Hua Zhen’s trip stared wide-eyed and said, "Ye Gong, do you have any good suggestions?"

Ye Yuhong pointed to the sand table. "I have also done this kind of project. Many power facilities have such grilles or gill nets around them to prevent people from getting into danger by mistake. Different requirements have different specifications.
The main purpose of this high-standard border barbed wire grille is to prevent people from crossing on a large scale. Then we should first look at where people need to be guarded. Is there one in the north and one in the west? No one lives in the west mountain in the north root.
All you need is to build a border gill net grid along the red line of the land in the south, from the eastern beach to the western foot of the mountain, and it is enough to mark almost 40 kilometers according to this sand table.
If you take a closer look at this area where the residents of the port of Somalia mainly live, even if you want to bypass the barbed wire and enter this area, you have to walk more than 20 kilometers, and then walk 15 kilometers to reach the spread farm area, which is 70 kilometers back and forth.
Who would run 70 kilometers to steal some cassava and have to walk over mountains and mountains? Even if someone did this, they couldn’t eat it without taking it back for processing. I’m afraid it would be broken halfway. "
Hua Zhen line vertical thumb refers to "you’re right! This 40-kilometer barbed wire grid material has become a million. It is important to repair this section first, but there is still room for 270 kilometers. What do you suggest? "
Ye Yuhong: "If you really want to repair an ordinary grille two meters high, you can pull a barbed wire to tie the top grid. The project is very simple. If you only count the materials, it will cost about 50 yuan per linear meter."
Hua Zhenxing calculated that "saving 15,270 kilometers per meter will save 4.5 million."
LeiYunJin laughed again, pointing to the middle reaches of the sand table planning reservoir area, "you are pretty fast! But you can also save more cost. This grating mountain is the highest part of the project even if the materials are not expensive.
Now that the reservoir hasn’t been built, it’s not necessary to erect a grating in a separate mountain. It’s not necessary for the 60 kilometers to be built for the time being. If we really want to build the reservoir in the future, this small work can be given away for nothing. "
Hua Zhenxing nods, "You’re right. You can save three million by not repairing the sixty kilometers at fifty dollars per meter."
Lei Yunjin: "This province not only saves materials, but also saves the largest amount of construction. It is much easier to repair the remaining grille in the plain wasteland."
Ye Yuhong took out his mobile phone as a calculator and said, "I verified that according to General Lei’s suggestion, combined with the materials just now, it was 11.5 million, and the total construction cost was almost 30 million, which was enough to meet your requirements."
Hua Zhen trip "Thank you so much, today is really a study! I saved 70 million Dongguo currency, which is equivalent to 10 million meters of gold! "
Ye Yuhong amused him. "What are we doing? This is a matter of common sense. This is how the project should be designed."
For Ye Yuhong, this is indeed the simplest common sense, but for Hua Zhenxing, who has been eager to learn since childhood, it really means that he still doesn’t understand it.
Hua Zhen didn’t understand why some old men sent him here to talk about engineering until now, so that he could learn to think things in practice and not pat his forehead at home.
Chapter 92, there is a specialization in the industry.
Engineer Jiang Huaigu, who has never spoken, also pointed to the sand table and asked, "What does this gap line mean?"
Hua Zhenxing explained, "This is the migration route of wild animals. Bison and zebra herds in the prairie pass through here twice a year. I originally planned to make a gate wider with barbed wire and pull it after they passed."
Jiang Huaigu also smiled, "Where are the bridges and highways with major defects in your project design? Agricultural products need to be transported for tens of kilometers after harvesting. You can’t carry things back by manpower, can you?
Look, there are four farms here, which are on the other side of the Beisuo River in dry season. Of course, you can walk there. What should I do to manage the fields in rainy season? And in the future, if the Beisuo River is successfully transformed into a permanent river, will it be much higher to build a bridge? "
Lei Yunjin said, "If the transportation road is easy to repair the fence, a simple construction passage will be introduced when the engineering vehicle passes through the local body. This is the project cost and there is no need to spend extra money."
If the budget is not too much, it can be used as a simple highway to make the construction more convenient. "
Jiang Huaigu "just spread a layer of coking coal slag"
Lei Yunjin: "There are no thermal power plants and steel mills here. Where can we pull coking coal slag? It is already the most economical way to use local materials to process broken stones to pave the road, and it is also a river repair. "
Jiang Huaigu touched his forehead. "I forgot about this crop … let’s talk about the bridge. This animal migration route can build a bridge. Don’t pursue grandeur and beauty. It’s spacious enough and strong enough. Engineering vehicles and transport vehicles can pass. After the rainy season is over, they will be repaired at the cost … and then make a budget according to the design."
Hua Zhen asked, "When there is no water in the river, the cost of repairing bridges will be much lower, right?"
Jiang Huaigu "This is of course and the construction difficulty is much lower."
Hua Zhen also pointed to the swimming lane. "So, it is difficult to build a bridge here with a higher specification than the one you just completed. Is it difficult for six lanes to pass the heavy car?"
Jiang Huaigu: "It’s not difficult at all, not to mention the need for land acquisition and demolition, and there is no water in the river. It’s the most common bridge, but why do you build it so demanding?"
Hua Zhen Bank "Can you also report a budget for future preparations?"
This bridge is located in Kelin District and the future planned new town of Somalia. Jiang Huaigu feels very strange that he doesn’t know about Hua Zhen and the ideal of building a new town of Somalia, which is really a country and a country.

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