The two directors of the meeting also argued with each other. It seems that they just have contradictions every day.
Zhang Hao looked at the chairman and asked for support, but the chairman gave him a positive look and motioned Zhang Hao to continue to talk, which made him feel sorry.
"Our team is now fighting for the national league title, and I believe that once we get in touch with a higher-scale league, the advertising effect will be better. I think this sponsorship is a steady profit."
"But there seems to be no connection between the company and the competition." A young lady looked at Zhang Hao curiously and spoke very sharply.
It is true that the company has nothing to do with the competition, and it is not all the way, so the advertising effect does not seem to be too obvious.
"I have studied it. We are also an internet company, and a lot of flag production is related to the internet."
"But just compete" The young lady corrected Zhang Hao again.
Zhang Hao smiled. "Yes, but it won’t affect the advertising effect."
Zhang Hao continued, "Although the competition is with the company, you should know that everything is human in the end."
"What you do is definitely facing people. In this case, the company can get through the competitive channels and be happy." Zhang Hao’s determined eyes made the lady silent
Zhang Hao means to make this lady think again and again. It is true that advertisements are all aimed at people, Zhang Hao is a competitor, that is to say, people are interested in competing, but such people are often bigger.
"And I have a large crowd base. If I watch the game, I can almost notice the team."
"I think this is more profitable than sponsorship, and once again, this money is a personal way and I will not do anything to enrich myself in the name of team sponsorship."
In the face of Zhang Hao’s passionate and rich speakers, it is true that Zhang Hao’s words are very reasonable, but it is always difficult to sponsor 150 thousand for no reason

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