This body floats quietly on the green water surface of Longchi, and those bright lights like jasper can’t hide the bronze luster of the body at all!

Like the best brocade, each piece is slightly raised inadvertently, but it doesn’t feel abrupt at all. The explosive muscles spread from the chest to the bare feet, showing an almost perfect streamline! Anyone will be completely attracted by this perfect body at first sight!
This is a body that can refine every muscle in the body, especially every meridian bone, to an absolute perfect state!
If you don’t move, you will move like a mountain. If the sleeping lion wakes up, this body is definitely the perfect body that all practitioners dream of!
Only an absolutely strong body can support all kinds of powerful witchcraft powerful enough to change the trajectory of meteors and move mountains and move seas!
At the moment, Xia Man’s body, which has undergone a strange reorganization of the Dragon Pool, is suspected to be the most perfect body!
"That’s great! That’s great! "
Xia Man burst out laughing.
Chapter 1 Extreme Dao Ba Ti
"This body is old! And with the body, the old Yuan God can regain control of this body, and when the old Yuan God and the body are combined, they will be able to live again! "
"Old not dead! Really not dead! "
Xia Man’s heart is very precious, but this moment is extremely precious to him. After all, there is not much time left for him to get the chalcedony!
According to his original speed of going through Xuandou Hall and Xuanniu Hall, it was not enough for him to find the chalcedony before Sophie’s body rotted!
"No matter him! Let’s talk about this body first! "
Yuan Shen regains control of his body, which is different from taking possession in the cultivation of immortals. However, Xia Man now wants to occupy this body and has no master!
That is to say, generally taking possession of others will be resisted by the original master consciousness in the body. If you take possession of others to cultivate high, you can directly obliterate the original master consciousness and completely occupy the body by virtue of spiritual cultivation!
But Xia Man’s situation is different. His situation is much better!
This body is the reorganization of Li Xia’s flesh and blood, and the help of Longchi can be said to have eliminated all the magazines in the body! And Xia Man, who was soaked in the mysterious pool water of Hualong Pool, has been reassembled. His body is not only full of muscles and bones, but also tough. I don’t know how many times worse than ordinary steel!
Moreover, this body Xia Man Yuan Shen did not have his soul to intervene after he left. At this moment, Xia Man transported Yuan Shen to regain control of his body, which is simply a good experience!
But I really didn’t really feel what shock is until Xia Man Yuan Shen and his body were completely integrated!
"This is really great!"
It’s simple. I’ve seen the body structure for thousands of times. Suddenly, Xia Man screamed out. wait for a while pestle was in situ and lost his mind.
After a while, Xia Man burst out laughing and looked crazy. Now he is so happy!
"The old body has changed! Look at this skeleton! They are all golden in color, which is even hundreds of times stronger than the original! It has been twice as wide as ordinary people in the past, and the meridian wall has once again expanded to an astonishing 100 times! "
"The meridians expand a hundred times. What is this concept?"
"That’s to be able to accept one hundred times more energy than ordinary people! A hundred times the vitality gap, but it can easily cross a big realm! "
Summer is quite shocking, but his heart is white. This is not absolute!
The same is true of the rise of the wizard realm. The more you get to the back of each small realm, the strength gap is absolutely comparable to that of the first few small realms, which is a big gap!
The more the strength gap reaches a higher level, the more obvious it will be!
"Hey hey! This body with less flesh and blood can be regarded as bronze and iron. At least it is much more powerful than those ninth-class Warcraft defenses! "
Xia Man waved and took out a purple ice dragon horn and yanked it at his arm. It turned out to be a white line with no pain at all!
"I depend! This is the dragon horn of the beast! If you don’t process it, you will lose it directly, which belongs to the level of strange weapons. I didn’t expect that pulling an old woman is nothing! It seems that the old new body is really abnormal! "
Summer pretty ha ha laugh now yuan god has completely controlled this new body!
After looking at these Xia Man, I came to inspect my abdomen!
It doesn’t matter at first sight. Xia Man himself was stunned!
There are more than 20 meters to expand to nearly 100 meters! The amount of dantian has been directly expanded by five times, so that the number of Xia barbarians can definitely reach the ninth floor of the wizard, which is a great wizard realm!
You know, the amount of ascending dantian in each realm of the sorcerer’s realm is just a meter calculation. Even if you practice to the ninth floor of the sorcerer, you will only open the dantian to a range of nearly 100 meters!
Even if it reaches the realm of the Great Witch, the amount of abdomen is only calculated from 100 meters! However, every time the strength of Dawu realm rises, the expansion degree of Dantian is ten times higher than that of Witch realm!
"Granny, the amount of the old bear’s abdomen is approaching the realm of the Great Witch, but the realm of cultivation seems to be the second floor of the wizard!"
Xia Man wry smile.
"But maybe you can dress up as a pig and eat a tiger when you are old!"
As for Xia Man’s constant psychosexuality, his body changed again!
Extremely Xuan Yuangong actually works on its own!
Come to barely reach the expansion of the Twelve Classics and a heavy realm, and the XuanYuanGong unexpectedly got through the Twelve Classics by accident, even the odd meridians ran through it!
A series of warm golden vitality. After the meridians turned far away on Sunday, a bright spot like fireflies lit up from the abdomen, and the body was particularly conspicuous!
That is to say, Xia Man’s extreme Dao Xuan Yuangong has risen directly to the third level to concise the point!
"Hole opening! It turned out to be a very concise point! The old man has reached the point of the third concise point! "
Xia Man is ecstatic. This is a big deal!

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